The Musketeer has always been seen as just a regular support card. However, in this deck, we will show just how important she is, like the main players of your card.


The Musketeer is not really a card that many people consider making their main card. Most players just add the Musketeer just to get rid of aerial enemies. But there is more to the Musketeer than just aerial counter.


What most people don't realize is that the Musketeer is a powerful card. It has great damage and range. She is just out of the king's tower's reach when she is attacking an arena tower. Also, she is a good support for high HP troops like Giants or Golems. This is because she can attack from a distance and take down aerial enemies.

Musketeer Giant Deck

Musketeer Giant Fireball Bomb Tower
musketeer.png giant.png fireball.png bomb_tower.png
Tombstone Arrows Archers Spear Goblins
tombstone.png arrows.png archers.png spear_goblins.png

Musketeer - The "disguised" main card and support for this deck. It has good attack damage and can defend against aerial and ground troops.

Giant - The main muscle of the deck. Its high HP and attack power will make most towers go down. Always drop the Giant with supporting troops. The Golem is a great replacement for this card, if you have it. 

Fireball - Great to reduce the lifespan of huts, defense towers and the Elixir Collector. Lightning is another great card to replace Fireball

Bomb Tower - Great for providing extra defense to your towers. Serves as a distraction too, if strong enemies like

P.E.K.K.As get to close to your tower. Inferno Tower is another great replacement.

Tombstone - Provides extra support for your troops, and can be used as a distraction from Prince.

Arrows - Great against hordes and to provide that extra damage to troops and towers.

Archers - Another great ground and air attacker. More support for the giant and counter the enemy's aerial troops.

Spear Goblins - Can serve as a distraction or as support to the Giant.


This is an upgraded version of the deck if you have the cards. Thanks to nickatnyte.

Battle Strategy

The battle strategy is to deploy the Giant or Golem with the Musketeer and maybe another support troop like Archers. It will be wise to deploy the Giant behind the crown tower first.  The Bomb Tower or Infernal Tower and the Tombstone is for defense purposes. If they set up huts, towers or use the Elixir Collector, use the Fireball or Lightning. Arrows is to defeat hordes and Spear Goblins can be used for support or defense. In time, as your Giant absorbs all the damage, the musketeer and the other troops at the back will kill the enemy troops and also hit the crown towers.


Since this deck relies a lot on the Giant and Musketeer, the key to defeating this deck is to defeat the Giant and Musketeer. Having an Infernal Tower or Tombstone yourself is a good way to defeat the Giant. If you see the player use the Arrows, use your Skeleton Army or Minion Horde to get the Giant.

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The Musketeer Profile


The musketeer is a fairly good card that can even kill a Baby Dragon, but it has one big flaw in the form of low hit point.

We profiled the Musketeer's statistics in this article. You can find more information as to the damage that she can give as she levels up.

Dual Push Deck Strategy


Want to crush your opponent morale? Then try this deck that can utterly destroy both sides of the enemy's territory!

In the Dual Push strategy, the Musketeer is an important backup and either of the 2 lanes.

How To Counter The Baby Dragon


The Baby Dragon is not something to be afraid of if the player knows how to counter it properly.

For decks with the Baby Dragon, the Musketeer is often the most important counter as she won't go down easily.

Overall, many good decks have a Musketeer to provide backup support. Oftentimes when the Giant goes down, the Musketeer is still alive chipping a hundred or so hitpoints away from the Crown Tower. I hope everyone sees the importance of the Musketeer, not just in this deck, but also in other types of decks that you might want to consider.