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The Log Overview:

The Log is one of the newest Clash Royale cards, which will be added on the July 4 update. It is a Legendary card that can be unlocked in the Builder's Workshop

The Log Strengths:

The Log crushes anything on its path. It will push away incoming troops such as Barbarians and other units aside. This will be a great counter against spammers and other low HP troops since it has spikes and rolls towards the enemy units.

The Log has a certain number of seconds before it dies. If you deploy the log at the very edge of your side of the river, it can reach the opponent's crown tower. Deploying it one space before the river will not let it reach the tower.

The Log can push back many Clash Royale units such as Barbarians and the Knight. It cannot, however, push back bulky troops like the Giant. It is a good positive elixir trade to the Princess. If the opponent dishes out a Skeleton Army, the Log can wipe them off immediately. No more using Zap for them!

How to counter The Log:

Since this is a spell card, the great counter against this is timing and luring. Lure the Log spell first before deploy a lot of low HP troops before dropping them.

Never counter the Log with other Spells, because IT IS ALSO a Spell Card. From the video by excellent YouTuber Ash below, you can see how the Zap and Fireball can not stop it.

Clash Royale The Log Strategy Suggestions:

This spell card can eliminate low HP troops. Since this is cheaper than Arrows and can push high HP troops away from your turf, you can use this to eliminate incoming troops coming your way. Using this against spammers and Barbarians rather than using a Fireball and Arrows is definitely a cheaper alternative that will give you a positive elixir exchange.


Here's a video if you want to see The Log in action by Ash

Other Card Profile:

LumberJack.png LumberJack
The Rage spell drinker is out! Check out the Lumberjack! A new Clash Royale trooper that can speed up his allies when he dies!


This Legendary card is the cheapest among them Legendaries. If you hate spammer decks and fast cycle decks, this card is definitely for you. This card is also the first legendary spell card in the game. Everybody can't wait to see this in action in the Clash Royale Arena!

Curing the itch from video games by Itchy Monkey

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Last modified: 6,01,2017


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  • lvl two the log 1 from free chest one from legendary chest. also ice wiz from 7 win classic challenge -- 19:08, 25 April 2017 (UTC)
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  • Cool just got log today so I am excited -- 01:43, 30 August 2016 (UTC)
  • Cool just got log today so I am excited -- 01:43, 30 August 2016 (UTC)