By taking advantage of some in-game physics, your Knight can attain Hog Rider speeds.


The Knight is another card that is just splashed in a deck. Most players don't really think about his role and just use him as a shield. However, he is quite versatile, has good HP, and can be that card that spells your victory.

However, maybe the Knight can become faster. This is what they call the Knight Rider deck. Call it a Knight glitch or what, but it is effective if you want both units to reduce a tower's health in no time.


The strength of the Knight is his high HP and attack power. Just like the Giant, he can take a punch and is strong, just a little slow. Because of that, many players use him as a "mini Giant" to take some hits instead of their ace card.

The Knight Rider Deck:

Knight Hog Rider Baby Dragon Wizard
Knight Hog Rider Baby Dragon Wizard
Tombstone Archers Goblins Giant Skeleton
Tombstone Archers Goblins Giant Skeleton

Card Roles:

Knight - The Knight has high HP and attack. It will be able to take the hits while dealing good damage to your enemies troops or towers.

Hog Rider - A great attacker that only attacks buildings. The real support of this deck.

Baby Dragon - The aerial attacker that can take out many troops at once with its splash damage.

Wizard - He is another troop with area damage like the Baby Dragon. Great for enemies with high HP.

Tombstone - Great for extra support or as a distraction, for as when it is destroyed 4 skeletons pop out to attack.

Arrows - Great for eliminating horde enemies such as the Skeleton Army or Minion Horde.

Goblins - A cheap card great for distraction.

Giant Skeleton - A tank with high HP. When destroyed, it leaves a bomb behind that can eliminate nearby enemy troops.

Battle Strategy:

The key to this deck is to use the Knight and the Hog Rider to attack the tower at the same time.

What you need to do is drop the Knight near the bridge. When it is about to cross it, drop the Hog Rider. When the Hog Rider catches up with the Knight, it will begin pushing the Knight at the Hog Rider's speed all the way to the tower. The slow Knight will be moving as fast as the Hog Rider. Since the Knight has high HP, it will take a lot of the damage while the Hog Rider attacks the tower. You can use the Goblins and the Wizard to help deal more damage to enemy towers or to defend your towers.

The Giant Skeleton is used as a giant wall. When you see a bunch of enemies about to cross the bridge, drop the Giant Skeleton to stop them from crossing, and when the Giant Skeleton is defeated, it will destroy most of their troops with its bomb.

Clash Royale Tips - KNIGHT RIDER EXPLOIT? - Tutorial & Deck Ideas


This deck is weak against horde enemies. Although the Knight can take the damage very well, the Hog Rider will go down easy. The Freeze spell works great against this deck as well. You can also take out the Hog Rider as soon as possible with horde enemies like Skeleton Army etc since the Hog Rider has low HP.

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The Knight Rider deck is a good combination of using the collision effects of the game to boost up your Knight's speed. Maybe this technique will be exploited in the future, or maybe it will be nerfed one day. Still, the Hog Rider and the Knight can deal great damage to the tower if done correctly. Just be wary of air troops and the Skeleton Army...


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