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Thrilled about the deck's title? Here's how Galadon used this set of cards to win those battles in higher arenas.


Facing a lot of RG or Giant Balloon combo these past few days? This Hog Rider and Lightning Spell combo will turn them upside down everytime you face one.

Here's an effective deck countering those annoying tanks being popular in higher arenas today. 

Deck Strength:

The deck relies on the Hog Rider's ability making good team combos with the cards available in this featured deck. Both air and ground can be supported or defended properly. With only 3.5 average elixir deck cost, you can easily cycle cards. This provides enough assistance to your existing troops. Thus, creating constant pressure with every card team-up.

  • No Princess, yet? Switch it to the Archers card instead.

Gala Deck - Arena 7 and 8:

Hog Rider Lightning Minion Horde Goblins
hog_rider.png lightning.png minion_horde.png goblins.png
Skeletons Inferno Tower Zap Princess
skeletons.png inferno_tower.png zap.png princess.png

Card Roles:

  • Hog Rider: Wreck down those towers utilizing this Hog-loving troop. Always make a team combo to use his weapon to its full extent. 
  • Lightning: This 6-elixir spell card is one of the keys to winning battles. Drop it if needed early in the game or use it to surprise your enemy before the clock hits zero. Make sure to hit 3 units when dropping this to give critical damage.
  • Minion Horde: Surprise your enemy by releasing them after the enemy takes your Princess down by a spell card. You can also use them in grinding out a beefy tank in a matter of seconds. Always be wary against the Wizard or any other spell cards.
  • Goblins and Skeletons: These low elixir troops deal deadly damage if left alone. Same with the Minion Horde, they can somehow deal with beefy tanks if unsupported. This versatile card can be used for team offense, distraction, and defense. Timely drop them depending on the unit you want to eliminate.
  • Inferno Tower: Use against beefy tanks like the Royal Giant, Golem, P.E.K.K.A etc. to guard your crown towers evenly. Support it if the situation is asking for you to do so. Place it at the right spot to make sure it will reach any big threats.
  • Zap: Used to make a mini stun to any units to buy your own troops or defenses time to deal extra blows. Can be utilized in both offense and defense. Best used for your Hog Rider’s push combo. This spell can also kill low HP troops in an instant.
  • Princess: Utilize her to stop or weaken horde of troops. Can be a very handy card while your main troop combo is busy wrecking your enemy’s crown towers. Due to her far range ability, placing them behind for further support is simple.

Note: You can switch the Princess to Archers.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Utilize your Hog Rider and Goblins combo as an initial move of the game. Prepare your Zap Spell to quickly annihilate low HP troops that will counter your action. After the push, drop your Princess near the King’s Tower to kill any incoming troops. The Princess’ splash damage will severely weaken horde of troops fairly. Usually, the enemy will go for an all-out push after defending. Prepare your Inferno Tower to quickly counter any incoming tanks. Use your Goblins or Skeletons to snatch the attention of those supporting troops, if there’s any. This will help your Inferno Tower to target the big threat precisely.

Using the Minion Horde must be risky. Let your enemy cast Arrows or Fireball to your Princess. If they take this bait, you can immediately drop the Minion Horde. This will put them in an empty handed situation to stop it. We suggest that this move must be only done if you have a good amount of elixir on hand. You will be needing extra elixir to support the Horde if the situation asks for it.

Royal Giant or Giant Balloon decks usually have an Elixir Collector. If they place it near their Crown Tower, patiently wait for another troop to be dropped. The Lightning Spell works well in providing critical damage to 3 units. Make sure to put your targets within your spell’s range to use its power correctly. Run this kind of strategy in the first two minutes of the game to keep the pressure throughout.

If the game reaches the final minute, cycle your Hog Rider as soon as possible. This is to confuse your enemy as your Princess provide damage to their towers. Your Hog Rider must always have a support to successfully reach and smash a tower accordingly.

Deck Weakness:

Galadon said that this kind of deck might not be a good pair against a Hog Rider deck. Once you faced one, you must be very careful in doing your own strategy. Make sure to defend first before continuing your own kind of play. This will put you in a good lead in most situations. Once you feel you are in a disadvantage position, try to get a draw game out of it.


This Clash Royale deck is a nice alternative for the Hog Rider Freeze combo. If you love experimenting deck with the Hog Rider on it, we recommend you to try this one.

Special thanks to Galadon for this featured deck.

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Article Written by: Forrest

Last modified: 6,01,2017


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