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The Elite Stone Wall Deck for Arena 8 and Above

An all out offense deck featuring the Golem with the Elite Barbarians!
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on May 29, 2017.
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Da Real Legend Of Gaming is getting on the offensive and he shared with us a Golem with the Elite Barbarians push. A perfect deck that can earn you a massive three stars even in higher arenas!


The high HP of the Golem plus the great DPS of the Elite Barbarians is jaw dropping! Supported by the Ice Wizard and the Ice Spirit to clean out any counters is also a great way to keep the Golem intact while it's destroying the tower.

The Elite Stone Wall Deck:

Elite Barbarians Elixir Collector Golem Ice Spirit
elite_barbarians.png elixir_collector.png golem.png IceSpirit.png
Ice Wizard Miner Minions Zap
ice_wizard.png miner.png minions.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • Elite Barbarians - They can make an initial push together with the Ice Spirit. OP units that can take down tankers and other units alike.
  • Elixir Collector - This deck is 4.0. You'll need all elixirs to deploy the Golem and spam your enemy during double elixir time. You can spam with the Golem or Elite Barbarians to overwhelm your opponent.
  • Golem - Your weapon when double elixir time hits. Use the Golem once you are at full elixirs and then drop the Elite Barbarians behind it. Have your Zap ready for any low HP counters.
  • Ice Spirit - One elixir card that can Freeze. Use this together with your Elite Barbarians push.
  • Ice Wizard - Perfect to slow down units. He will make them slower and give your Minions enough time to counter.
  • Miner - If your Golem is not yet available, you can have Miner + Elite Barbarians. He can chip some HP while you're still waiting for the double elixir time.
  • Minions - They are not easily Zapped. Use them to counter Hog Riders and other ground troops.
  • Zap - The most usual counter to your push is the Skeleton Army. Have it ready whenever you're pushing.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

y8jQl7.gif GZ0yn7.gif

The Ideal Strategy of this deck is to wait until double elixir time before you deploy your guns. Initially, you may want to ambush your opponent with the Elite Barbarians and Ice Spirit combo. You can also add in the Miner to chip in the damage. Once the double elixir hits, make sure to have an Elixir Collector planted beside your King Tower. Deploy the Golem at the back to start its slow push. Counter any unnecessary units and deploy the Elite Barbarians at the back. You may also want to have the Ice Wizard behind your push to slow units down for your Elite Barbarians.

Spam with either the Golem or Elite Barbarians and you're on your way to three crowns!


GZ0yn7.gif O7KVlp.gif

Same as the ideal strategy. If you have your Elite Barbarians and Ice Spirit early on, deploy them at the bridge to do an ambush push. Have your Zap ready to counter the Skeleton Army. You can also deploy the Miner for chip damage.

During double elixir time, plant the Golem behind your King Tower. Upon reaching the bridge, put down the Elite Barbarians behind it and your Ice Wizard or Ice Spirit. This is your ultimate push. If the opponent has a Fireball or Rocket, it can only harm the Elite Barbarians and your Golem will continue towards his/her tower. You can drop another Golem or Elite Barbarians to swarm your enemy and overwhelm her for a three crown.



For defense, use the Minions. You can combine the Minions and the Ice Spirit. You can also have the Elite Barbarians to counter heavy units plus the Ice Wizard.

You can have them do a counter-push after countering by putting the Golem in front.

Additional Tip:

The Golem should be deployed during double elixir time and once you're at max elixir. You should also have the Elixir Collector going to have additional help in spamming.


After testing this deck, its weakness are Zap bait decks. These decks are heavy on swarms like the Goblin Gang, Skeleton Army, and Minion Horde. Since you only have one spell - Zap and the Ice Wizard, it can be a little challenge. If you're facing Zap Bait decks, you can use the Ice Spirit in luring them in the middle - a sweet spot to activate the second Tower Archer.


Watch Da Real Legend Of Gaming as he get consecutive wins and three crowning his opponents.


Upon using this deck in my own ladder matches, I had some difficulty countering Zap Bait and Log Bait decks. Make sure your Zap spell is high enough to one shot Goblin Gangs. My Ice Wizard is already at level 2 so he needs two shots against the Minions/Minion Horde to clear them. As I've mentioned in the Weakness section, use the Ice Spirit as much as you can in luring opponents in the middle.

The deck and video is by DaRealLegend Of Gaming check out his Youtube Channel for more Clash Royale HERE!

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Last modified: 30, 05, 2017

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