This Redditor found out a way to bypass the Hog Rider's weakness and it was welcomed with open arms!


Clash Royale's Hog Riders have this tiny bit of a weakness - they are easily lured by buildings! Even if it may cause them their death, they will surely throttle towards the nearest structure and try to demolish it. But what if you want your Hog Riders to just attack Crown Towers and leave the building destruction to other troops?


Good news Clashers, fishnoodlesoup from Reddit shared this Clash Royale Strategy just this Saturday - April 23rd and we are sure it is not yet known to many Hog Rider users. Since we don't want you to get behind on the news and we want you to be one of the pioneers of this trick, we'll share it with you and also the reactions of some Redditors to this new Clash Royale strategy!

The Strategy:

Fishnoodlesoup probably took his time in finding this trick out or it might have been an accident. Whatever and however he did it, he's here to share the knowledge! [1]

"ULTIMATE Hog Rider Tactic" | Clash Royale | Bypass Buildings!!

We will give you the link of the video of course but first let us see the reaction of some Redditors.

Positive Comments:

Here are some good comments about the Hog Rider Bypass technique. It looks like it is getting awesome reviews! I might try it out myself too. [2]



Based on their comments, this technique is indeed working and even pushed them to higher Arenas!

Negative Comments:

As the saying goes: you can't have it all. Here are some negative comments about the Hog Rider Bypass strategy. [5]



On the negative side of things, this technique just uncovered some players' secret move. Some are just too negative about this trick telling that the Hog Rider will still be lured by any building in the middle. This strategy is totally a game changer, it is either you see it as a threat to your game or a challenge. It is up to you!

Same Strategy Comments:

By showing the strategy to some Redditors, it looks like they noticed that it also works on other troops like Mini P.E.K.K.A. + Valk and other aerial troops. [8]



The Weakness:


This is usually the problem, players don't know how to deploy troops right away.


But fishnoodlesoup has the answer:

Strategy Video:

This video will teach you how to bypass that Hog Rider Weakness! Thank you again fishnoodlesoup for this awesome technique!

"ULTIMATE Hog Rider Tactic" | Clash Royale | Bypass Buildings!!

Hog Riders are indeed magnetized to any building near him. Since this trick is already out and about, the game will definitely change and it is up to you how you will take that change. Always remember: The only thing that is constant is CHANGE. Be ready for new Clash Royale strategies and updates and you'll enjoy the game more because of its diversity.

If you guys have any questions about this strategy feel free to leave a comment or if you already tried it out, we'd love to hear from you! More Crowns to you mate!


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