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This weird sounding deck helped a Clash Royale player destroy opponents in the Legendary Arena!


An Arena 8 player, GoinNGeitHer from the Supercell Forums, shared his own deck with a bizarre name which is composed of the famous duo, Prince + Dark Prince with the PEKKA. He said he wrecked and paved his way in the leaderboards of Arena 8 with this deck.



The power of this deck is kind of immeasurable because of the power those Princes' brought giving them a nice team-up with the PEKKA. In times of clash, your spells can surely save your team providing massive damage pressuring your opponent on how they will deal effectively on these near perfect combo.

The Blackest Day Deck - Arena 8:

Prince Dark Prince P.E.K.K.A Barbarians
Prince Dark Prince P.E.K.K.A Barbarians
Spear Goblins Elixir Collector Poison Spell Zap
Spear Goblins Elixir Collector Poison Spell Zap

Card Roles

  • Dark Prince - Pairing him with the Prince, this guy will be the one who is going to be in-charge for splash damage, making those annoying troops be killed instantly.
  • Prince - He can wreck a tower single-handedly if left unattended. By dropping your Dark Prince first, you can devastate a tower easier.
  • P.E.K.K.A - This troop will be your tank that also brings insane damage, thus creating constant tension to your opponent. This will make their top priority to defend rather than push.
  • Barbarians - They will be your PEKKA’s main support throughout the game. These bulky guys can be very versatile from being a defensive troop turning into an offensive one. Be always careful in splash counters like the Bomber, the Bomb Tower, or Wizard.
  • Spear Goblins - The Spear Gobs will exert their powers in killing those flying troops for the sake of the Prince + Dark Prince combo’s success. It can also be used to distract incoming troops.
  • Elixir Collector - This will give you not only just extra elixir in its life span but can also be a temporary armor for your crown towers. 
  • Poison Spell - This spell is tricky and is very handy from start to finish. The main purpose of the Poison Spell is to drain the HP of your opponent’s troops and can also initiate and/or perform damage against building towers.
  • Zap - With its mini stun and fair damage, Zap can be very useful especially in the Prince + Dark Prince push combo. This spell will instantly kill low HP troops within its range, freeing your Princes to focus on an opponent’s tower.

Battle Strategy

Once you have the Elixir Collector card, drop it at the back of your crown tower to get extra elixir early in the game. The original deck creator also stated that it can be placed near the river. It will act as defense and also to snatch and distract the troops’ attention. Next, you can deploy the Spear Goblins then wait until your opponent makes a move. Alternatively, just hold your move for them to initialize a push combo.

Spear Goblins will also be your key to kill some flying troops aside from your spells. If a swarm of troops is approaching, you can use your Zap or Poison to make a reasonable damage on those. Each team combo who will push a specific tower will include a range-type troop (e.g Musketeer, Witch or Wizard). To counter them, always make sure to drop your Barbarians around them to make opponents receive considerable damage quickly.

When you are planning to make a push, make sure to drop first your PEKKA at the back of your crown tower. After that, wait for your Elixir to pump up. Prepare your Barbarians to defend your PEKKA against any counters. GoinNGeitHer also mentioned that you can use your Poison Spell to drain enemy troops' HP. Drop it within the range of your opponent’s crown tower because most of the time, that will be the spot wherein they will drop their counter troops. Once successful, make your Dark Prince + Prince combo at the back of your main tank. The Dark Prince will make a splash damage inflicting severe damage in those troops ahead. This will open a way to directly push a tower. Use Zap to diminish newly deployed enemy troops to stop your team.

Deck Weakness:

Dealing with some fair HP flying troops will be a challenge (e.g Balloon, Minion Horde or Dragon) once your spells have been used already. Your Spear Goblins will be your only card to stop them so placing them wisely while killing an opponent troop is needed. While defending, you can use your Dark Prince because of its splash damage. Your elixir collector might be wrecked easily in some situations so you must prepare another plan on how to stop incoming troops. Many of your troops can be distracted easily so eliminating those distractions must be done first if needed.

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In Closing:

With the help of your PEKKA, your Princes can make and knock down a tower easily. Be always aware in the opponent’s deck first before concluding on what technique should you go first to assure victory. The elixir cost of the deck is low, giving you an initial advantage against your opponent. Your elixir collector might also be the one to give you those trophies you wish for it will provide extra elixir once the game reaches its last minute.

Special thanks to GoinNGeitHer from the Supercell forums for sharing this deck.

Legendary Arena Deck - The Blackest Day Deck


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Last modified: 6, 01, 2017


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