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fill_750_468_2016-03-16-06-30-53-maxresdefault.jpg The higher the trophies, the better cards you receive. The better the cards, the faster you can reach Clash Royale's Arena 3 to 11! Here are some tips, Chief!

Trophies meant everything if you badly want to get those strong cards in the higher arenas. Seriously, it’s going to be a looong way to reach the top but let us help you in some ways that we experienced and seen from other experienced players out there in Clash Royale Universe.


Let’s accept the fact that it is not really hard to access Arena 1,2 and 3 and you can really acquire trophies and some notable cards fairly in these stages. But in some circumstances, players were stuck somewhere between Arena 3 to 4 and beyond that is why we will try to give focus starting from Arena 3 onwards. We will have some combination of word explanation and video sharing throughout the article. You ready, Chief? Let’s clash!

Deck Strategies for Arena 3

Many will wonder why we started in this arena but for some occasional players, we will be giving these tips. Not all clashers can step up in just a blink of an eye in some arenas because sometimes, I mean most of the time, your opponent possesses cards that will bring doom in your chosen deck. But that’s what the game is supposed to be. Just always be ready to counter them at your best position. Okay?


Minions Barbarians Barbarian Hut Goblin Hut
minions.png barbarians.png barbarian_hut.png goblin_hut.png
Giant Fireball Spear Goblins Archers
giant.png fireball.png spear_goblins.png archers.png

You can also use a Skeleton Army, Minion Horde, Musketeer and/or Goblin Barrel.

Average Elixir Cost: 4.3


To defeat tank-type cards like Giant Skeleton or Baby Dragon, use a Giant or Barbarians to snatch their attention. Carefully drop Archers or Musketeer to kill them. In countering Prince, Giant or Mini Pekka, simply drop Minions or Minion Horde. If a Witch is coming, you can also use some tank-type cards to divert their attention and warily drop your killing troops behind them. Try to do a pre-emptive Arrows/Fireball drop in Skeleton Army. Timing is essential! If unsure, use Minions or Minion Horde.

Check our separate Arena 3 Battle Deck Strategy and Tips in the link below!

The Best Clash Royale Arena 3 Deck Strategies
2016-03-18-06-34-06-maxresdefault.jpg Arena 3 Battle Deck Strategy Tips & Review

Having a difficulty reaching higher leagues for a higher chance to acquire further competitive cards? Here are some tips from Clashroyalepedia!

2016-03-30-03-37-25-clash_royale_giant.png Clash Royale's Giant Deck Strategy to Push for Trophies in Arena 3!
The Giant is a formidable defense and offense particularly in Arena 3. Learn how to use the Giant Deck strategy here.
2016-03-30-04-57-36-prince_barb.png Clash Royale Prince + Barbarian Strategy For Arena 3 & Above
Chief! We compiled some of the handiest deck using Barbarians and Prince! Let’s check ‘em all out!

Deck Strategies for Arena 4

Called as Pekka’s Playhouse, this is where you will be facing many experienced players with good decks that can wreck your Arena 3 deck.

- F2P Lava Hound Deck - Arena 4 to 7 - 

Lava Hound Barbarians Baby Dragon Musketeer
lava_hound.png barbarians.png baby_dragon.png musketeer.png
Spear Goblins Fire Spirits Arrows Minions
spear_goblins.png fire_spirits.png arrows.png minions.png

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8


Drop your Goblins in your chosen lane. If you are lucky to have the Lava Hound + Baby Dragon on your hand, wait until you have enough elixir before deploying them. Drop your Lava Hound near your King’s Tower, wait for the right timing in dropping your Baby Dragon. Deploy it behind the Hound for splash damage purposes. Its AoE is important especially against a horde of troops in the air. Though you can use your Arrows, it is better to somehow hold it if your Baby Dragon is already present in the clash. You can utilize this spell card if your enemy purposely drops her Minion around your Baby Dragon. You must always be prepared if this happens.

Check the link below for full deck's strategy:

2016-05-11-04-14-06-effecthound.jpg F2P Lava Hound Deck for Pushing From Arena 4 to 7
The Lavaloon is now visible in Clash Royale! Here's a nice deck that can blend with this duo making your deck unique than any others!

Hog Rider + Wizard Deck Arena 4 & Above:

Wizard Hog Rider Musketeer Spear Goblins
wizard.png hog_rider.png musketeer.png spear_goblins.png
Giant Bomber Tombstone Arrows
giant.png bomber.png tombstone.png arrows.png

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6


In the first minute, wait for the opponent’s first move before reacting. Drop the Tombstone oni the lane where they drop their beefy tank and carefully drop those counters in different places. Drop your Bomber if a ground troop is coming, or you can use your Wizard if an air troop was dropped. When you utilize either of these two, drop those Spear Goblins on the other side. Remember to always spread your troops to avoid any Fireball or Arrows to kill your defending troops. Given that you pressured the enemy's tower, make sure to reserve an extra troop, Wizard or Bomber, because there are times that your opponent will make a double lane push. By this, you can stop them easily in the second minute of the game.

Check the link below for full deck's strategy:

2016-04-25-09-05-52-hog_wiz_arena_4.png Hog Rider + Wizard Deck Strategy For Arena 4 and Above
The Hog Rider's power is undoubtedly one of the most used cards in the game. His versatility is beyond normal that's why pairing him with any other troops is easy. Here's an effective deck for Arena 4 & above.

- Clash Royale Arena 4 Deck Without Baby Dragon or Prince

Giant Witch + Bomber Deck

Giant Knight Archers Bomber
Giant Knight Archers Bomber
Musketeer Arrows Witch Fireball
Musketeer Arrows Witch Fireball


Wait for the opponent to move and counter it. In this arena, swarm troops are usually used so this will be a great time to showcase the power of your splashers. Drop a Witch at the back of a tower. Then drop the Musketeer or the Bomber for full support. If being swarmed by the opponent’s troops drop your bomber at the back of your main troops or tower to help out get rid of those. If successful, drop a Giant ahead and let him tank everything in front. Bomber will keep your Giant away from being killed because of its splash damage.

Check the link below for full deck's strategy:

2016-05-20-09-19-26-Screen_Shot_2016-05-20_at_6.18.49_PM.png Clash Royale Arena 4 Deck Without Baby Dragon or Prince
Here's an awesome deck you can use without the help of two of the most popular cards in the early arenas! You can still progress with this set of cards, Chief!
The Best Clash Royale Arena 4 Deck Strategies
2016-04-05-04-01-49-clash-royale-wallpaper-1920-1200.jpg Clash Royale Arena 4 Deck Without Baby Dragon or Prince
Here's how to get your way through Clash Royale's Arena 4 even without the elusive Baby Dragon and the tank Prince.
2016-03-30-02-19-09-maxresdefault.jpg This Goblin Deck Strategy Can Help You Push from Arena 4 - 6!

Love swarming? How about using these green guys for some fun and action?

2016-03-30-07-33-04-skeleton_giant.jpg Clash Royale Giant Skeleton Deck Tips
The Giant Skeletons are a huge upgrade from the normal Giants! Read how to create a Deck with them.

Deck Strategies for Arena 5

Hog-Gob No Legendary Deck for Arena 5:

Arrows Bomber Goblin Barrel Hog Rider
arrows.png bomber.png goblin_barrel.png hog_rider.png
Mini P.E.K.K.A Minion Horde Skeleton Army Zap
mini_PEKKA.png minion_horde.png skeleton_army.png zap.png


The Ideal Strategy of this deck is to push with a Hog Rider together with the Bomber. Just before they reach the Tower, deploy the Goblin Barrel. This will make the Tower Archer lock on to the Hog Rider. The combined damage from the Hog Rider, Bomber, and the Goblin Barrel will surely demolish the opponent's crown tower.

Always have your Zap or Arrows ready for a direct counter.

Check the link below for full deck's strategy:

hog-gob-no-legendary.png Hog-Gob No Legendary Deck for Arena 5
Zap bait decks are becoming more and more popular in ladder matches. Test out your opponent's spells by sending out your Hog Rider with the Goblin Barrel and low HP units.

Lava Hound Deck for Arena 5

Lava Hound Hog Rider Wizard Spear Goblins
lava_hound.png hog_rider.png wizard.png spear_goblins.png
Valkyrie Fire Spirits Archers Baby Dragon
valkyrie.png fire_spirits.png archers.png baby_dragon.png


Drop the Lava Hound at the corner of your base. As it is slowly moving towards the opponent's side, counter any incoming units with the Valkyrie. If your Valkyrie survives, pair her with the Hog Rider to make a different push. You now have two kinds of pushes pressuring your opponent.

For the complete details of this deck’s battle strategy, check the link below:

2016-12-05-01-26-46-Lava_Hound_Deck_for_Arena_5.jpg Lava Hound Deck for Arena 5
Lava Hound is such a very powerful unit if you are around Arena 4 or Arena 5. Support it with a lot of splash damage and you will be winning a lot of trophies. Here is the deck for Arena 5 so you can easily climb the ladder!

Hog Rider + Prince Deck for Pushing Trophies in Arena 5:

Spear Goblins Barbarians Musketeer Zap
spear_goblins.png barbarians.png musketeer.png zap.png
Arrows Prince Hog Rider Baby Dragon
arrows.png prince.png hog_rider.png baby_dragon.png


Put your Baby Dragon at the farthest lane and wait until he is near the bridge. Drop your Hog Rider and put him at behind your Baby Dragon. This time, your opponent will definitely counter the cards with all their might. If you already have enough Elixir, put your Prince at the other lane to split push! Have your Zap ready just in case your enemy still retaliates.

2016-08-01-13-59-42-2.jpg Hog Rider + Prince Deck for Pushing Trophies in Arena 5
Hog Rider is usually paired with a Freeze Spell but this time we'll share you this Hog + Prince Deck that will fast track you to victory.

Here are some other Arena 5 decks that you can also use, Chief!:

The Best Clash Royale Arena 5 Deck Strategies
2016-03-28-06-38-16-clashroyale_decks.jpg Cheap But Effective Deck Without Epics
Do not have any EPIC cards, yet? Then here is a great deck to reach 1700+ trophies from a Reddit user, Byrne14.
2016-06-07-08-02-56-trifecta_arena_5_above.jpg Trifecta Deck Arena 5 and Above
Witness how this so-called Trifecta deck dominates any set of cards in particular arenas.
2016-04-21-06-52-13-clash-royale-spell__1_.jpg A Triple Spell Deck On Arena 5 That Will Cast You Until Arena 7!
Spells are not usually main cards but support or for defense, but this time, we will focus on it.
2016-04-18-07-45-31-maxresdefault__5_.jpg This Cheap 3.1 Elixir Deck for Arena 5 will make you win the game quick!
An Elixir Advantage can make or break any game in a snap. This cheap 3.1 Elixir Deck will give you crowns you never imagined.
2016-04-19-09-57-19-gob_barrel_arena_5.png Effective Goblin Barrel Deck for Arena 5
With the help of the epic Prince, Knight and Barbarians, this deck can be useful up to Arena 7.

Deck Strategies for Arena 6

Sparky Golem + Wizard Deck - Arena 6 & Above:

Sparky Golem Wizard Valkyrie
sparky.png golem.png wizard.png valkyrie.png
Spear Goblins Goblins Skeletons Elixir Collector
spear_goblins.png goblins.png skeletons.png elixir_collector.png


In the first minute of the game, drop your Elixir Collector once your elixir reaches 10. Prepare for defense. Usually, your opponent will take this as an advantage to push. Use your Goblins and Skeletons accordingly to stop any incoming troops. Or at least play your cards to have a damage control over your tower. Once defended, wait for your Elixir to reach its maximum capacity. Prepare for battle afterwards.

Check the link below for full deck's strategy:

2016-05-10-10-19-48-sparkygolemwiz.png Overpowered Golem Sparky Wizard Deck for Arena 6
Here's an epic Clash Royale deck you can try to use early in Arena 6! The hype is real with this one! Let's break down how this set of cards can simply wreck a base in just a few moments.


Balloon Barbarians Freeze Baby Dragon
balloon.png barbarians.png freeze.png baby_dragon.png
Wizard Minion Horde Archers Arrows
wizard.png minion_horde.png archers.png arrows.png

Average Elixir Cost: 4.3


Drop your Balloon near your tower and wait for your Elixir to load. Pair it with a Wizard to wipe any troops ahead. Once near the opponent’s tower, drop the Freeze spell at the tower. If counter troops were dropped near the tower, make sure to cover them with your Freeze, as well. Try using the Barbarians or the Baby Dragon to support your Balloon. Always prepare enough amount of Elixir to kill the counter troops by dropping your Arrows. For further information with a sample gameplay of this deck, check the link below.

2016-04-18-11-21-06-arena_6_wallpaper.jpg Clash Royale Arena 6 Deck Strategy, Tips & Review
Being smashed a lot these days in Arena 6? How about checking this article for some great tips from Clashroyalepedia!


P.E.K.K.A Bomber Barbarians Fireball
PEKKA.png bomber.png barbarians.png fireball.png
Arrows Wizard Baby Dragon Spear Goblins
arrows.png wizard.png baby_dragon.png spear_goblins.png

Average Elixir Cost: 4.1


Drop your Baby Dragonnear any of your towers and wait for a Wizardto be available. Make a combo for these two to stop any swarm troops that will counter them. Use the PEKKA once accessible, and drop her behind your King’s Tower. By doing this, you can wait for your Elixir to pump up and can make a support by any of your cards available. If possible, use the Baby Dragon or the Wizard. Bombercan also provide an epic damage for the ground troops. For more information about this deck, check the link below. A sample gameplay is also provided.

2016-04-18-11-21-06-arena_6_wallpaper.jpg Clash Royale Arena 6 Deck Strategy, Tips & Review
Being smashed a lot these days in Arena 6? How about checking this article for some great tips from Clashroyalepedia!


Fireball Hog Rider Spear Goblins Archers
fireball.png hog_rider.png spear_goblins.png archers.png
Barbarians Knight Wizard Tombstone
barbarians.png knight.png wizard.png tombstone.png

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6


Use the Tombstone as your starter card in the game. Place it in the middle of your base, to distract any incoming troops. Focus on one lane first by using your Barbarians or the Knight and some Archers behind. Once you have distracted your enemy, make another move in the opposite lane by dropping your Hog Rider with some support of your Spear Goblins. Use your Wizard as a defensive troop. 

Here are some other Arena 6 decks, Chief! Give it a shot!

The Best Clash Royale Arena 6 Deck Strategies
2016-04-13-09-45-12-golem_barb_poison.jpg Golem Strategy For Arena 6 & Above
You reached Arena 6 and luckily opened up a Golem. What to do next? Here are some deck compilation from trusted clashers, Chief!
2016-05-06-02-29-46-sparkyminer_arena_6.png Sparky + Miner Deck For Arena 6 & Above!
That critical blow that your Sparky can do will be a lot more possible if you pair it with the Miner! Distracting your enemy's troops will be one of your agenda to make sure your Sparky's attack will not be wasted.
2016-04-20-07-53-48-golem_poison.jpg Golem + Poison Deck Effective For Arena 6 & Above
A well-known Golem Strategy in Clash Royale is to create a buildup before the eventual push. How about we try hiding the Golem and make a surprising push at the last minute of the game?

Arena 7 Deck Strategy

Go Trifecta No Legendary Deck for Arena 7

Goblin Barrel Golem Hog Rider Musketeer
goblin_barrel.png golem.png hog_rider.png musketeer.png
Skeleton Army Valkyrie Wizard Zap
skeleton_army.png valkyrie.png wizard.png zap.png


You can start by letting out the Goblin Barrel unto the opponent's tower. This will let you know what cards he has for countering. Drop the Valkyrie at the back of your King Tower and then place the Hog Rider behind her. During this Valkyrie + Hog Rider push, you can try another Goblin Barrel or support them with a Musketeer. Use the typical Trifecta strategy.

The Golem in your deck is a stand-by unit. Use it as an extra card to push or a surprise card during the double elixir mark.

Check the link below for full deck's strategy:


Go Trifecta No Legendary Deck for Arena 7
The iconic Trifecta is still doing its magic in the higher arena. You won't be needing any Legendary Cards to battle it out with the best players.

Hog or E-Barbs Deck for Arena 7

Elite Barbarians Fire Spirits Hog Rider Mega Minion
elite_barbarians.png fire_spirits.png hog_rider.png 2016-12-09-03-31-33-mega-minion.png
Mirror Skeleton Army Tombstone Zap
mirror.png skeleton_army.png tombstone.png zap.png


Start with your Elite Barbarians + Fire Spirits push right away. If Elite Barbarians are not available, you can have your Hog Rider + Fire Spirits. Always have your Zap ready, as they are both countered by the Skeleton Army. Use the Mirror card whenever necessary. Use it if your Skeleton Army is Zapped by the opponent. Have your Tombstone planted in the middle of your base too, as this can lure potential trespassers.

Check the article below for further deck explanation.

hog-or-ebarbs.png Hog or E-Barbs Deck for Arena 7
Get to choose to rush towards your opponent with either a Hog combo or an E-Barbs surprise! Check out this deck without any help from Legendaries to help you climb up the ladder.

Royal Tornado Splash for Arena 7 and Above

Archers Barbarians Furnace Princess
archers.png barbarians.png furnace.png princess.png
Royal Giant Skeleton Army Tornado Wizard
royal_giant.png skeleton_army.png 2016-10-30-15-06-52-Tornado.PNG wizard.png


The Royal Giant is in front and backed up with the Wizard. Furnace is planted in the middle and the Fire Spirits are going on the same lane. Have your Tornado card ready to pull them in a ball and crush them with your Wizard + Fire Spirits. These will leave your Royal Giant free to take a Crown Tower!

For more details visit the article here:
2016-11-11-04-06-11-royal-tornado-splash.png Royal Tornado Splash for Arena 7 and Above
Pull the troops with your Tornado spell card and get rid of them with your splashers!

Electro Spam Deck Arena 7 Above

Electro Wizard Skeleton Army Minion Horde Mirror
2016-12-12-07-33-20-ElectroWizardCard.png skeleton_army.png minion_horde.png mirror.png
Goblin Barrel Furnace The Log Fireball
goblin_barrel.png furnace.png TheLog.png fireball.png


The ideal strategy for this deck is to plant your Furnace early as you try to bait the enemy with your Goblin Barrel. You will counter the enemy’s initial attack, as you prepare for a big counter push later on.

Continue countering with your units and when you feel like the opponent is over-reaching, make use of your Goblin Barrel and then Mirror it. This will gradually chip some damage. Maintain the pressure by sending in troop after troop and if you can, Mirror them.

spqztvO.png Electro Spam Deck Arena 7 Above
Annoy your enemies with this legit deck that let Molt grabbed the 12-0 win in the Electro Wizard Challenge!

Here are some other Arena 7 decks, Chief! Care to look?

The Best Clash Royale Arena 7 Deck Strategies
2016-04-27-09-16-25-deck7.png Best Arena 7 Decks to Push Trophies!
Here's the Arena 7 deck compilation to those players who are still struggling in pushing trophies!
2016-04-14-00-15-48-Princess_deck.jpg Efficient Princess Deck for Arena 7
The Princess is one of the few legendary cards to get in Clash Royale. We built an offensive deck that utilize her long ranged attacks.
2016-05-06-05-53-16-lavalooon.jpg Lavaloon Deck - Arena 7 and 8
The air duo of Clash of Clans is now here in Clash Royale! Here's a fresh deck you can try to utilize their power in its full extent!
SparkNado-Deck-for-Arena-7.jpg SparkNado Deck for Arena 7
Sparky needs some love, and Tornado may be the one it needs to be dominant again!
3-spells-RG.png 3 Spells RG Deck for Arena 7
After countless of nerfs the Royal Giant is still one OP tanker to have. On this deck, he is accompanied by not just one, but three spells! Along with the Musketeer for support, this deck will win you trophies and help you climb out of Arena 7.

Arena 8 Deck Strategy

No Legendary Double Pressure Deck for Arena 8

Elixir Collector Giant Ice Golem Minions
elixir_collector.png giant.png 2016-09-20-06-43-53-Ice_Golem.PNG minions.png
Poison Prince Witch Zap
poison.png prince.png witch.png zap.png


The Ideal Strategy of the game is like your usual beat down deck. Start with the Elixir Collector at the middle of your base. Deploy your Giant behind your King Tower and wait for him to reach the bridge before putting the Witch behind him. Start another push by planting an Ice Golem and the Prince on the other lane. Use your Poison Spell whenever necessary against buildings and counters. For further explanation of the deck, check its own article here:

no-legendary-double-pressure.png No Legendary Double Pressure Deck for Arena 8
It's time to put your opponent under pressure. Double the pressure. You can manage to do a double push on each lane that can make your foe rage quit.

Hog Elite Barbarians Electric Wizard Deck for Arena 8

Hog Rider Elite Barbarians Electro Wizard Ice Spirit
hog_rider.png elite_barbarians.png 2016-12-12-07-33-20-ElectroWizardCard.png IceSpirit.png
Skeleton Army Zap Inferno Tower Musketeer
skeleton_army.png zap.png inferno_tower.png musketeer.png


Start by having the Musketeer at the back of the King Tower. Before she reaches the bridge, drop your Hog Rider together with the Ice Spirit. She will take care of any counters while your Hog Rider is busy destroying the tower. You can use the Elite Barbarians for counters and a good counter-push. The Electro Wizard is there for any incoming push and pair him with the Inferno Tower for a quick and easy cleaning.

cK6i1zQ.jpg Hog Elite Barbarians Electric Wizard Deck for Arena 8
Electro Wizard + Elite Barbarians + Hog Rider = Total Domination in both offense and defense!

Ash's Hog-Yard Deck for Arena 8 and Above

Archers Fireball Graveyard Hog Rider
archers.png fireball.png graveyard-card.png hog_rider.png
Ice Golem Mega Minion Tombstone Zap
2016-09-20-06-43-53-Ice_Golem.PNG 2016-09-19-00-47-23-mega_minion.PNG tombstone.png zap.png


This is a chip-damage deck. Start with the Archers at the back of the King Tower. Upon reaching the bridge, drop the Hog Rider. Once he starts destroying the tower or get countered, drop the Graveyard spell. You can also do another strategy by having the Ice Golem in front of your Archers. If not countered, drop the Graveyard again on his tower. The slowing effect of the Ice Golem will give the Skeletons enough time to deal damage.

2016-11-14-05-50-00-ash-hog-yard-deck.png Ash's Hog-Yard Deck for Arena 8 and Above
Earn those easy crowns with the Hog Rider together with the Graveyard spell to win through every game and tournaments.

Other Arena 8 Deck(s) Available:

The Best Clash Royale Arena 8 Deck Strategies
2016-04-27-11-05-57-deck8.png The Best Clash Royale Arena 8 Deck Strategies
The collection of some of the best Arena 8 decks brought to you by ClashRoyalepedia!
the-mortar-knight-deck.png The Mortar Knight Deck for Arena 8
Captain Snazzy proves that the Mortar is back in the game and it's a card you don't want to disregard.
2016-12-09-09-53-32-bowler_gravy.jpg Graveyard Bowler Deck Arena 8 Above
his Bowler Graveyard deck is recently seen in higher arenas, is this the next best deck in the current meta?
2016-10-14-05-01-33-fast-elixir-hog-ice-golem-deck.png Fast 2.6 Elixir Hog Ice Golem Deck for Arena 8 and Above!
The old Hog Cycle deck refreshed with the addition of the Ice Golem!

Arena 9 Deck Strategy

An Improved P.E.K.K.A Balloon Combo Deck for Arena 9

P.E.K.K.A Balloon Executioner Zap
PEKKA.png balloon.png executioner.png zap.png
Fire Spirits Tornado Elixir Collector Ice Golem
fire_spirits.png tornado.png elixir_collector.png 2016-09-20-06-43-53-Ice_Golem.PNG


Just with other heavy decks, start with the Elixir Collector. Once you've already reached max, drop down the P.E.K.K.A at the back of your King Tower. Put the Executioner at the back together with your Ice Spirits. If your opponent is too busy countering your push, that is the best time to drop the Balloon.

Improved-PEKKA-Balloon-Combo-Deck.jpg An Improved P.E.K.K.A Balloon Combo Deck for Arena 9
A new and improved P.E.K.K.A and Balloon combo is back! They are now better and deadlier than before!

Battle Ram Graveyard Deck for Arena 9

Battle Ram Graveyard Executioner Freeze
Battle_Ram.png graveyard-card.png executioner.png freeze.png
Bowler Tornado Elixir Collector Electro Wizard
Bowler.png tornado.png elixir_collector.png ElectroWizardCard.png


Plant the Elixir Collector if you have it at the start of the game. Put down your Bowler first and then the Executioner or the Electro Wizard at the back of your King Tower. Your opponent will surely react to your push and you can either go with a Graveyard or Battle Ram for a sure connect. You can use the Tornado spell to pull the foes in a ball and the rest is on your Bowler/Executioner's hand.

Battle-Ram-Graveyard-Deck-for-Arena-9.jpg Battle Ram Graveyard Deck for Arena 9
A Battle Ram deck with Graveyard and full of splash damage units!

Gob Gang E-Barbs No Legendary Deck for Arena 9

Baby Dragon Elite Barbarians Goblin Gang Mega Minion
baby_dragon.png 2016-11-22-05-23-17-elite_barbarians.png Goblin_Gang.png 2016-12-09-03-31-33-mega-minion.png
Musketeer Skeleton Army Tornado Zap
musketeer.png skeleton_army.png tornado.png zap.png


Start by having the Baby Dragon at the back of your King Tower. Support it with either the Musketeer or Mega Minion. By the time they reach the bridge, deploy the Elite Barbarians. Use the Tornado spell to pull units and use the AoE capability of the Baby Dragon. Continue countering and counter-pushing with the OP Elite Barbs.

gob-gang-e-barbs-no-legendary.jpg Gob Gang E-Barbs No Legendary Deck for Arena 9
ou won't need any legendary cards to win with this deck. The newly buffed Baby Dragon, E-Barbs, Musketeer and the Goblin Gang is enough to win you trophies!

Other Arena 9 Deck(s) Available:

The Best Clash Royale Arena 9 Deck Strategies
doube-e-cycle-deck.png Double-E Cycle Deck for Arena 9
The E-Barbs can still do quite a punch especially with the Executioner around! Get to cycle the E-Barbs and the Executioner with this Double-E deck!
steady-gobbin.jpg Steady Gobbin' Deck for Arena 9 and Tournaments
Getting a three crown victory on Arena 9 and above and tourneys is hard. Let us teach you this deck from DaRealLegend Of Gaming that can switch from one strategy to another.
giant-executioner-crush.png Giant Executioner Crush Deck for Arena 9
Are you ready to crush your foes with the Giant and the Executioner? They are backed up with the flying Fire Spirits for an ultimate end.

Arena 10 Deck Strategy

Big Balloon Beatdown for Arena 10

Balloon Electro Wizard Fire Spirits Heal
balloon.png ElectroWizardCard.png fire_spirits.png heal.png
Inferno Tower Knight Minions Skeletons
inferno_tower.png knight.png minions.png skeletons.png


The ideal strategy of this deck is to start with the Balloon on the side and in anticipation of the Minion Horde, drop the Fire Spirits beside it. A 7-elixir push. Once the Balloon is near the tower, deploy your Heal Spell to constantly replenish your Balloon's HP to do more damage.

gob-gang-e-barbs-no-legendary.jpg Big Balloon Beatdown for Arena 10
Give your Balloon another chance to drop another Bomb with the help of the Heal Spell. This is a good beatdown deck starring the Balloon together with the Heal Spell by NotFarFromGaming.

Mega Golem Heal For Arena 10

Golem Mega Minion Electro Wizard Goblin Gang
golem.png 2016-12-09-03-31-33-mega-minion.png ElectroWizardCard.png Goblin_Gang.png
Heal Skeletons The Log Fireball
heal.png skeletons.png TheLog.png fireball.png

The ideal strategy of this deck is to form your strongest team which is the Golem, Electro Wizard and the Mega Minion. Once you gathered them, look for a chance to drop the Heal Spell to support if in need. Counter the enemy’s strategy by cycling your cards and keep the pressure up until the last minute of the battle.

golem-heal-mm.png Mega Golem Heal For Arena 10
This tough deck will get you through in winning those crowns in both ladder and tourneys.

The Raging Bandit Ram Deck for Arena 10

Baby Dragon Bandit Battle Ram Knight
baby_dragon.png bandit.png Battle_Ram.png knight.png
LumberJack Minions Musketeer Ice Wizard
LumberJack.png minions.png musketeer.png ice_wizard.png


The ideal strategy of this deck is to start with the tanky Baby Dragon. Follow it up with a good mini tank the Knight. They will clear the path for your Battle Ram. After having all three in the arena. Support them with either your Bandit, LumberJack, Musketeer, Ice Wizard. Rinse and repeat.

the-raging-bandit-ram.png The Raging Bandit Ram Deck for Arena 10
Let your Baby Dragon and Knight take the lead and clear the path for the Battle Ram. A great deck for pushing and counterpushing by DaRealLegend Of Gaming himself.

Other Arena 10 Deck(s) Available:

The Best Clash Royale Arena 10 Deck Strategies
doube-e-cycle-deck.png Cheap Heal Miner Minion Cycle For Arena 10
Extend your Minions’ ability much further with the power of the Heal Spell!
chasing-tornadoes.jpg Chasing Tornadoes Deck for Arena 10
Let DaRealLegend Of Gaming help you resurrect the Sparky, your rolling Lightning Spell, from its grave. Together with the meta cards to help you go up the ladder.
hog-exec-nado-miner.png Hognado Executioner Mashup For Arena 10
Team-up your Hog Rider with the Executioner and Tornado mashup! A deck you can count on in your journey in the Hog Mountain.

Arena 11 Deck Strategy

Electro Hog Bandit Cycle For Arena 11

Bandit Hog Rider Electro Wizard Skeletons
bandit.png hog_rider.png ElectroWizardCard.png skeletons.png
Ice Spirit Poison The Log Inferno Tower
IceSpirit.png poison.png TheLog.png inferno_tower.png


The ideal strategy of this deck is to make an early advantage against the enemy. Having one of their towers weak will provide pressure all throughout the battle. You can try to attain this by making an early Hog Rider attack. You can try the Hog with Skellies and Ice Spirit mashup. Counter the enemy afterwards, use the abilities of the Bandit and the Electro Wizard as you cycle for the cards you need. Create a counter push and maintain your created pressure up to the last minute of the game.

bandit-hog-electro-cycle.png Electro Hog Bandit Cycle For Arena 11
Cycle your way up to the latest Arena in the game! Sizzle your battle with the classic Electro Hog Cycle with the dashing Bandit combined!

Miner Ram Bandit Synergy For Arena 11

Bandit Battle Ram Goblin Gang Miner
bandit.png Battle_Ram.png Goblin_Gang.png miner.png
Electro Wizard Poison The Log Inferno Tower
ElectroWizardCard.png poison.png TheLog.png inferno_tower.png


The ideal strategy of this deck is to complete the Miner Poison with Bandit combo. Once you learned the strategy of the enemy, formulating the cards you need for offense and defense will be easier. Do not rush things while studying how to defeat the enemy. This deck is designed mainly to do the chip-in strategy. You can initialize an all-out attack or create a stiff counter push wave of troops during the battle.

miner-bandit-ram-combo.png Miner Ram Bandit Synergy For Arena 11
The Miner Bandit mashup is getting out of hand in various arenas! Here is a deck from Coltonw83 of Youtube that can be used in Tourneys and even Ladders!

Poisonous Hog Cycle For Arena 11

Hog Rider Minions Archers Furnace
hog_rider.png minions.png archers.png furnace.png
Ice Golem Ice Spirit Poison Zap
2016-09-20-06-43-53-Ice_Golem.PNG IceSpirit.png poison.png zap.png


The ideal strategy of this deck is to have the Furnace in your hand early. Having a good level Furnace will help you chip in damage against towers effortlessly. With the Hog Rider and other units, the aim is to pressure and cycle quickly to get a tower down fast.

poison-hog-cycle.png Poisonous Hog Cycle For Arena 11
Are you up for a Hog Poison Challenge? Then this 2.9-elixir deck might fit your liking if you are pushing your trophies in the Ladder starting from Arena 11!

Other Arena 11 Deck(s) Available:

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pekka-miner-electro.png Electrifying PEKKA Miner Chip Best For Arena 11
Still looking for a great PEKKA deck that will support your multiple legendaries? Then this deck might be the one you are looking for!
giant-ram-loon.png Giant Loon Ram For Arena 11
Smash and conquer! Let the Giant + Balloon + Battle Ram combo help push your trophies up to the top!
Extremely-Cheap-Hog-Cycle-Deck.jpg Extremely Cheap Hog Cycle Deck for Arena 11
An amazingly cheap Hog Rider Cycle Deck for trophy pushing in Arena 11!

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