This Arena 1 Deck can surely be your staple until you reach Arena 4.


Just in case you're not getting the card you want or you just don't want to change your deck all the time, we raked the internet to give you this deck. It is from Reddit user, tarjoilija. He shared his Arena 1 deck card in eliminating foes from Arena 1, 2, and 3.

I tried using the deck myself and it seems like the opponents aren't equipped with the right cards in countering these easy-to-get troops.


Since you'll get the cards on Arena 1 and 2, you are already familiar with the Elixir requirement and cards that can counter your troops. One of the strengths of this deck would be familiarity. Second will be the easy strategy - Tanker first then push. Third will be the average elixir count of just 3.7.

Arena 1 Deck:

Fireball Arrows Baby Dragon Musketeer
Fireball Arrows Baby Dragon Musketeer
Goblins Skeleton Army Archers Giant
Goblins Skeleton Army Archers Giant

Card Roles:

Archers: This ranged troop will counter any aerial troop such as Balloons and Baby Dragons. You can also use them for support.

Arrows: A spell that is made against low-HP units like the Skeleton Army or Minion Horde.

Baby Dragon: He can also help in reducing the number of skeletons with his splash damage or bring down Minions. He can also act as your tanker if the Giant is not available.

Fireball: You will use this against Hog Riders, Prince, Barbarians, or Mini P.E.K.K.A.s

Giant: With his high HP, he can withstand any attack coming at him. He will be the tanker of this deck.

Goblins: For 2 Elixirs you can use them to distract units such as Mini P.E.K.K.A.s or Prince. They can also eliminate troops that focus on buildings.

Musketeer: Because of her firepower, she works best against flying troops or she can also do your pushing!

Skeleton Army: Use them against Giants, Hog Riders, Prince, or Mini P.E.K.K.A. and they will surely have their fill! Make sure to time it right though, we don't want them to be destroyed by Arrows.

Battle Strategy:

At the start of the game wait until you've reached max Elixir. Drop your Giant at the back of your crown tower so you can gain Elixirs while he's walking slowly. At this time your opponent probably dropped down a counter, eliminate it by calling your Archers. Once your Giant is already at the middle field put your Musketeer at his back and probably you will need your Goblins or Archers for support in pushing.

Half point in the game, your opponent will probably drop a high damage troop. You can counter it by using your Fireball and leave the rest to your Archers. If your Giant got swarmed by a Skeleton Army, pull out your Arrows to bring them down. You can also use your Baby Dragon as a Tanker and always put your Musketeer at the back.

Once we are at the final, get ready for that final push! Deploy a combo of Giant + Musketeer on the other lane and if you can Baby Dragon + Archers on the other. Your opponent will be forced to pick one side and you're free to continue pushing on the other. If that move is not possible just try pushing on one lane with all your tankers and be sure to leave some Elixir to do defense on your side of the arena.


The use of elixirs efficiently is a must. Since this deck relies solely on decks from Arena 1, you might encounter cards such as Barbarians or Hog Rider that needs to be countered by a Fireball. You have to use your elixirs right and save enough to be able to counter other troops.

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It is all about being creative and doing trial and error. If this deck is working out for you make it as your primary deck. If it's not, discard it and try other strategies here in our website. This deck is very proud that it can withstand every Arena and every opponent. Try it out. It might work for you too. Let me know about your journey in the comment section.


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