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TMD YaoYao Dark Mortar Deck for Challenges and Tournaments
Three of the newly buffed cards are in this TMD YaoYao's deck that has 2 win conditions. Get ready to win CCGS with this one!
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on August 16, 2017.
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Overview and Strength:

With the recent August Balance Changes, we are now looking at the less used cards such as the Mortar and the Dark Prince. TMD YaoYao created a deck with them that has two win conditions. It can either go with the Mortar's pummeling shots or with the Baby Dragon + Dark Prince. The choice is yours.

The strength of this deck relies on its ability to counter and then go for a great counter push. The Mortar is your primary win condition card that can greatly chip tower HP. The Baby Dragon + Dark Prince is there to counter and go for a great counter push towards your opponent's tower.

TMD YaoYao Dark Mortar Deck:

Baby Dragon Bats Dark Prince ElectroWizard
baby_dragon.png bats.png dark_prince.png ElectroWizardCard.png
Ice Spirit Mortar Rocket The Log
IceSpirit.png mortar.png rocket.png TheLog.png

Card Roles:

  • Baby Dragon - He will guard your Mortar against swarm units both from air and ground. He can also act as your tanker for your Dark Prince.
  • Bats - They are cheap and useful to defend your Mortar.
  • Dark Prince - A four elixir card that you can use against tanks and ground swarms. You can also use him to charge towards the opponent's tower with the Baby Dragon as a tank.
  • ElectroWizard - With Inferno Dragons roaming around the arena, the Electro Wizard will take care of him.
  • Ice Spirit - Freezes the opponent and useful to cycle cards.
  • Mortar - Main win condition. You can also use it defensively by placing it in the middle of your base.
  • Rocket - Use this spell card to ram against your opponent's siege card like the X-Bow or Mortar.
  • The Log - Pushes back opponents and can also be used as a cycle card.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

TMD YaoYao uses this deck offensively. You drop your Mortar at your chosen lane and defend it with the Ice Spirit first and then The Log to push them back. Use the Bats together with the Baby Dragon to finish them off. You can have your Dark Prince if you want to make a push too.


Start offensive by planting your Mortar at your desired lane. It will chip damage to the opponent's tower and get ready to defend it. Just like in Ideal Strategy part of this article, use your Ice Spirit to freeze troops and cycle your cards. Push them back with The Log and you can go with your Baby Dragon and/or Bats. You can also have your Baby Dragon + Dark Prince for a stronger counter-push.


If the opponent tries to push in the other lane, you have your Electro Wizard and other support cards to finish them off. Counter with your Dark Prince + Baby Dragon and it may eventually go to a counter push.

If the opponent has an Elixir Collector, stop them in their tracks by using your Rocket. Never give them an Elixir advantage. You can also use your Rocket to break down their siege buildings.


The Rocket is this deck's weakness. It can stop your Mortar in slowly chipping their tower HP. If the opponent has Rocket, you can play defensively by dropping your Mortar in the middle and pummel them with your Baby Dragon + Dark Prince. Once they've used their Rocket, place down your Mortar again on the correct spot.


Watch TMD YaoYao in his games while listening to CWA. He will be giving tips in the Crown Championship 20 Win Challenge while TMD YaoYao shares the gameplay of this deck.

Final Overview:

This deck is great as you don't rely solely on the Mortar to do chip damage to the opponent's tower. You also have the Baby Dragon along with the Dark Prince and eventually the Electro Wizard to finish off the game in your favor.

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Last modified: 17, 08, 2017

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