The Goblin Barrel has been used for the most part as a surprise sneak attack, here we will see just how powerful this deck can be.


The Clash Royale's Goblin Barrel is a card that is used to get passed enemy troops to take down the tower or huts with minor effort. On impact, it will deal minor damage. However, the real damage comes from the three goblins that pop out. The goblins attack fast. Due to their low HP, they can be taken out almost immediately by any enemy troop, but not without severely damaging the tower.


The strength of the Goblin Barrel comes from its surprise attack and fast damage per second. Most of the time, players will launch their barrel when they know the enemy has no elixir or has just used a good counter for it. This will maximize the damage dealt by the goblins because they have to wait for their elixirs to replenish or cycle through their deck to get the card they want. It can also serve as a distraction. If the enemy tower is attacking your main attacker, launch the barrel to distract the tower. In this way, your main attacker can deal as much damage as possible.

Goblin Barrel Surprise Attack:

Prince Spear Goblins Barbarians Goblin Hut
prince.png spear_goblins.png barbarians.png goblin_hut.png
Arrows Goblin Barrel Skeleton Army Witch
arrows.png goblin_barrel.png skeleton_army.png witch.png

Card Roles:

Prince - The Prince is one of the main attackers of the deck. Use it when you see your enemy has used all of their elixirs or cards to counter the Prince.

Spear Goblins - Good to counter aerial troops such as the Ballon or Baby Dragon.

Barbarians - Great at defense and offense. It can counter almost any ground troops.

Goblin Hut - Great for chipping damage to the enemy tower. It is also great for pushing and adding pressure to the enemy.

Arrows - Save the Arrows to counter enemy hordes such as Minions or even enemy's Goblin Barrel.

Goblin Barrel -  the 2nd main attacker of this deck. After you have countered the wave of enemy troops, it is time to launch this baby.

Skeleton Army - Great defense against Hog Rider, Prince, or any high HP troops.

Witch - To provide good area damage, or if you have Baby Dragon, even better.

Deck Strengths:

This Deck requires patience. Almost all of the cards in the deck are used to counter enemy troops. As soon as you stop the opponent's wave of enemies, it is time to launch your counter-attack, with the Prince and the Goblin Barrel.

Goblin Barrel Surprise Attack Strategy:

At the start of the battle, if have your Goblin Hut place it to start a push for the enemy tower. Wait for your opponent to make the next move. If no reaction comes from your opponent, try to lure him to use his cards to see what he has. Send out a small wave to troops. Try it with just the Spear Goblins with the Witch. Keep your Arrows ready just in case he send out his Skeleton Army or Minion Horde. and wait for his reaction. Try to counter everything that your opponent throws at you. Wait until he has used all of their elixirs or has used the card that counters your Goblin Barrel of Prince.

If a high HP troop comes out use your Skeleton Army or Barbarians. If aerial enemies come out, use your Arrows or Spear Goblins. If a wave of enemies comes at you use your Barbarians with Witch or Baby Dragon to do some area damage. As soon as the enemy has used all their elixir, counter with the Goblin Barrel or Prince.

By the 1st minute of battle, you should know what cards the enemy has. Always keep your Goblin Hut on the ground to provide a little extra support. Then you can start your attack. Make sure you have at least the Arrows ready to counter any hoard that will block your push. a good combo to drop is the Prince with the Barbarians or the Witch with the Skeleton Army around her. Use any of the combination on one side. If you see they invested a lot of elixirs to defend 1 side, use the other combo on the other side of the arena. Do all of this while using your Goblin Barrel to cause extra damage to the towers.

At the 2x elixir point you should have 1 tower down. Focus more on defending now and launch the Goblin Barrel when you have the chance to try to destroy the second arena tower. Once the second arena tower is down, your can split the Prince Barbs and the Witch Skeleton combo on opposite sides of the crown tower. This will make it difficult for your opponent to defend.

Deck Weakness:

A real weakness to this deck is an area damage heavy deck or a spell-heavy deck, as either can counter almost all your monsters. The key of the deck is to have the Goblin Barrel or Prince do all the damage after all the counters or elixirs have been spent. But if the enemy has many spell cards, there is not going to be an opening for you to launch the Goblin Barrel.

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What did you think of this Surprise Attack Goblin Barrel deck? It is a deck that definitely requires patience. Not for the agro players. Thanks to Baako for creating this deck. Please leave a comment below and keep on gaming!


  • This strategy is awesome! I used it for the past 5 battles and haven’t lost a single one! -- 17:53, 5 May 2018 (UTC)
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