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Countering a specific Clash Royale Card card possessing a little knowledge is indeed helpful, but how about we introduce 'more' tips to counter those pesky troops, Chief? Here are the articles our fellow curators created to help each and one of us in handling these situations confidently. Alas!


Training Camp:

2016-08-17-16-40-33-Training_Camp.png 2016-08-17-16-39-37-trainingcamp.png
How to Counter The Knight How To Counter The Giant How to counter the Bomber How to counter the Musketeer
knight.png giant.png bomber.png musketeer.png
How To Counter the Mini Pekka How To Counter The Baby Dragon How to Counter the Prince How to Counter the Witch
mini_PEKKA.png baby_dragon.png prince.png witch.png
How To Counter The Skeleton Army How to Counter Arrows How to Counter Fireball How to Counter Archers
skeleton_army.png arrows.png fireball.png archers.png

Arena 1 Goblin Stadium:

2016-08-17-17-04-10-Goblin_Stadium.png 2016-08-17-17-03-42-goblinstadium.png
How to counter the Goblins How to counter the Goblin Barrel How to counter Goblin Hut How to counter the Spear Goblins
goblins.png goblin_barrel.png goblin_hut.png spear_goblins.png
How to Counter the Valkyrie How to Counter Lightning
valkyrie.png lightning.png

Arena 2 Bone Pit:

2016-07-22-07-57-10-Bone_Pit.png 2016-08-01-11-53-27-Bonepit.jpg
How To Counter The Giant Skeleton How to counter the Skeletons How to Counter Minions How to Counter the Balloon
giant_skeleton.png skeletons.png minions.png balloon.png
How To Counter The Bomb Tower How to Counter Tombstone
bomb_tower.png tombstone.png

Arena 3 Barbarian Bowl:

2016-05-12-01-25-21-Clash_Royale_Arena_3.png 2016-08-01-12-01-10-barbarianbowl.jpg
How To Counter The Barbarians How To Counter the Rocket How to counter the Cannon How to Counter Barbarian Hut
barbarians.png rocket.png cannon.png barbarian_hut.png
How to Counter Rage How To Counter the X-Bow
rage.png x-bow.png

Arena 4 P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse:

2016-05-12-01-25-23-clash_royale_arena_4.png 2016-08-01-13-06-35-playhouse.jpg
How to counter P.E.K.K.A How To Counter The Hog Rider How To Counter the Minion Horde How To Counter The Lava Hound
PEKKA.png hog_rider.png minion_horde.png lava_hound.png
How To Counter The Tesla How to counter the Inferno Tower How to Counter Freeze How to Counter the Inferno Dragon
tesla.png inferno_tower.png freeze.png 2016-10-03-08-26-36-2016-09-22-06-20-29-inferno-dragon.png

Arena 5 Spell Valley:

2016-05-12-01-25-20-Clash_Royale_Arena_5.png 2016-08-01-13-15-24-spellvalley.jpg
How to counter the Fire Spirits How to counter the Furnace How To Counter the Wizard How to counter the Ice Wizard
fire_spirits.png furnace.png wizard.png ice_wizard.png
How to Counter the Mirror How to Counter Poison How to Counter Zap How To Counter The Graveyard
mirror.png poison.png zap.png graveyard-card.png

Arena 6 Builder's Workshop:

2016-05-12-01-25-20-Clash_Royale_Arena_6.png 2016-08-01-13-23-23-buildersworkshop.jpg
How To Counter The Golem How to Counter The Log How to counter Sparky How to counter the Miner
golem.png TheLog.png sparky.png miner.png
How To Counter The Mortar How to counter the Elixir Collector How to Counter 2 Sparkys How to Counter The Tornado
mortar.png elixir_collector.png 2016-06-26-10-21-26-sparkys.jpg 2016-11-11-07-50-03-size_howto-crop-crop.png
How to Counter the Battle Ram

Arena 7 Royal Arena:

2016-05-12-01-25-20-Clash_Royale_Arena_7.png 2016-08-01-13-30-43-royalarena.jpg
How to Counter the Dark Prince How to counter the Royal Giant How to Counter the 3 Musketeers How To Counter The Princess
dark_prince.png royal_giant.png three_musketeers.png princess.png
How to Counter Guards How to Counter the Double Prince Deck How to Counter P.E.K.K.A + Double Prince Deck How to Counter the Mega Minion
guards.png dark_prince.png 2016-06-26-14-36-42-pekkaprince.jpg 2016-09-19-00-47-23-mega_minion.PNG

Arena 8 Frozen Peak:

2016-07-04-08-11-47-Screen_Shot_2016-07-04_at_5.11.03_PM.png 2016-08-01-13-35-22-frozenpeak.jpg
How to Counter the Bowler How to Counter the Ice Spirit How to Counter the LumberJack How To Counter The Ice Golem
Bowler.png IceSpirit.png LumberJack.png 2016-09-20-06-43-53-Ice_Golem.PNG
How To Counter The Clone Spell

Arena 9 Jungle Arena:

How to counter the Dart Goblin



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SPEAR GOBLINS Here: GIANT SKELETON here: X-BOW here: FURNACE here: THE LOG: DARK PRINCE: BOWLER: ICE SPIRIT: LUMBERJACK: Thank you for pointing that out though, we will have this page updated. -- 15:29, 15 August 2016 (UTC)