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Splash Yard Deck for Arena 8 and Above

Beat your opponent with splashers together with the Tornado and wreck through their tower with the Graveyard + Poison combo.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on May 23, 2017.
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As there are a lot of Zap, Log, and Spawners in the arena, equip yourself with two Splash units and the Tornado to clear the way. Aside from your tanky units, you also have the Graveyard + Poison to wreck through the opponent's tower.

One of this deck's strength is its three tankers - the Bowler, Baby Dragon, and Knight. They can weather through any incoming intruders. They also move slow, which is good on your part as you need 9 elixirs to plant your Graveyard + Poison combo.

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Splash Yard Deck:

Baby Dragon Bowler Electro Wizard Graveyard
baby_dragon.png Bowler.png ElectroWizardCard.png graveyard-card.png
Knight Poison Spell Skeletons Tornado
knight.png poison.png skeletons.png tornado.png

Card Roles:

  • Baby Dragon - Flying tanker. It can get rid of Minion Horde and can be a great combo with the Tornado.
  • Bowler - Your AoE unit on the ground. With his push back abilities, it will be tougher for your opponent to come in your base. He is also a great counter against Goblin Gang and other low HP units.
  • Electro Wizard - Walking Zap spell. Put him at the back just in case there's an Inferno Tower, Sparky, or Inferno Dragon. You can replace him with a Mega Minion, Musketeer, or Archers.
  • Graveyard - Main tower knocker. Make sure to plant it together with the Poison spell for it to be more effective.
  • Knight - A tough 3 elixir semi-tanker. Place him whenever you need to lure units in the middle.
  • Poison Spell - The combo spell for your Graveyard. This Poison Spell will get rid of one of the most common counters of the Graveyard which is the Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang, Minions, Minion Horde.
  • Skeletons - They are cheap and effective. Use it against tower locking units such as Hog Rider, Giants, etc. You can also use them against a foe who is already locked on to a tower or a unit.
  • Tornado - Clutch card. You can use this spell to pull units away from your tower. You can also use it to activate your King Tower. Use this to align your foes, perfect for your Baby Dragon and Bowler.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to have at least one of your tankers (ie: Bowler, Baby Dragon or Knight) in the arena before you deploy your Graveyard + Poison. They will make your opponents busy while you save for 9 elixirs.

You may want to wait for your opponents initial push before you deploy anything to know which unit is the best to counter it. After countering, go ahead and push with your tanker together with your Graveyard + Poison combo.


Same as the ideal strategy. You may want to have a slow push with your tankers and countering whatever units your opponent has. After countering and your Baby Dragon and Bowler are on their way to the opponent's base, plant your Graveyard + Poison. You can also do this whenever you feel like your opponent already exhausted their elixir.


For aerial defense use the Baby Dragon, for ground use the Bowler. You may want to use the Tornado to bring all the foes in a clump making it easier for your splashers. You can also use the Poison spell against the opponent's Graveyard.

Additional Tip:

As the Electro Wizard has a below average HP, you can replace him with Mega Minion or Musketeer. Use them as an additional support for your heavy tanker push.


After testing this deck, it is weak against spells. Make sure not to put your tankers in one lane or in a clump. This is an easy Fireball or Rocket target. They can also pull a Tornado spell and get rid of your heavy elixir push. Make sure your tankers have enough space in between.

I've also faced Inferno Dragon using this deck. I used the Skeletons to distract it and the Electro Wizard to finish it off.

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Check out how ClashwithShane discuss the best 3 Graveyard decks in the current meta on this video.


Upon using this deck during live battles, this deck is for players who are into slow pushes. You want to wait until your opponent makes the first move and wait some more to build enough elixirs for your Graveyard + Poison push. If you're into fast cycle decks with the Hog Rider or Miner, better leave this deck out and check our other decks.

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Last modified: 11, 09, 2017

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