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Splash PEKKA Graveyard Synergy For Arena 10

Loving the PEKKA in this current meta? Here's another deck you can use showcasing the power of the AoE cards starting in the Hog Mountain.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on July 26,2017.
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Overview & Strength:

This deadly PEKKA-based deck can leave your enemy speechless once you completed the ideal mash-up during offense. It can also deal great during defense and can turn a losing game into a winning one.

This set of cards is strong against Swarm, Slow-Push and Xbow Decks.

Splash PEKKA Graveyard Synergy For Arena 10:

P.E.K.K.A Electro Wizard Executioner Baby Dragon
PEKKA.png ElectroWizardCard.png executioner.png baby_dragon.png
Graveyard Tornado Poison The Log
graveyard-card.png tornado.png poison.png TheLog.png

Card Roles:

  • P.E.K.K.A - Main Tower Knocker. Deploy the PEKKA with the supporting units such as the Ewiz, Executioner and/or the Baby Dragon.
  • Electro Wizard - Support and Stopper. Place down the Electro Wizard in halting the attack of counter units during offense and defense.
  • Executioner - Splash Support 1. Will take charge in annihilating swarm units like the Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, and the Goblin Gang. Can deal a massive amount of damage against the enemy's range units as well.
  • Baby Dragon - Splash Support 2. Same role as the Executioner but can serve as a mini-tank support against the opponent's cards.
  • Graveyard - Swarm Smashers. The Skeletons from this card will give additional pressure against the enemy's towers. Cast this spell once you have your team (Baby Dragon/Executioner/Electro Wizard, PEKKA) ready.
  • Tornado - Dragger to Death. Cast the Tornado to gather all the enemy's troops in a single position and let your Executioner/Baby Dragon pulverized them completely.
  • Poison - Stinky Swiper. Cast the Poison above the Graveyard to defeat cheap low HP counters quick. You can also use this against the enemy's incoming units.
  • The Log - Cheap Cleaner. Cast the Log in defeating swarmers such as the Goblin Gang/Barrel and the Skeleton Army. You can also pick this card in pushing bulky units to help your tower/supporting units to take it down further.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to have your PEKKA with the splashers/support altogether in a single push. After having the PEKKA rolling, you need to have the Baby Dragon behind and the Executioner in the opposite side. Prepare spells to counter the enemy's answers and let the squad take down a targeted tower. This is highly attainable once the double elixir starts.

Also, it is best to play this deck on a defensive strategy first. From there, you can create a strong counter strategy through using the troops you deployed early.


During offense, the best team in this phase is with the PEKKA. In some situations, it will be hard for you to have it available. For a bit cheaper attacks/counter-push, you can have the Electro Wizard with the Executioner or with the Baby Dragon. Their DPS is enough to take down counters that you might face during offense. If feeling confident, you can also throw a Baby Dragon/Executioner with the Graveyard.

In using the PEKKA, you must place it behind the King Tower. This will help you gain your needed elixir to fully support later on.


For defense, you can have the PEKKA ready in taking down tanks such as the Golem, Giant or the Royal Giant. In some scenarios, it is also best to deploy this unit in dealing with the Elite Barbarians.

In taking down swarms, you can use either the Baby Dragon or the Executioner. But in different situations, you must wisely pick between the two. If you are dealing with the Barbarians, it is best to drop the Executioner. Aside from his damage, he can somehow distract these units to directly go into your tower.

Deploy the Electro Wizard in dealing with the Valkyrie, Splashers or swarm units (Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang). All your spells are also great counters in different units. Depending on the availability and volume of enemies, pick your counter card wisely. It is also best to have the Tornado and the Executioner available during defense. It can do wonders and can stop a strong push almost all the time.

Additional Tip:

Use the deck slowly in the first two minutes by playing safe. Let your enemy initiate the battle and counter them accordingly. You can formulate a good team to wreck them after these situations.


The deck might find difficulty in dealing with Bait and Hog Rider decks in the early parts of the game. Given that the deck's elixir cost is a bit high, countering them in time will be a bit hard. If you lose a tower early, do not give up yet. You can make an epic comeback in the last minute of the battle. But you need to make sure that you will defend precisely to not lose your momentum completely. Just pick the right cards you will need to slow down these kinds of cards during the game.


Special thanks to Trymacs for sharing this deck!


The deck is a nice set of cards in my honest opinion. It all depends on the user on how they will handle such deck. Yes, this type is a bit costly and is hard to penetrate if you are not used to it. We advise that you start to try and play Slow-Push decks like this as early as now. Also, you need to be patient and a bit critical in thinking of ways on how to use the deck to its extent.

Good luck!

Last modified: 1, 08, 2017

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