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Splash Cart Giant For Arena 10
Wreck your enemy by your splash hits together with the awesome Cannon Cart. Make this Slow-Push deck famous starting in the Hog Mountain Arena.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on July 30,2017.
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Overview & Strength:

Bring out the best in all these Splashers and make the Giant Cannon Cart synergy wreck those towers. Check and learn how to play this deck in this featured article.

This set of cards is strong against Swarm/Bait, Slow-Push, and Hog Rider Decks.

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Splash Cart Giant For Arena 10:

Giant Cannon Cart Executioner Baby Dragon
giant.png cannon_cart.png executioner.png baby_dragon.png
Minions Goblin Gang Zap Fireball
minions.png Goblin_Gang.png zap.png fireball.png

Card Roles:

  • Giant - Main Tower Smasher. Place the Giant in front and support it with your Cannon Cart and Splasher behind. Use Zap or your swarm units to distract a planted Inferno Tower or a flying Inferno Dragon.
  • Cannon Cart - Sniper Support. Deploy this unit behind your Crown Tower to defeat threats one by one. During offense, place it behind the Giant for a greater push.
  • Executioner - Splash and Eliminate. Let the Executioner wipes out a horde of units in your way. Best in both offensive and defensive plays.
  • Baby Dragon - Additional Air & Ground Support. Its role is the same with the Executioner but can be a semi-tank unit against towers or some particular units.
  • Minions - Flying Raiders. Use the Minion in defeating ground units such as the Battle Ram, Musketeer, or the Cannon Cart. Great support for your towers and units.
  • Goblin Gang - Chip-in Swarmers. You can use the Goblin Gang to chip-in some attacks against the enemy's tower. Also, can serve as a distraction to deadly threats such as the PEKKA, Elite Barbarians or the Prince.
  • Zap - Flash Swiper. Cast the Zap to defeat swarm units like the Skeleton Army or the Goblin Barrel. It can also help your Giant prolong his ability if you cast it on top of an Inferno Tower/Dragon.
  • Fireball - Massive Damage. Cast the Fireball to kill/weaken troops/tower(s). Can be used in both offense and defense.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to have the Giant, Cannon Cart, the Executioner/Baby Dragon in a single push. The supporting units abilities are likely enough to take down any counters and reach their targeted tower. You will need to prepare the Zap to shorten the time frame in defeating distractions. Cycle and repeat this kind of mash-up to maintain pressure up until the last minute of the battle.


In offense, it is better to stick with our shared ideal strategy. It is a little bit costly, but it is all worth it. This squad is attainable after a counter-push. In other words, after defending your towers. This combo is also reachable once the last minute of the game begins.

For some other offensive plays, you can have the Baby Dragon and the Cannon Cart. You can also have the Goblin Gang and the Cannon Cart together for good pressure and distraction.


In this part, you can have the Baby Dragon or the Executioner in-charge of defeating threats mainly. Try using them one at a time. This will help your other units be supported later on. Use the Minions in dealing with ground units. Usually, they cannot be killed by a single Zap so having them on board is such a big help. Deploy the Goblin Gang to distract troops like the Elite Barbarians or the Mini PEKKA. If available, place down the Cannon Cart to further help you defend. Place it on the opposite side of your dropped units to avoid early attacks from the opponent's units. Use the Fireball against the Three Musketeers or other huge danger to your towers. Zap cheap units such as the Goblin Barrel or the Skeleton Army.

Additional Tip:

Try to team-up the Giant, Cannon Cart, the Executioner and the Baby Dragon in a single moment. This is best if you are targeting the remaining Crown Tower of the enemy. Let the enemy cast his deadly team and counter it with the Cannon Cart and the Executioner. From there, you can have the Giant and Baby Dragon ready for an all-out counter attack.


The weakness of this deck is against Inferno Tower and Tornado Decks. In dealing with the Inferno Dragon, you can deploy the Minions or the Goblin Gang in front of your Giant. These distractions will help your range units attack it. If canceled by a spell or by units, try it again in the second wave. Make sure to predict and count what available cards are within the opponent's cycle.

If always being dragged away by the Tornado, make sure to have your Executioner and/or Baby Dragon behind the Giant. Through this, you can somehow protect your Giant from swarm counters either air or ground.


Special thanks to Daboss - Gaming for sharing this Cannon Cart deck!


This deck is a clever set of cards but can be difficult to play in the first two minutes. If your enemy wrecks your tower early, do not lose hope. You can still get a tower later on once the enemy tries to pressure you on an all-out attack. If they did this, you can counter them with the Tornado and the Executioner and all other sorts of strategies you can formulate.

Wisely think and make an epic comeback. Good luck!

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Last modified: 1, 08, 2017

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