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Clash Royale Skeleton Barrel

Get to know more about these Flying Skellies who love having fun both on air and on the ground here.
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Type Common
Stats at Level 1 HP (300), Skeleton Level (1)
Technical Details Skeleton Count (8), Deploy Time (1 sec), Targets (Buildings), Speed (Medium)
Other Details It's like a Skeleton Party in the sky, until all balloons pop... then it's a Skeleton party on the ground!

Skeleton Barrel Overview:

The Skeleton Barrel is a common card that costs 3 elixirs to deploy. It is unlockable in Arena 6 - Builder's Workshop. The card works like the Battle Ram and its Barbarians. It targets buildings initially and then pops into 8 Skeletons. Its flying speed is similar to the Balloon with an HP comparable to the Ice Wizard.

Min and Max Stats:

Skeleton Barrel
Card Level Lvl 1 Lvl 9 (Tourney Level) Lvl 13
HP 300 636 927
Skeleton Level 1 9 13

Skeleton Barrel on Offense:

The Skeleton Barrel is your cheap alternative to the Balloon. Although it doesn't give the same punching power (tourney standards: Balloon = 798 DMG with 266 DPS, Skeleton Barrel = total of 536 DMG from all 8 Skellies), it flies as fast as the Balloon. As long as there is a tanker, like a Miner or Hog Rider, the Skele Barrel can do well on offense. It is popular with Spell Bait Decks, Hog Rider, Miner, and even beatdown.

Skeleton Barrel on Defense:

The Skeleton Barrel is highly useful on defense. It can cripple the Inferno Tower and other defense buildings guarding the opponent's base. They can also bait out the enemy's spells which is perfect for Spell Bait Decks. X-Bows and Mortars, especially Mortar will instantly crumble from the might of the 8 skellies.

How to counter the Skeleton Barrel:

New Decks from Clash Royalepedia:

Skeleton Barrel Lava Deck for Arena 8 and Tournaments 2.9 Skeleton Barrel Miner Control Deck for Arena 8 and Above Skelly Barrel Spark-Nado Beatdown for Arena 9 and Above
A Lava Hound deck followed by the Skeleton Barrel and tanked by a Miner to give you a three crown victory!
Make a quick and easy Miner push with Bats or the Skeleton Barrel.
Cheaper than the Balloon and effective in taking down an Inferno Tower, Skelly Barrel joins the Sparky fun!
Skeleton Barrel Lava Deck for Arena 8 and Tournaments 2.9 Skeleton Barrel Miner Control Deck for Arena 8 and Above Skelly Barrel Spark-Nado Beatdown for Arena 9 and Above
Go for an unstoppable Lava Hound push!
Fast and easy cycle to punish again and again.
Still loving the Sparky? We added the Skelly Barrel for an added spell bait!

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The Skeleton Barrel is a great addition to the Zap Bait / Log Bait decks. It can also add quite a boost to beat down decks as it can target the usual buildings that can pull them away.

Last modified: 3,11,2017

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