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Clash Royale Skeleton Barrel

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Type Common
Stats at Level 1 HP (300), Skeleton Level (1)
Technical Details Skeleton Count (8), Deploy Time (1 sec), Targets (Buildings), Speed (Medium)
Other Details It's like a Skeleton Party in the sky, until all balloons pop... then it's a Skeleton party on the ground!

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Skeleton Barrel Overview:

The Skeleton Barrel is a common card that costs 3 elixirs to deploy. It is not yet announced as to where this card can be unlocked. Its gameplay is like the Battle Ram that initially targets buildings and then pops Skeletons. Its speed is like a Balloon and the HP similar to that of the Ice Wizard.

Min and Max Stats:

Skeleton Barrel
Card Level Lvl 1 Lvl 9 (Tourney Level) Lvl 13
HP 300 636 927
Skeleton Level 1 9 13

Skeleton Barrel on Offense:

The Skeleton Barrel should work wonders as a support. It can help you get rid of the Inferno Tower for just 3 elixirs. As a cheap common card, we might see this unit together with Hog Cycle Decks and Zap Bait decks.

Skeleton Barrel on Defense:

Players can use the Skeleton Barrel on defense as a distraction. It can distract ranged units and then scatter a group of Skellies on the ground.

How to counter the Skeleton Barrel:

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The Skeleton Barrel is a great addition to the Zap Bait / Log Bait decks. It can also add quite a boost to beat down decks as it can target the usual buildings that can pull them away.

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