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Still looking for an effective Hound Miner deck after the November 30 update? Then this featured strategy is the deck you are looking for.


Getting tired of looking for an effective deck with your Miner and Lava Hound? Check this featured strategy showcasing some tweaks to be effective in today’s meta.


Same with the other Lava Hound decks around, this deck strongly relies on the Hound and Miner combo. But not only that, units such as the Musketeer and Skeleton Army can serve as a distraction during a rampage. This can result in a more effective push in the future. You can defend fairly on both ground and air with this set of cards, too.

Skarmy Hound Miner Deck Arena 7 Above:

Lava Hound Miner Minions Musketeer
lava_hound.png miner.png minions.png musketeer.png
Mega Minion Fireball Baby Dragon Skeleton Army
2016-11-01-08-15-19-MegaMinionCard.png fireball.png baby_dragon.png skeleton_army.png

Card Roles:

  • Lava Hound: Your main unit in this deck. Use this legendary card to provide pressure and great damage against a tower. Supporting the Lava Hound is a must. Depending on your enemy’s deck, act and strategize wisely.
  • Miner: The Miner can help your Lava Pups bring down a targeted tower. Make a great timing in deploying this unit to extend your units’ ability. Can also be used against the Princess and other range troops accordingly. Best deal against Elixir Collectors. Be cautious for it can activate the enemy’s King Tower if the Tornado Spell is on your enemy’s deck.
  • Minions: Will help your towers in defending. Minions can serve as the Hound or Musketeer’s support in some situations. This aerial beasts can destroy a tower if left ignored. Best used against ground units.
  • Musketeer: One of your deadliest unit in this deck. With its critical blows, any targets will be down in a matter of seconds. Place this unit behind your main troops to extend its ability. Can be used against incoming tanks (air or ground) effectively.
  • Mega Minion: This flying unit will help you weaken counter units on both air and ground. They can also deal with range units fairly. Make sure to place it behind your main unit to further support your push. Making a team with the Baby Dragon and Lava Hound is recommended. Make sure to deploy this aerial unit before the Lava Hound released the Lava Pups.
  • Fireball: Instead of the expensive Lightning, this spell can help you annihilate counter units accordingly. With that said, the Fireball can also send out big damage towards towers. This can help you win in the last seconds of the game if you are lucky enough.
  • Baby Dragon: Its splash damage is important in both offensive and defensive strategies. This unit can be handy in defeating counter units. Same with the Musketeer, this unit can fairly damage towers if ignored.
  • Skeleton Army: Larry’s group can help you wreck a tower successfully. Your enemy will likely be alarmed once you deploy this unit. Use this before the Lava Pups make an entry in the arena. Skarmy is also an effective card against tanks.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Wait for your elixir to reach 10 before dropping the Lava Hound behind the King Tower. Before it reaches the river, deploy the Baby Dragon behind it. Wait for the enemy’s answer before dropping the next unit. If an Inferno Tower is not seen, drop the Mega Minion behind these two flying unit. This team is hard to counter making it an effective way to wreck a tower. Wait for the enemy to drop a range unit behind before letting go your Miner. This will halt the enemy’s counter if you successfully stop their units. It is important to have your Baby Dragon and Mega Minion together to annihilate horde of troops like the (Barbarians or Minion Horde) swiftly. Before the Lava Hound explodes, these two flying units will be in charge for further damage against the enemy’s tower. Repeat the combo and take precautionary measure all throughout the battle.

Use the Minions and Skeleton Army mainly in defending your tower. Kill the Princess or Valkyrie using the Minions. This 3-elixir card can also kill the Hog Rider or chip-in damage against tank units. Skeleton Army, on the other side is optional. They can be killed by the Zap making your move a waste. 

If you don’t have the Lava Hound in the first draw of cards, let your enemy create their initial push. Deploy units or cast spells as you wait for your Hound to be available.

If dealing against an Inferno Dragon or Inferno Tower, use the Skeleton Army to distract these cards. Your enemy will be forced to use spells making their towers less secured. Release the Miner for extra support if needed. Deploy the Musketeer to defend as you build a team with it for greater pressure. This can be done in the opposite lane if possible.

After destroying the first tower, continue to execute the initial strategy above. This is to maintain the pressure on the enemy’s second tower. By doing this, you can produce two Lava Hounds in a single push in the last minute of the game.


The deck might be in trouble against aggressive type of decks. It is important to defend first before focusing on wrecking your enemy’s tower. Due to this, making an effective team will be difficult. If having a hard time to push with the Hound, try making a pressure with your other units. This will help you to make a draw game if possible. It is also substantial if you study the enemy’s cards and strategy. By knowing their elixir count and available cards, making an offensive or defensive strategy will then be easier.

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This deck might be a helpful deck in terms of pushing your trophies. However, a minute might not be enough if your battle goes on overtime. We also recommend for you to use this deck in various tournaments/challenges in game.

Are you a Lava Hound fan? Share us your current deck after the November 30 update below!

Special thanks to Teylor Clash for this deck.

Article written by Forrest

Last modified: 6, 01, 2017


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