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Oh, Mother of God… Why?


A news was posted made by Supercell saying that there will be changes in terms of legend trophies starting this season, August 29.

What are Legend Trophies?


Legend trophies are excess trophies you get when you reach Arena 9. Since the beginning, trophies that players earn over 3,000 were converted to this said kind. Once converted, it will turn into legend trophies that can be seen in a player's profile.

But now, after the big update last week, a new update was rolled out. The 3,000 trophy cap is now moved to 4,000.

Legend Trophies from 3,000 to 4,000:

Supercell stated that they need to move the number of the legend trophies for a good reason. This is to help players, probably F2P the most, to have a smooth progress to access the Legendary Arena.

It’s been a dream for players of Clash Royale to reach the highest arena in the game. And a lot of clashers, up until now, is pursuing this dream that’s really hard to attain.

Supercell also said that this is the best way to filter players who are really strong. We often view them as a hindrance to keep the number of normal players in reaching arena 9. By doing this, clashers who try to climb for a position in Legendary Arena will be trimmed. Making it a bit easier to access for a hard-working player.

Last August 15, they also rolled out an update with regards to the trophy system. This new system gave a higher chance to players who’s trophies are around 0-1000. In this range, players will have more trophies when winning than the loser’s lost.


I believe that this update will force the players to move on their track once again. Making the game fairer than before will help them regain their losses. A smart move of Supercell, indeed.

To check the full article, you can click it here.

Images used are from clashofclans7 and ShadowPlaysRoyale

Article written by Forrest.

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Last modified: 6, 01, 2017


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