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This Royal Giant Deck Grabbed the Champion’s Spotlight in ESWC 2016.


This Royal Giant Deck brought home the bacon from the latest ESCW which happened this October 2016. Ming, the finalist, proved that the current meta will not dictate who’s the boss these days. Showcasing the supporting power of the Log and the Mega Minion, learn how he used his cards well in the past tournament.


The power of the deck relies on the bulky HP of the RG with the right supporting cards. Both offensive and defensive plays can be executed fairly in each situation; making the deck versatile. Slow and Counter pushes are your keys to fully control and wreck your enemy.

Royal Giant ESWC Champion Deck for Arena 8 Above:

Mega Minion Royal Giant Guards Archers
2016-11-01-08-15-19-MegaMinionCard.png royal_giant.png guards.png archers.png
The Log Furnace Lightning Ice Spirit
TheLog.png furnace.png lightning.png IceSpirit.png

Card Roles:

  • Royal Giant: The RG might be nerfed, but its HP and damage are still lit. This is your main defensive and offensive unit. Prepare a bunch of good support to reach his target effectively.
  • Mega Minion: A better version of the Minions. Use for a nice support against air and ground units. Can help your Royal Giant every time. Use it wisely.
  • Guards: Use it mainly for defense. The Guards will soak all the incoming damage from units/towers. Utilize this unit against the Hog Rider, Mini PEKKA, etc.
  • Archers: The Archers are the best units in critical times. This pair holds a great amount of damage that can attack air and ground units. You can also use this to cycle the cards you need for a stronger push. Can be used for offense and defense.
  • The Log: One of the best units today. Handy against almost all decks except aerial units. Use this card to kill low HP troops and push tanks backward. This will weaken the enemy's party and will make your counter move easier.
  • Furnace: This building card will help you get rid pesky units early to stop your Royal Giant. Invest to provide further pressure. You can also use this as a defensive unit if times are tough.
  • Lightning: Prepare and cast this spell once your enemy formed its team to counter your move. Best used in offense to drastically weaken the enemy’s counter.
  • Ice Spirit: The Ice Spirit is a great card to buy time if in a bad situation. Use this card to reset the Inferno Dragon, Sparky and the like to counter it fully. You can also use this for Minions/Minion Horde. Support it further with the Archers.

Clash Royale Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this Clash Royale deck is to get the Furnace early in the game. You can use this as a base structure to make a stronger push. You can let your enemy make the first move as you prepare your units for a counter push strategy. You may counter any incoming threats(ground) by using the Guards; while on aerial units use the Archers or Mega Minion. After defending, you may now put your Royal Giant on the arena depending on your available support. Less support means a lesser chance of effective push. If this happens, wait for your elixir to max and start the mashup. If you did not get the Furnace in the first shuffle, make a slow push with the Archers to cycle your cards. This will also pressure your enemy to drop and make the first move. You may now start your counter strategy in this situation.

Once you collected 8-9 elixir, drop the Royal Giant behind the Crown Tower. This will help you to gain enough elixir for the best offensive move. Make sure a Furnace is still up as much as possible. Support the RG with the Mega Minion and Archers. Make a great timing in casting the Ice Spirit. It will be your trump card to make your enemy’s units helpless. The Fire Spirits from your Furnace will do the rest. Use the Log if your enemy uses the Barbarians. The Mega Minion or the Archers will then finish them off. Using the Lightning Spell might be tricky. But the recommended use is when the enemy forms 2-3 strong units or with building to counter your RG. This will extremely reduce the enemy’s chance to answer your move.

At the final minute, you can now create a massive push with the Furnace. Your goal is to build at least 2 Furnace to widely support your Royal Giant. Once established, getting a crown would be easy. Maintain the pressure after wrecking the first tower. You can drop the RG anywhere in the opponent’s lair giving you a bigger chance to win the game.


This deck might face trouble against aerial decks like the Lava Hound with the Inferno Dragon and or Miner and the like. Aside from the Spells, Archers (low HP) and Mega Minion, countering them will be hard.

Try to formulate a good combo to make a counter move against them. If your enemy plays a slow push, answer them on the opposite side. They will be forced to counter you. This will weaken their initial move completely. If faced a deck with a lot of Spells, create pressure to with your units to push them to use their trump cards.


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This deck might not be in the current meta, but mastering it is still helpful. We can still say that it is a balanced deck especially if you know how to play a slow push deck.

Practice is still what makes your skill push to its extent. Good luck, Clasher!

Article written by: Forrest

Last modified: 6, 01, 2017


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