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Supercell's update with the Royal Giant increased its popularity. Here's an effective deck showcasing its wrecking power.


Here’s a Clash Royale deck where we feature the most used tank card in higher arenas today, the Royal Giant. With the support of the Witch, Minion Horde, and other low-cost elixir troops, here’s how a clasher plays these cards evenly in his battles.


Deck Strength:

The Royal Giant's bulk HP and superb distance will let him spend some time in damaging the tower from afar. The splash damage and support of your other troops will quickly annihilate anything in front. The Elixir Collector will provide elixir advantage up until the last minute of the game.

Royal Giant + Witch Rage Deck - Arena 7 & 8:

Royal Giant Rage Minion Horde Witch
Royal Giant Rage Minion Horde Witch
Spear Goblins Goblins Zap Elixir Collector
Spear Goblins Goblins Zap Elixir Collector

Card Roles:

Royal Giant: His damage and distance are considerably high for any card. These give him the power to reach a targeted tower far away. Provide a backup to extend his life and deliver more blows.

Rage Spell: Using this spell card might be tricky, but with enough practice, you will master this in no time. Only use the spell at the right moment. Every troop within its range will gain extra speed when used.

Minion Horde: These flying monsters are deadly enough to bring down anything their sight. The horde is best used against any beefy tanks in the game. Annihilate first any splash damage troops before deploying them. Can also be used to aid in pushing.

Witch: Her splash damage + summoning skill is particularly needed in this Clash Royale deck. The Witch’s attack speed is also spectacular in shortening the time of any troops ahead.

Spear Goblins: Their versatility always helps. For only 2 elixirs, your Spear Goblins can deal a fair amount of damage on any air or ground units.

Goblins: They may not be able to attack air units, but their damage and speed are one of a kind. Place them behind any of your good troops in offense. While defending, they can easily kill any solo troop within their sight.

Zap: This can be used for both defense and offense. This spell card provides a nice trade and damage against any low HP troops. Its stun effect allows for your troop to have an extra second to attack.

Elixir Collector: This will be the main card to help you cycle your cards faster. Aside from its extra elixir gift, it can also be used as a defensive structure in times of need. Place it depending on your liking.

Battle Strategy:

In the first minute of the game, drop your Elixir Collector and prepare for defensive immediately. While defending, use your Witch against a horde of troops. She can deal with any air/ground troops once they all crossed the river. Drop her beside your crown tower for full support. If needed, drop your Goblins if no threat (e.g Wizard or Bomber) is on sight. In dealing with any tanks, use your Minion Horde for faster knock down.

Once you defended your side, drop your second Elixir Collector for faster cycling of cards. This building card will also provide an elixir advantage throughout. Now, you can switch to offense. Drop your Royal Giant near your King’s Tower and wait for your elixir to pump up. Drop the Witch behind your tank to kill any counters. Prepare the Zap and Goblins for extra help. Control the game by always preparing the Royal Giant + Witch combo after every push attempt.

The 60-second mark is your chance to create a massive push. Let your Royal Giant roll and execute the initial steps we created in the offense phase. Keep the pressure in a single lane to surely wreck the tower to win the game. This deck can get three crowns. Once you have wrecked the first tower, do not stop pressuring the same lane to push further.

Deck Weakness:

Given that this deck is a slow-built up strategy deck, there’s a chance that one of your towers will be sacrificed early in the game. But do not worry for you will gain your momentum in the latter part of the game. You must always be ready for defense to ensure the 2-3 crowns.

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Clash Royale - Insane Royal Giant Deck and Attack Strategy with Rage Spell for Arena 7 & Arena 8

Source: Ash - Clash of Clans & Clash Royale With proper training, you can master this kind of deck in no time. Patience will be needed for this is not an aggressive deck. Make sure to upgrade your cards accordingly for better troop performance.


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  • Sparky deck -- 06:08, 16 February 2017 (UTC)
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  • Hi I want ice wizard -- 03:59, 27 November 2016 (UTC)
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  • That's a good point, you can definitely change some of the troops to your liking. :) -- 11:59, 30 August 2016 (UTC)
  • umm, yeah this deck could use better strategy. MINI PEKKA is always better for hogs cuz that can't be taken out by arrow like the minion horde and goblins and a cannon would also be a better building. -- 22:07, 29 August 2016 (UTC)
  • The deck above follows the YouTuber Ash's Gameplay. Check out the video to properly utilize it. Also, what are the levels of your cards? -- 06:34, 4 July 2016 (UTC)
  • Deck is terrible man lost 10 games in a row tied 3. -- 05:01, 4 July 2016 (UTC)
  • It doesn't suck. How about if you know he has a Hog Rider, how about you keep your Goblins or Spear Goblins on guard duty? A higher level goblins can kill the Hog Rider! Especially with the latest update, I'm quite sure there will be changes as to how the Hog is used. -- 10:36, 22 June 2016 (UTC)
  • wtf this deck sucks there is no building to redirect hogs and gets destroyed -- 01:17, 22 June 2016 (UTC)