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The Royal Giant becomes a versatile card in higher arenas surprisingly! After the Witch Rage combo, here's another effective deck if you love the Hog Rider!


This is one of the most used duo in the higher arenas, today. The Royal Giant + Hog Rider is irresistibly cool in its own way. Here’s a great Clash Royale deck wherein you can utilize their power in its full force!


Deck Strength:

The Royal Giant’s HP is enough to tank anything from afar. Because of this, there is a huge chance for your Hog Rider to deliver additional blows to the targeted tower. The defense of this Arena  7 deck is fair enough to deal with any kind of incoming hordes. Support can be provided anytime, as well.

Royal Giant + Hog Rider Deck - Arena 7 & 8:

Royal Giant Hog Rider Witch Minion Horde
Royal Giant Hog Rider Witch Minion Horde
Goblins Cannon Fire Spirits zap
Goblins Cannon Fire Spirits zap

Card Roles:

Royal Giant: Your main tank in-game. He can provide support to deliver extra damage in any tower. Use him as well for the Hog Rider’s advantage.

Hog Rider: Make him as sneaky as possible to create pressure, thus allowing him to continuously damage a tower. Use any low-elixir cost troops as a support behind.

Witch: Her splash damage is just fit to successfully annihilate air and ground units correspondingly. Use spell cards if needed to extend her support to anyone.

Minion Horde: Their assignment is to take down any incoming beefy tanks. It can also be used as support for pushing. Be always wary of Arrows or Wizard.

Goblins: Use them as a support for your Hog Rider or Royal Giant. The Goblins can also be used to severely damage any incoming troops like the Hog Rider or Giant.

Cannon: The distractor of your deck. This will let you buy time and somehow damage any troops in its range. You must drop it at the right time to avoid tricks that your enemy might do.

Fire Spirits: These little guys are a hopping disaster. Once they reach their target, they will perform a suicide attack. They can be used for both offense or defense. Drop them at a distance for they can be killed in a single hit.

Zap: This spell is used to kill any low HP troops. You can also utilize it while pushing a tower. Zap will provide an extra smash for your Hog Rider or an extra blow for your Royal Giant.

Deck Strategy:

In the first minute of the game, drop your Goblins. Wait until the enemy answers your move. If your opponent decides to drop an Elixir Collector, use your Minion Horde to quickly diminish its HP. After this, wait for your elixir to reach its maximum level. Drop your Royal Giant behind a Crown or King Tower. If your enemy tries to push on the opposite lane, drop your Witch to immediately take those out. Prepare your Cannon to distract any incoming troops.

Repeat the cycle once you successfully wipe those troops. Drop your Royal Giant and prepare your Witch for a good support and combo. Repeat the strategy up until the second minute of the game.

Once the game reaches its final minute, the Royal Giant + Witch combo can now be deployed alongside the Hog Rider. The Royal Giant will tank everything, giving your Hog Rider and Witch a free shot against a tower. To help them further, utilize the Zap Spell. Perform the steps in the second tower if ever there is overtime.

Deck Weakness:

This kind of Clash Royale deck needs support from each other so dropping them alone will only be a waste of elixir. Playing aggressively is not a great way for this deck. Defend first and turn it to an offensive team to successfully push a tower. It is also important to balance the use of your elixir to assure a great comeback or a nice defense throughout.

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Clash Royale - Best Royal Giant Deck and Strategy with Hog Rider Combo for Arena 7 & Arena 8

Source: Ash - Clash of Clans & Clash Royale Another Royal Giant deck has been introduced and it is amazing! It might take time to master the Royal Giant. But with the help of the other cards in this deck, you can blend your gameplay harmoniously in the future.

Special thanks to Ash for this featured deck! 


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