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The Royal Giant's main priority are buildings. Unlike the Giant, however, the Royal Giant is a range unit with a Cannon to attack from afar. The Royal Giant is unlockable in Royal Arena - Arena 7.


The major advantage that the Royal Giant has is that he is more flexible than the Giant. He has high damage to towers without having to walk all the way in front of it. You can also use him to lure defending troops towards him. Pairing him with other range attackers like Princess, Wizard or Bomber is a great strategy. Placing him at the end or start of the arena bridge will make him almost immediately start attacking the tower, making a good surprise attack.


The Royal Giant's weakness is that he is weaker than the Giant in all aspects. Since he is a range attacker, he won't be defending you melee fighters like your Prince or Valkyrie. So don't use the same combo as you would use the Giant. Just like the Giant, the Royal Giant is weak against hordes, such as the Skeleton Army or Minion Horde, but with less HP the Royal Giant will be going down a lot faster.

Popular Royal Giant Decks:

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How To Counter The Royal Giant:

If there is one big problem with the Royale Giant, it is the fact that he is a range unit that can be destroyed in the middle of the field. A mob like the Skeleton Army can kill him easily so it's best to not let him go and attack alone. The Royal Giant is a card that needs support and needs to be played at the right time. If not, then it will go down quickly. So plan and strategize accordingly.


Its latest buff made him special paving his way to be popular in higher arenas. Though he can be killed by a bunch of troops, this card is strong enough to provide damage.


Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Targets Cost Count Rarity Type
1.5 sec slow 1 sec 6.5 Buildings 6 x1 Common Troop

Level Hitpoint Damage Damage per second Card Gold Experience
1 1,200 78 52 1 N/A N/A
2 1,320 85 56 2 5 4
3 1,452 94 62 4 20 5
4 1,596 103 68 10 50 6
5 1,752 113 75 20 150 10
6 1,920 124 82 50 400 25
7 2,112 132 88 100 1,000 50
8 2,316 144 96 200 2,000 100
9 2,544 159 106 400 4,000 200
10 2,796 174 116 800 8,000 400
11 3,072 199 132 2,000 20,000 800
12 3,372 219 146 5,000 50,000 1,600


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