A pushing deck that cannot be stopped once set? Is it impossible?


If you like an aggressive play-style then this deck is perfect for you. This deck prioritizes pushing, which can be hard to counter if played right. It also consists of cards that you can get from Arenas 1 and 2.

This deck is created by YT-Jonnygoinham, a Reddit user. According to him. This deck helped him push from 1800-2200 trophies and above if played correctly.


The main strength of this card is how you can easily create this deck and the power of early pushing. Once you've successfully played the right strategy, countering this deck would be difficult.

This deck also has troops that can counterplay your opponent's moves. They can take out troops that are used to counter your main troops, allowing this deck to be flexible.

Pushing Deck:

Archers Bomber Arrows Spear Goblins
Archers Bomber Arrows Spear Goblins
Musketeer Giant Prince Mini P.E.K.K.A
Musketeer Giant Prince Mini P.E.K.K.A

Card Roles:

  • Prince and Mini P.E.K.K.A - They are your main offensive card and your key troops. They will provide the most damage a troop can deal on arena towers.
  • Bomber - They are great for taking out swarm troops from a distance. They are great support troops to assist your Giant, Prince, and Mini Pekka.
  • Arrows - If you need a more powerful card to take out MOBs easily.

Deck Strategy:

With this deck, you have two choices. One, wait and counter your opponent's play. Second, start with a slow push.

If you have a Giant on your hand, drop him down behind you king tower once you have 10 Elixirs. If not, then you can drop down an Archer to make space for a much better card.

Once you get a Giant on the Arena, you can drop down Archers to support and protect him. If your opponent drops down troops to counter him your Giant then you can send in your Musketeer.

Once the Giant crosses the bridge, you can drop down the Mini Pekka or a Prince for a faster hard push. This makes it harder for your opponent to counter. If in rare cases they manage to counter your full offense, you can try split-pushing.

Once you hit the 60-second mark and receive the x2 Elixir, you can start spamming your troops. This makes it easier for you to finish the match and achieve victory.

As for defending your arena, you can use Archers, Spear Goblins, and Bombers. They can attack from a distance and they deal decent damage.

Deck Weakness:

If you use all your elixir trying to hard push yet your opponent still manages to counter, then you've just given your opponent a huge Elixir advantage and leaves your arena open to attacks.  Another counter would be the Golem and the Giant Skeleton. They have huge amounts of HP to survive your troops, and they can deal a lot of damage to your troops.

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In Closing:

This deck might not work for everybody but once you play a few games with it and create different strategies with it, you're on your way to winning crowns easily.

You should try this deck out first on the Training Camp so you can create strategies easier. If it doesn't work out for you, then there's more decks out there to try out and you can find them all here at RockU Mediacraft.


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