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2016-05-19-22-26-49-baby_drag.png The Baby Dragon can be tough to beat early in the game, but this Clash Royale deck is sure to even the playing field


The Baby Dragon is an Epic card, meaning it can be found in any chest from any arena - even free ones! If you're lucky enough to acquire one early game, it can be a substantial force to be reckoned with.

Armed with an impressive AoE attack, airborne evasion, and a large amount of health, this little lizard can tank as offense or defense.


The Baby Dragon's specialty is clearing away groups of weak troops (Goblins, Skeletons). Because of its area damage, it can fill the role of a defensive spell like Arrows or Fireball. The Baby Dragon boasts high HP. This means it can endure more punishment, and clear potentially more troops than the aforementioned spells for a fair elixir cost.

It is also important to note that the Baby Dragon does well against ground-based troops and buildings like Valkyrie, Bomb Tower, and Cannon. These guys can't target airborne attackers and are at an automatic disadvantage.

The Pushing Baby Dragon Deck for Arena 3:

Bomb Tower Goblin Hut Arrows Spear Goblins
bomb_tower.png goblin_hut.png arrows.png spear_goblins.png
Archers Knight Baby Dragon Bomber
archers.png knight.png baby_dragon.png bomber.png

Card Roles:

  • Baby Dragon (lvl 2): The core of the deck. He's going to be your main pusher/defender. You can send him solo down an empty lane, or pair him with supporting troops. Play as often as possible for best effect.
  • Knight (lvl 7): Melee tank. Put him in front of charging Princes or P.E.K.K.A. to slow their roll, He'll also act as a distraction for ground-type units while Baby Dragon blasts them from above.
  • Arrows: Use this to clear away Goblins, Skeletons, or Minions in a flash.
  • Archers (lvl 7): Defense against enemy Baby Dragons/Balloons. Also supports Baby Dragon or Knight.
  • Spear Goblins (lvl 7): Air defense. Cheap infantry units that can enrich any regiment with extra support.
  • Bomber (lvl 6): Anti-horde unit. It's a good idea to keep at least one on the field near your Baby Dragon to discourage Spear Goblins or any other nasties that would take your Baby Dragon down or distract him.
  • Bomb Tower: Defense. Because we're going to be pushing a lot of the time, you will need an extra measure of defense to keep stragglers from sneaking through the chaos. It can also serve as a distraction for Giants and Balloons.

levels are not requirements, but high levels are recommended for efficacy of the strategy.

Deck Strengths:

In choosing a Baby Dragon deck, you're relying on its air advantage over ground-based melee attackers. This is great since most of the cards unlocked at this point are limited to the ground. Even most defensive buildings cannot defend against winged beasts, so opponents who rely on Cannon or Bomb Tower will suffer for it.

This build does well against swarm decks, as Baby Dragon simply melts away the masses of Goblins or Skeletons. When supported by Bomber, it makes a fearsome front against Hutters.

This Clash Royale deck was built with elixir efficiency in mind, giving it's users more versatility when countering over opponents whose elixir use might be more costly.

Clash Royale Arena 3 Strategy:

First (0:30) seconds: Most players will wait until the elixir bar is full, but if your opponent doesn't, no worry. With the low elixir average of our deck, we can afford to counter early attempts on our towers. Baby Dragon should be your first priority, placing it by your towers to build a small army behind him with supporting troops, like Knight and Archers. Spear Goblins can be a threat to your Baby Dragon if there are too many, so playing a Bomber to clear them away makes good cover. If your enemy is rushing, plant a Bomb Tower or use Arrows that would otherwise shred a bitty dragon. At this point in the game, focus on pacing your elixir to your advantage by countering.

Mid-Game: By now, you should be in a rhythm and anticipating your opponent's moves. Continue to deploy troops alongside Baby Dragon, or take advantage of an empty lane by sending him solo. If you manage to get some significant hits on a tower early on, keep chipping away at it. By keeping a steady stream of troops going, you should be gathering a veritable force. If your opponent is playing defensively, and you're having a tough time getting through, keep cycling the cards in your hand to find another Baby Dragon to help break the ranks.

Last (0:60) Seconds: Now you can really use that low-elixir average to your advantage. Because none of our cards cost over 5 elixirs, you can deploy any of them within reasonable time. If your enemy is going for a frustrated final push, beat them back with Bombers or Bomb Tower while you send your Baby Dragon(s) in full force. Giants, Giant Skeletons and Princes that are closing in will be drawn to a Bomb Tower placed a couple of squares ahead or to the side of your Crown Tower, allowing you to put that threat down at a safe distance. When they're exhausting their elixir to get to your towers, you'll have a perfect window to attack, and hopefully, take the win.


Opponents who use Inferno Tower in Clash Royale's Arena 3 are rare, but do occur and can mean significant trouble for flying-type troops like our Baby Dragon. When you're faced with one, simply wait until it expires, or a poor placement to push for a tower.

Since Musketeer can take out a Balloon or Baby Dragon in about 4 - 5 shots, you should always be wary of decks that use them. A Knight at close-range can take her out quickly.

Valkyrie and Arrows can cause some mischief on the Ground if their levels are high enough. Always send ranged troops at a Valkyrie to avoid taking losses.

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In my opinion, Baby Dragon's ability to mesh seamlessly with almost any deck makes it the undisputed "King Of The Skies" when it comes to air-attackers. And with its multitude of combinations and uses, it's no wonder this card is so popular, even into the Arenas beyond Barbarian Bowl.

So, did this deck help you? Let us know in the comments! Until next time, keep on clashing.

Last modified: 6, 01, 2017


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