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The Princess is a low-elixir Legendary Troop (at 3 elixirs per use) that deals area damage. She is obtainable from Royal Arena - Arena 7. Boasting a superior range, its arrows can reach the Arena Towers from as far as the edge of your side of the battlefield. As the heiress of the throne, she dons a golden crown and a confident smile while aiming her shot.


With a considerable splash damage, she is exceedingly useful against Swarms with low HP such as Skeletons and Goblins. If properly supported with Tanks such as the Giant or the Prince, the Princess proves beneficial in smashing down Towers from afar. Offense-wise, she is quite versatile as she can target both ground and aerial troops. Furthermore, with a very low elixir cost, she will be a good addition to your deck if you are aiming for an elixir advantage.


Players should be extremely careful when deploying the Princess. She has very low HP and can easily be taken down by opponent troops, spells, or even buildings. As such, it is inadvisable to leave her alone in the Arena without any defensive troop around her. Also, while her long range and area damage are highly effective against buildings and towers, it is important to note that the Princess cannot attack the Tesla Tower while it is still in hiding; you will either have to deal with this enemy building by using another card or letting her perish.

Popular Princess Decks:

How To Counter The Princess:

The Princess can be eliminated in a wink of an eye by a wide variety of cards due to its low hitpoints. The most commonly used counters are the Fireball, the Goblin Barrel, and the Arrows. However, do keep in mind that maxed out Arrows cannot be used against a Level 6 Princess. Also, if you decide to use Arrows to destroy her, be wary of your opponent's next move: they might deploy Swarms or even a Mirrored Princess which will prove difficult to counter without Arrows.


To wrap it up, the Princess may be praised for its long range and effectiveness against pesky Swarms, but it is quite risky to use her due to her very low HP. Take extra caution and always make sure that she has someone to rely on when she is on the battlefield.


Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Targets Cost Count Rarity Type
3 sec Medium 1 sec 9.5 Air & Ground 3 x1 Legendary Troop

Level Hitpoint Damage Damage per second
1 216 150 50
2 237 165 55
3 261 181 60
4 287 199 66
5 315 219 73
6 346 240 80


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