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The Valkyrie is a moderate to slow moving AoE troop, but with the Prince pushing behind, she'll make it towards a tower in no time!


The Valkyrie is a great AoE troop against group units such as Barbarians. It is also great against low HP troops like Spear Gobs, Archers, and Skeleton Army. Pairing her with the Prince will let us do a massive push in no time.

We found this Valkyrie + Prince Deck by Venueum on Reddit. And since it looks like it is working, we will share it with you too.


With the Valkyrie's moderate HP and massive AoE damage, she is definitely a troop to watch out for. Combined with the Prince who can smash a building to pieces or ram a troop into oblivion, these two are such a powerhouse that can really push you towards the higher Arena! Simply put, the Valkyrie takes care of the Prince's weakness, which are swarm troops and the like. In this way, the Prince can focus on attacking the important tower instead of the low HP units surrounding him.

Prince + Valkyrie Deck:

Prince Valkyrie Arrows Tesla
prince.png valkyrie.png arrows.png tesla.png
Baby Dragon Minion Horde Hog Rider Archers
baby_dragon.png minion_horde.png hog_rider.png archers.png

Card Roles:

Archers: Your defense against aerial troops. You can use Spear Gobs as an alternative.

Arrows: This spell is made against low HP troops and of course a swarm of Skeleton Army.

Baby Dragon: On this deck this Baby Dragon can be used offensively or on defense. He can be used as a tanker or defense against flying troops such as Minion Hordes and other low HP troops.

Hog Rider: The building destroyer. Make sure the path is clear before you let him out since he can be easily countered.

Minion Horde: The best counter against ground troops since they are out of reach.

Prince: He will help push your Valkyrie towards the coveted Crown/King Tower.

Tesla: It will lure troops away from your Crown Towers while dealing enough damage to them.

Valkyrie: She will be the main pushing unit. Since she spins her ax around, anything that comes close to her will be cut down.

Battle Strategy:

Do the waiting game until you are at full elixir. For the first push, pull out your Valkyrie at the back of your Crown Tower and wait for her to reach the bridge. At this point, put down the Prince to help with the pushing - literally push her towards the Tower. If you're countered, use your Archers or better yet if you already have enough elixirs, wreak havoc with your Baby Dragon.

During the mid game, when you already have a grasp of what cards the opponent is using, plant your Tesla right in the middle of your arena - It will lure tankers and troops away from your tower and also give them damage. If you can do the second push, please do so.

At the 60-second mark, plant a new Tesla for defense and ready your Archers to do some countering for you to have all your Crown Towers intact or at least one standing. Do the same push but this time, we will now use the Hog Rider to finish it off. As usual, put the Valk at the back of your Crown Tower. Wait until she reaches the bridge. Add the Prince for the push and once you've earned 4 or more elixirs bring down the Hog Rider for the last push and a sure win!

The Minion Horde is also there for defense against high damage troops such as Prince, Barbs, Mini P.E.K.K.A., P.E.K.K.A.


The weakness of this deck would be distractions. Since the Valkyrie and especially the Prince are easily distracted by nearby troops, they can go off the track. You can prevent this from happening by having a support at the back such as Archers or the Baby Dragon to fry nearby low HP troops. You can also use the Arrow Spell to get rid of the bumps along the Prince + Valkyrie push.

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It looks like the Prince is such a crowd favorite on Arena 4. No wonder they're getting hooked. Aside from the smirk on his face, this Prince can boast of having extreme amount of damage to any troop, building, or tower a like. For this 5 Elixir card, he can really do a lot.

Is the Prince becoming your favorite card too? Let us know about it, write it on the comment section.

[Deck [A4] To the person that suggested placing a Prince behind a Valkyrie - Thank you! • /r/ClashRoyale]


I can't find the thread otherwise I would have given credit, but the strategy involves placing a valk ahead of a prince, and having the Prince...

Thanks Venueum for sharing this on Reddit! More crowns to you!


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