This deck is composed of common cards and one Prince card. You can easily create this deck to push you until Arena 7.


With rares and epic cards being really hard to upgrade due to the number of cards required plus the price, having common cards on your main deck can be convenient and cheap!

This Prince + Common cards Deck or Zerg Rush deck by Nightmarex from Reddit has pushed him until Arena 7 - Royal Arena.


Equipped with only 2.6 average elixir cost, this deck can surely do a fast ball for a three crown win! With 7 common troops and 1 epic card, upgrading your units will be easier and cheaper. You can effortlessly ask your clan mates for the cards too!

Prince + Common Cards Deck:

Prince Zap Spear Goblins Goblins
Prince Zap Spear Goblins Goblins
Bomber Arrows Skeletons Minions
Bomber Arrows Skeletons Minions

Card Roles:

Arrows & Zap: Use this to take out low HP troops blocking your Prince's path.

Bomber & Prince: Main pushing combo. The Prince will lead the way while the Bomber will blast incoming counter troops with his bomb.

Goblins & Skeletons: Can do enough damage, distraction, and destruction to an incoming enemy troop. They can also destroy Towers if left alone.

Spear Goblins & Minions: These are your anti-aerial troops to bring down Balloons and Baby Dragons.

Battle Strategy:

Even if your deck is extremely fast due to its average elixir cost of 2.6, still try to wait until you have max elixirs. Once it's at full, drop your Spear Gobs near the bridge. After that, drop the Prince then the Bomber. This will either lower down the HP of your enemy's tower or bring it down. You can also use Arrows to get rid of any troops in the way.

During mid game, just continue with the same pushing strategy, the Prince + Bomber and counter your enemy's push by using Skeletons + Minions against Prince/P.E.K.K.A. and other high HP troops. Or Bomber + Minions for Barbs.

At the last minute, since your troops cost low elixirs, bombard your opponent with a lot of them, keeping in mind the Prince + Bomber combo and you're on your way to your fast three crown victory!


Since your troops are low on HP, Zap and Arrows might be your greatest enemy here BUT since the only cost one to three elixirs you can regenerate them in a flash! The only heavy troop here is the Prince. You can mob your opponent's arena with these cheap little units and buzz them with Zap for the win.

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Proof: Deck: **AVERAGE ELIXIR COST: 2.6** (I call this the Zerg rush deck) Are you tired of...

Special thanks to Nightmarex for sharing this deck on Reddit! More swift wins to you man!


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