This Prince is unlockable from the Training Camp. He is a single target, melee troop that deals moderate to high attack. Unique to the Prince is his ability to deal twice the damage when he accelerates.


The Prince is best used as an attacker since his damage against an opponent is doubled. This means he can also take down the enemy Crown Tower with ease. Therefore, it is best to analyze if there is a need to take it down quickly or wait.


The Prince cannot attack air units. This means he can be attacked from the air by the likes of the Baby Dragon. Also, since he is a single-target attacker, he is vulnerable to swarm troops like the Skeleton Army.

Popular Prince Decks:

It is important for the player to deploy the Prince with backup support. He is most likely dealt with the Skeleton army, so bringing a Bomber can definitely help.

When the Prince is paired up with the Barbarians, a crown tower can be destroyed within 30 seconds.

In the early days of Clash Royale, the Prince seems to be one unstoppable force. Even now, learn from this article why he should not be underestimated.

The Valkyrie is a moderate to slow moving AoE troop, but with the Prince pushing behind, she'll make it towards a tower in no time!

How To Counter The Prince:

While the Prince's attack is high, he attacks slow. Faster troops can take advantage of this. Also, since he is a single-troop attacker, a swarm troop like the Skeleton Army can take it down quickly.

In Arena 4 and above, players with the Freeze spell can use it to stop the Prince from going straight to the tower. In this way, the player can summon troops that can defeat it in no time.

While the Prince has a high attack power, he is balanced with his inability to target air troops. Furthermore, being a single-troop attacker gives some leeway for other players to counter him.


Ultimately, the Prince is a good attacker on anyone's deck. If paired with the right troops, it can take down towers singlehandedly.


Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Targets Cost Count Rarity Type
1.5sec Medium 1sec 2.5 Ground 5 x1 Epic Troop

Level Hitpoint Damage Rash Damage Damage per second
1 1,100 220 440 146
2 1,210 242 484 161
3 1,331 266 532 177
4 1,463 292 584 194
5 1,609 321 642 214
6 1,760 352 704 234
7 1,936 387 774 258
8 2,123 424 848 282

Last modified: 26,06,2018

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