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Golem has high HP and Balloon has high damage. Combine these two and you have an unstoppable force. Check out how to utilize and create unstoppable pushes with this combo.


Golem has one of the highest hitpoints in Clash Royale. On the other hand, Balloon has one of the most powerful damage in the game. If we combine the two, we will be able to create a powerful push.

ClashyClanz from YouTube demonstrated how this deck works as it looks so overpowered and intimidating.



Golem is one of the greatest tanks as he has 3,150 hitpoints in level 1. If you combine his health and his Golemites, their total HP is 4,410. This is really high, but of course, it comes with a price. Golem requires 8 elixirs to deploy.

Without another damage dealer to the tower, you would be only wasting your elixirs for nothing. Hence, this is where the Balloon does its job by moving towards the tower unscathed while the counter units try to stop the Golem. This will let the Balloon deal the maximum damage it can offer.

Golem + Balloon Deck:

Golem Balloon Elixir Collector Mirror
golem.png balloon.png elixir_collector.png mirror.png
Musketeer Spear Goblins Archers Arrows
musketeer.png spear_goblins.png archers.png arrows.png

Card Roles:

  • Golem: This will be your main tank. He will try to get all the attention of the counter units while you push with the Balloon.
  • Balloon: This will be your main damage dealer to the tower. Protect it at all cost because he has a slow movement and pretty low health compared to Golem.
  • Elixir Collector: A very essential card for this deck. It will help you create push once you deploy 2 or more of these.
  • Mirror: This will help you create stronger push. But most of the time, you will be using it to deploy more Elixir Collectors.
  • Musketeer: Another damage dealer and a great support for your Golem and Balloon push. Mostly used for counter push too.
  • Spear Goblins: This is a staple card in any deck. They can be used as a bait and initial attack to check the cards of the opponent.
  • Archers: Another card for baiting units such as P.E.K.K.A or Prince.
  • Arrows: Great spell card against low HP units. Use it against Minion Horde.

Clash Royale Strategy:

At the start of the match, wait until you reach 10 elixirs. If you already have an Elixir Collector in your hand, deploy it. Go for defensive for a while using your Archers, Spear Goblins and Musketeers. Use Arrows if the opponent drops a Minion Horde.

You can also use Mirror to duplicate Elixir Collector if you are confident enough to defend your lane. The main strategy for this deck is to swarm your territory with Elixir Collectors. 2 is good enough but 3-5 are the ideal numbers of deployed Elixir Collectors. This way, you have max elixirs most of the time.

In offense, all you have to do is drop the Golem at the back of your King's tower. If he tries to push the other lane, you can drop Archers and Spear Goblins to defend it. Although, it is very rare if they do that because they are basically sacrificing their lane. Next is drop the Balloon once your Golem is on the bridge. You can also drop Archers and Spear Goblins to complement this massive push. This is basically an unstoppable and very intimidating push.

Once the 60-second mark starts, you can now use Mirror to deploy another Balloon or Golem once you create the initial combo. This is only plausible if you have at least 2-3 Elixir Collectors deployed. Do not waste elixirs on senseless pushes even if you have 10 elixirs. However, do not waste time on not deploying troops because it is also a waste of elixirs.


Again, I would like to thank ClashyClanz for this amazing in-depth gameplay he made for this deck.


This deck requires a lot of Elixir Collector to make the massive pushes possible. A well-placed Fireball may take 1 or 2 of your Elixir Collectors. You will lose all your advantage real quick. To prevent this, make sure you deploy them on opposite sides.

Miner can also be troublesome due to the fact that it can target your Elixir Collector easily. This is rare, but since we lack defensive buildings to stop such event, you have to deploy some Musketeer or Archers to stop it.


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