In this deck, each troop supports each other and not just one big boss monster.


This deck works like the spartan army. Each troop supports each other to create a good attack and defense. What's more, each card is strong on their own, thus we dubbed it the "Individuality" deck. 


The main focus of this deck is that each card is strong and can hold on their own. Each card has the ability to counter specific cards, which is quite helpful since while most decks have a certain meta that they follow, your deck is solely focused on a balanced offense and defense.

Powerful Deck:

Prince Baby Dragon Witch Skeleton Army
prince.png baby_dragon.png witch.png skeleton_army.png
Archers Barbarians Musketeer Arrows
archers.png barbarians.png musketeer.png arrows.png

Card Roles:

  • Prince -  Since the Prince has decent HP, he will not go down easy. It is a great card that fits most decks and does 2x damage when charging.
  • Baby Dragon - Another troop with high HP, and is very good at taking down Goblins, Bombers and Barbarians with it's splash damage.
  • Witch - It is a difficult card to deal with, as her attack speed is high and she can summon 3 skeletons to help her out. Can keep her own with Goblins and many other enemies.
  • Skeleton Army - Great against Princes. Also great for getting rid of high HP strong opponents like P.E.K.K.As and Giants. If your opponent has area damage cards like Arrows or Baby Dragon, its best to use Skeleton Army has a defense.
  • Archers - Can attack both ground and air troops and are good for distracting enemy troops or pulling the away from the tower. Also good against an oncoming charging Prince, just drop the Archers so they can take the damage.
  • Barbarians - An overall good card. 4 barbarians with Good HP, Good Attack, also good against Prince and slow moving high HP troops like Giants or P.E.K.K.As. Good for attack and defense.
  • Musketeer - Another card that can attack both ground and air enemies, especially great against Baby Dragon. It is a great back-up for offensive and defensive purposes.
  • Arrows - Used to take out horde type enemies like Skeleton Army, Goblins and Minion Horde etc. Save the Arrows for the horde type cards and if they have 2 horde type cards use the Baby Dragon on the Skeleton Army and the Arrows on the other.

Battle Strategy:

The main strategy is to lay down your Witch a little far from your opponent, so when the Witch is about to cross to enemy territory you have elixirs for the Barbarians to go in first.

Then at the end put a Musketeer at the back for extra support. On the other side of the tower, you can do the combination of Prince and Baby Dragon with Barbarians or Musketeers for support.

Then rinse and repeat. Keep the Arrows ready just in case they have Goblin Barrel of Skeleton Army. Make sure to counter accordingly.

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(* Source: POWERFUL Arena 4, 5 & 6 Deck! (Guide))

Special thanks to Mozey at the Supercell Forums for sharing this deck.

In Closing:

This is a great, solid deck. All the other cards complement their weakness very well. If you have these cards, this deck is worth building. If you like this deck, don't hesitate to review in our comment section below.

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Last modified: 6, 01, 2017


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