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Poison Hog Cycle Deck To Increase Trophies in Arena 11!

Are you up for a Hog Poison Challenge? Then this 2.9-elixir deck might fit your liking if you are pushing your trophies in the Ladder starting from Arena 11!
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Hog Rider enthusiasts! Here's a great 2.9 cycle deck you can use in the Legendary Arena! Let's find out how this deck can deal with many popular combinations in today's Meta.

Let's see CLASHwithSHANE's Fast Cycle Hog Poison Deck For Arena 11.


The deck is at it's best when you are trying to pressure the enemy's side of the arena from start to finish. It can deal with a lot of meta decks today, Bait, Swarm Decks. Wrecking Elite Barbarians deck are also to this deck's advantage. Chip-in damage is easy due to the support cards included. Players can use this as an advantage to get a tower before the game ends.

Poisonous Hog Cycle Deck:

Hog Rider Minions Archers Furnace
hog_rider.png minions.png archers.png furnace.png
Ice Golem Ice Spirit Poison Zap
2016-09-20-06-43-53-Ice_Golem.PNG IceSpirit.png poison.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • Minions: Use to kill air or ground units quick. They are more likely to be ignored due to their number. Can also be used in countering beefy troops like the Giant or the Elite Barbarians.
  • Archers: Use for support and defense. Place them in a safe spot depending on the incoming wave of troops.
  • Furnace: This defensive building is mainly used to chip in damage against towers. You can also plant this to lure hard-to-counter units. Will help you annihilate swarm troops.
  • Ice Golem: Use to lure and distract Elite Barbarians or other troops along the way. Kite the opponent's units by dropping this card in front of your Hog Rider.
  • Ice Spirit: Use this to help your Ice Golem eliminate low HP troops. Ice Spirit can be paired to the Zap spell in killing threats like the Minion Horde and Minions.
  • Poison: Cast this spell to chip in damage to the enemy's towers. A good counter to a bunch of Barbarians or Three Musketeers. If possible, use this card to support your Hog Rider as well.
  • Zap: The Zap spell is a versatile card. Use it well depending on the situation. Either for support or defense.

Clash Royale Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to have the Furnace in your hand early. Having a good level Furnace will help you chip in damage against towers effortlessly. With the Hog Rider and other units, the aim is to pressure and cycle quickly to get a tower down fast.

Once your elixir reaches 10, plant the Furnace in the center of your base. Wait for a few seconds and prepare for defense later on. If the Furnace is not yet available, you can try to play a Hog Rider with Ice Golem combo.

If the enemy tries to play a slow push gameplay by planting a Hut, take this opportunity to use the Poison Spell. Make sure you have extra elixir to counter incoming units after casting it. Attack any incoming units who will try to take down the Furnace. If a flying unit is used, e.g Baby Dragon, then you might consider using the Archers or Minions to defeat it. Drop them wisely to avoid direct splash damage. Hold your other cards and think first if you need to use them or not.

Make a counter push afterward by dropping the Ice Golem with Hog Rider to the direction of the targeted tower. Quickly drop the Ice Spirit behind the Hog to freeze counters in a short moment. If possible, drop the Poison Spell around the targeted tower. This will somehow halt the enemy in dropping low HP units to stop your push. Prepare to counter a wave of troops after this huge move.

Cycle your cards until the Furnace is up and useful again. Repeat the steps provided above as you switch the cards’ usage over time.

In the last minute of the game, rolling your cards faster is possible. You can make a rush push by the Hog Rider squad. Do not forget to cast the Poison Spell around your first targeted tower. Depending on the enemy’s deck, chipping in small damage is a must. As you cycle your cards, try to make a double Furnace attack in a single lane. This will increase your chance to distract the enemy and will help your units to successfully reach your target.


The weakness of this deck might be found in dueling with slow push decks. There might also be trouble in defending against air decks especially against the Lava Hound with Balloon. Though the Minions and Archers can do the work, they can be killed easily by a single spell. To deal with this, you can drop these units in different positions. Kite any support later on using the Ice Golem. If possible, lure any incoming bulky unit(s) in the center of your base. Use the Furnace to make this happen.


Special thanks to ClashwithSHANE for this awesome deck!

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The Hog Rider is still one of the best cards in the ranking ladder. Forming a strong team is possible due to its elixir cost. Strong, but you need to be cautious when using it.

How about you? What kind of decks are you using in Arena 11?

Last modified: 16, 03, 2017

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