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It is undoubtedly true that the Hog Rider is the most used card among F2P players. This Clash Royale deck revolves around him with other commons and rares to back him up.


It feels like there are a lot of Hog Rider Decks in the arena as of today, and we wouldn't mind adding one more! This deck is similar to the Valkyrie Cheese Secret Deck but this time, instead of using the Prince, we will use the Hog Rider to push the Valkyrie towards enemy troops to clear the path.


The speed of the Hog Rider plus the Valkyrie's splash damage is definitely a good combo. The Hog Rider will push the Valkyrie towards a tower and the Valkyrie will clear away any troops on their path. The Barbarians on this Clash Royale deck is one of its strength too. They can be used as a counter push if they still have enough HP to do it.

Only Commons and Rares Deck:

Barbarians Fireball Goblins Hog Rider
barbarians.png fireball.png goblins.png hog_rider.png
Inferno Tower Minions Valkyrie Zap
inferno_tower.png minions.png valkyrie.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • Barbarians: Main defense unit. They can also distract buildings to make way for your Hog Rider.
  • Fireball: When timed and aimed correctly, this spell can eliminate 10+ elixir push in a snap.
  • Goblins: This cheap 2-elixir card can also push a Valkyrie or swarm any tower-locking troop. If left unattended, they can do a huge damage against buildings and towers.
  • Hog Rider: Your main card. His speed, ability to jump over rivers, and his focus can win you a game if deployed at the right moment. Use him to push your Valkyrie towards a tower.
  • Inferno Tower: Main defense structure. It will lure incoming troops away from your tower.
  • Minions: They will take care of any air and ground troops alike. They can also pave the way to your Hog Rider + Valkyrie push.
  • Valkyrie: Her ability to swing her axe will crush any troop nearby.
  • Zap: A 2-elixir spell that can eliminate hordes and stun high HP units.

Clash Royale Strategy:

This deck will not give a three-crown victory but a quick one-tower win. Due to its number of high counter cards, you just have to win a tower and be on full defense after.

At the start of the game, do the usual waiting for a full elixir and then do a quick push with your Goblins and Minions for you to have a range on what cards your opponent brought in the Clash Royale Arena. Always be on defense. Once you already have a full grasp on what troops he equipped himself with, do the Valkyrie + Hog Rider push. You can achieve this by dropping your Hog Rider first and putting the Valkyrie just before he crosses the bridge. You don't want to make him jump so time it perfectly. Use the Zap spell and Goblins to take care of any retaliation.

During the 2-minute and double elixir mark, keep on deploying your Inferno Tower right in the middle of your camp to keep them away from your towers. Use your remaining troops in defending your turf and you'll win the game after the full 3 minutes!


A Fireball spell can cause trouble on your Inferno Tower leaving your base unguarded. If this happens, make sure you have your Barbarians ready and cycle through your cards again until you have your Inferno Tower back protecting your camp.

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Reaching the Legendary Arena as an F2P player can be really rewarding. Aside from boasting rights, you also may want to check your Clash Royale deck every now and then. Due to the game's meta change, you may want to update your cards according to the meta so you won't get kicked out of the Arena. One tip to keep you on your trophy range is knowing how to upgrade and what cards to ask your clan mates. We've already covered the ins and outs of that in this article.

This deck is from Poizard that helped him climb to Arena 8. Thank you!

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Last modified: 6,01,2017


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