Are you still not playing Clash Royal yet? Here are 5 reasons to get the game!

Why Should You Play Clash Royale?

Coming from a console gamer, this is quite the odd topic for me to be writing about, however this game is insanely fun and addicting! Today I've put together the 5 reasons why you should try out Clash Royale.


1. Free to Play

Honestly, speaking this is a hit or miss for a lot of gamers, I myself have never been a big fan of freemium games because I rather just pay onetime and then play as often and as much as I want, however when it comes to trying a game outside your normally gaming genre then, sure trying out a free game doesn't sound bad at all.

The best part about giving Clash Royale a try is that you actually don't have to invest a large chuck of clash into the game before you can start winning matches. In fact you can work your way to Arena 4 with little to no trouble, provided that you have the right strategies, in order to play up your cards to the best of their abilities. 

Once you get a good handle on your cards, the next step to, "Know thy enemy", and by that I mean understand how to counter the troops your opponents sends to knock over your Crown Towner. Once you know what cards are best to counter your opponent, then all you have to so is play is cool by calculating your moves. It might sound like a lot of work, but this is actually part of the fun!

2. Tournaments!

One the most exciting components of any multiplayer game is tournaments! These allow gamers to test their skills against one another to find out who is the best of the best, while you might not jump into a tournament right away, they are super fun and tend to get a little wild. 

Just check out the Clash Royale YouTuber Tournament! They are all adults, but man did they look like the big kids having a blast as they played! That's really the magic of a tournament, the youthful feeling that you get, that's reminiscent of playing against your best buddies when you were a child. Granted now there might be a few F-Bombs included in the game play. 

Clash Royale YouTuber Tournament ♦ FULL VERSION ♦ EPIC Battles!

Who did you want to see win?

3. The King Emoji

One of the best parts about Clash Royale is that you don't have to type any messages in order to troll or to wish your opponent good luck. The developer SuperCell was kind enough to build King emoji right into the system and they are tun of fun to use. 

2016-04-13-01-41-29-g99lYAU.gif 2016-04-13-01-43-22-z5PtqH2.gif 2016-04-13-01-45-30-Fk9TdsZ.gif 2016-04-13-01-48-03-NjYGbT7.gif


4. Clans

Never underestimate the power of having a group to take on tournaments with. Clans are a great way to build your deck and level up as a King. Not only do they allow open chats in the clans, but you can also donate cards you don't need as request the ones that you do need.

All the writers here at Media Craft are in clan and our office will be holding it's first tournament, sometime this month complete with prizes! So this is even a great way to motivate employees. 

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that clans also compete for ranks as well!

Often overlooked are the Clan rankings, which as a result of the resetting of player trophies 3000 are also essentially reseted at the start of the season. To keep track of the top clans in Clash Royale, MoEsport will begin implementing a points system which awards points to the Top 20 clans based on their rankings during the last minute of the season. We will accumulate the total points for each clan through each quarter (from 6-7 seasons), and pronounce a definitely Top Clan ranking at the end of each quarter. The current rankings can be found on the sidebar of the website.


5. The Card Deck Strategies & Communities

Coming in as a new player, you'll find that the Clash Community is super friends and layers are always excited to share their best deck strategies which makes getting involved in the game even more fun. 

If you are stuck on an Arena or hit an unlucky losing streak, don't work there is a strategy or counter method out there that other Clashers will be happy to share with you. 

The Beginner's Guide to becoming a pro in this addictive game from Supercell!


Strategize your way to victory, follow these tips in Clash Royale and become a pro in no time in this wildly popular game from Supercell.

Learning the Ropes of the game.

A lot of times even if your opponent loses, they will tell you good game! So you really get an overall very fun and positive experience with this game.

So what are you waiting for? Go download it!

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