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No Legendary Golem Baby Dragon For Arena 9 Above

Looking for a Golem Baby Dragon set of cards without any legendaries? Check this deck which can help you bag trophies from tourneys and ladder matches.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on June 20, 2017.
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The arena is still crowded with Golem decks especially in higher arenas. With this one, players can make an effective Golem Baby Dragon mashup without relying on any Legendary units.

Check and learn how to play this set of cards starting in the Jungle Arena.


The core power of this deck is obviously the Golem. With its supreme HP, making an effective push is really possible.

This set of cards is strong against Hog Rider, Swarm and Bait Decks.

No Legendary Baby Golem Deck:

Golem Baby Dragon Minions Mega Minion
golem.png baby_dragon.png minions.png 2016-12-09-03-31-33-mega-minion.png
Skeletons Arrows Lightning Elixir Collector
skeletons.png arrows.png lightning.png elixir_collector.png

Card Roles:

  • Golem - Main tank of this deck. Support this bulky unit to make a strong push towards the enemy.
  • Baby Dragon - Main Support. Deploy this unit behind the Golem to wipe out the ground and air swarm counters in a flick. The Baby Dragon can also play as a semi-tank troop in some situations. A good defensive unit as well.
  • Mega Minion - Your additional counter unit. The Mega Minion can serve as your answer against Hog Riders or any ground units on sight. Can also help the Golem Baby Dragon push even more successful.
  • Skeletons - The cycle card. This 1-elixir card is best in making your important cards available. Through this, you can also push the Elixir Collector to be available quickly. Deploy this card if you need to distract incoming units such as the Mini PEKKA or Elite Barbarians.
  • Arrows - Quick answer to swarm units. Cast this spell if dealing with swarmers (e.g Skeleton Army, Minion Horde). A good pick if your Baby Dragon is not yet available.
  • Lightning - Tower and Counter Knocker. Cast this spell once the enemy forms their counter team. A really handy support for your Golem Baby Dragon mashup. If times are tough, you can also use this as a defensive card.
  • Elixir Collector - Elixir Booster. Plant this building wisely to outclass the enemy in terms of elixir and card drops.

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to pressure the enemy with every Golem push. You will attain this after you planted enough Elixir Collector (1,2 buildings) to fully support your Slow-Push attack. The Golem must be placed in front as your Baby Dragon supports it from behind. Prepare the Lightning Spell and other cards behind for a full blast knockdown.


During offense, you can always stick to the ideal strategy of this deck. If possible, plant at least one Elixir Collector before deploying the Golem. Place it behind the King Tower. After it passes through your Crown Tower, you can now deploy the Baby Dragon behind it. Prepare the Arrows or Lightning Spell to quickly annihilate counters on the enemy's end. If needed, deploy the Mega Minion or Minions on top of the Golem for added support.


Deploy the Mega Minion if you are dealing with the Hog Rider or any other ground mid-tier units (e.g Valkyrie, Mini PEKKA). Usually, players with these types of units have the Zap or Arrows to quickly kill counters. With this, you can avoid your counter being killed early. However, if you learned the opponent's cycle, picking the Minions to defend is also a great deal. Use the Baby Dragon to kill swarm units. If being dominated by a group of troops, you can cast the Lightning Spell on top of their main units. Deploy the Skeleton or any other cards you need to distract the remaining troops. If times are tough, you can deploy the Golem as a defensive unit in your base. Support it with your cards and create a strong counter-push afterwards.

Additional Tip:

In some situations, it will be hard to form the Golem strategy. If this happens, do not fret and lose your hope. Continue to counter the enemy until you spot a chance where you can make effective counter pushes. Even without the Golem, this deck can fairly create pressure. Take this opportunity to deploy your Golem later on.

Try to spam your enemy to create extra pressure once the last minute of the game strikes.


This deck might be in trouble against Building, Barbarian-based and Spell Decks.

If you faced some of these, try to focus on counter-attack strategy. Let the enemy create their push as you answer them back effectively. In this situation, you can patiently wait until the last minute starts. Do not forget to occasionally plant the Elixir Collector if possible. Even the enemy holds a good counter card(s), spamming them with your support units (with the Golem) can eventually catch them off guard. Extra elixir from the Collector's boost can change the outcome of your attacks.



Special thanks to King of Clash- Clash Royale for this deck!


In the current meta, the Golem can always be effective if played well. Do not forget to level up your cards to make your units even more sufficient during battles.

Good luck!

Last modified: 22, 06, 2017

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