No Legendary Double Pressure Deck for Arena 8

It's time to put your opponent under pressure. Double the pressure. You can manage to do a double push on each lane that can make your foe rage quit.
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Ash is sticking with the old-school beatdown deck that survived since the beginning of Clash Royale. This time, he is mixing the Ice Golem and with the trusty Giant together with the Prince and Witch. Check out how he uses this deck to make some players rage quit in the sheer pressure this deck brings.



This deck has the ability to make your opponent rage quit thus earning you a free pass up the ladder or tourney. You can do a push with the Giant or with the Ice Golem. You can put them simultaneously at each lane to cause pressure. Back them with either a Prince or Witch.

No Legendary Double Pressure Deck:

Elixir Collector Giant Ice Golem Minions
elixir_collector.png giant.png 2016-09-20-06-43-53-Ice_Golem.PNG minions.png
Poison Prince Witch Zap
poison.png prince.png witch.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • Elixir Collector - As your push is quite heavy and will need a couple of cycles, the Elixir Collector will help you with the elixir requirement. It will also act as a lure to any incoming troops.
  • Giant - He will act as your initial or secondary tanker depending on your card cycle.
  • Ice Golem - Like the Giant, he will also be your initial or secondary tanker. He can also kite units towards the center of the arena.
  • Minions - If you don't have enough elixir for a Prince or Witch, they can provide your tankers the support needed. They can also be used for defense.
  • Poison - A useful spell card to use against your opponent's building and tower. It can also guard your push against low HP units.
  • Prince - Use him as one of the support for your Giant or Ice Golem
  • Witch - Same as the Prince, put her behind your Giant or Ice Golem. Her ranged AoE damage can be used against flying units.
  • Zap - This spell card is useful against Inferno Dragons, Inferno Towers, Sparky and low HP troops.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The Ideal Strategy of the game is like your usual beat down deck. Start with the Elixir Collector at the middle of your base. Deploy your Giant behind your King Tower and wait for him to reach the bridge before putting the Witch behind him. Start another push by planting an Ice Golem and the Prince on the other lane. Use your Poison Spell whenever necessary against buildings and counters.


Have your Elixir Collector down and once you're at max, deploy the Giant at the back of the King Tower. Place the Witch behind him to make a push. You can add the Minions for additional damage. Once your opponent is busy countering your Giant + Witch, go to the other lane with your Ice Golem + Prince.


You can use your Ice Golem to kite any incoming troops towards your arena. Have your Minions to counter. If you're facing against flying units you have your Witch for a good AoE damage. She can also do good damage for ground troops together with the Prince.


Since your deck is pretty heavy, a fast cycle deck with a defense building can wreck it. You can try sticking with the Ice Golem instead of the Giant to make a push.


Ash used this deck to do a live 12 win Grand Challenge.

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If you executed this deck correctly, this may cause your opponent to quit as he won't know which one to focus on. If you're facing a quick cycle deck, you can easily switch on full defense to have at least a draw and keep your trophies.

Feel free to check the video from: Ash - Clash Royale & Clash of Clans HERE!

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