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Note: Information is not yet final until the card is released.

Clash Royale Night Witch

A Melee Witch that spawns Bats instead of Skeletons! She can also go into battle with her mean-looking staff. A Legendary Card unlockable in Arena 8 - Frozen Peak.
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Type Legendary
Stats at Level 1 HP (750), DPS (190), Damage (285)
Technical Details Targets (Ground), Speed (Medium), Hit Speed(1.5sec), Range (Melee), Bat Level (9)
Other Details Summons Bats to do her bidding, even after death! And if you get too close, she isn't afraid of pitching in with her mean-looking battle staff.

Night Witch Overview:


The Night Witch is available in the Arena 8 - Frozen Peak. She is a Legendary Witch Card that costs less and produces two flying Bats every 5 seconds.

She attacks her foes with her Battle Staff (a melee unit). You can compare her attack speed to the Ice Wizard or Mega Minion. She also moves like your normal Witch.

What Reddit thinks of the Night Witch:

We already have a ton of legendaries in the game and we don't need another legendary that doesn't feel "legendary". The bandit kinda makes sense to be legendary, but the night witch should just be epic. Please Supercell, change it to an epic card.

All this time I just assumed it was obviously going to be an epic, until I saw the shape of the card on twitter. If it was an epic it would make sense, it would be adding a card to each tier and would make sense since the witch was epic too. What's so unique about something thats pretty much already in the game? It seems like its way far off in "uniqueness" compared to all the other legendaries. Am I missing something or does this card seem pretty underwhelming as a legendary?

Epics are the most numerous cards in the game, legendaries are the least. And also the "spawns bats, even after death" seems pretty legendary to me.

More Insights:

Night Witch Deck Strategies:

How to counter the Night Witch:


From the released information about the Night Witch, we are sure she might get some buff anytime during the release or in the future balance changes. Just like how they did with The Log (one of the most used card now). She does spawns Bats even after death, probably as a death damage.

We will bring you more news about the Night Witch as soon as we have them!

Last modified: 15,03,2017
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