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Night PEKKA Bandit Knockdown For Arena 9

Coltonw83's winning deck is here to stay and be played! Pressure and eliminate your enemy with this set of cards starting in the Jungle Arena!
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on July 11,2017.
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Clash and Smash! This championship deck is used in the past Clash Royale Spanish Tournament. With the critical power of the P.E.K.K.A, opponents will surely tremble especially once the last minute strikes.

This deck is also best for tournaments and challenges.


The main power of this set of cards is the pressure it can provide through using the PEKKA and/or the Battle Ram. This deck is strong against Swarm, Bait, Hog Rider, some Slow-Push and Graveyard decks.

Night PEKKA Bandit Deck:

P.E.K.K.A Battle Ram Bandit Night Witch
PEKKA.png Battle_Ram.png bandit.png night_witch.png
Baby Dragon Poison Log Elixir Collector
baby_dragon.png poison.png TheLog.png elixir_collector.png

Card Roles:

  • P.E.K.K.A - Tower Wrecker. Deploy this unit along with the best supporting cards you have in this deck.
  • Battle Ram - Pressure Smasher. This card can be used in both offensive and defensive plays. Deploy the Battle Ram to distract or eliminate incoming troops. You can also create a split push in some situations (PEKKA on the other side) to create a stronger tension towards the enemy.
  • Bandit - Dash and Flick. The Bandit can help you sneak and make a positive chip in damage against the enemy's tower. You can also use her ability in taking down certain units during defense.
  • Night Witch - Summoner. Deploy the Night Witch to support your team solely in both offense and defense. Her summoned Bats will greatly affect the outcome of a specific attack. Use her as a counter unit against bulky units during defense, and a backup unit with the PEKKA or Battle Ram while on offense.
  • Baby Dragon - Semi-tank Splasher. The Baby Dragon's HP will help your other cards do extra damage against the targets. Use this unit to wipe out swarm counters (air or ground) in a matter of seconds. A great card in both offense and defense.
  • Poison - Stinky Swiper. Cast the Poison Spell mainly for offensive purposes. Drop it above the range of the enemy's Crown Tower to help your incoming units to reach their target successfully.
  • The Log - Cheap Cleaner. Use the Log to wipe out ground swarmers, the Skeleton Army or Goblin Gang. It can also be a great answer to a Princess, as well. It can help you a lot in pushing threats backward to buy extra time for you to counter them.
  • Elixir Collector - Extra Elixir. Plant the Elixir Collector occasionally to create a more viable team later on the game. Protect this building hereafter.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

There are two ideal strategies for this deck. First, is the PEKKA with the Battle Ram/Baby Dragon ft. Bandit/Poison Spell. After deploying the PEKKA, the Battle Ram will force the PEKKA to move faster by placing it behind. Look for a great timing to cast the Bandit and prepare the Poison to create a stronger attack and pressure.

The next one is with the Night Witch. You will need to deploy the PEKKA behind the King Tower. From there, supporting troops will follow. The Night Witch and/or Baby Dragon behind, as you prepare your spells to counter initial answers. This strategy is much possible after you planted at least 1 Elixir Collector in your base.


For this deck's offensive strategy, it is best to stick with the ideal strategy we provide. In addition, you can also create cheap yet effective attacks by having the Bandit and the Battle Ram together. Also, it is best to have the Baby Dragon behind for splash damage against counters. Having these together in a single push is possible, especially, after defending your base. This means you will use the initial troops (the Baby Dragon or the Night Witch) for defense. Convert them into a strong base counter push as you wait for the Battle Ram to be available. Delayed the deployment of the Bandit for a higher chance of reaching her target. This is recommended once you have taken down the counters, specifically swarm units through your other cards.

If there is a chance, plant the Elixir Collector wisely.


For defense, you will likely rely on the Night Witch and the Baby Dragon. Both of these units can deal (air and/or ground units) effectively depending on the situation. The Battle Ram is also a good pick if you are having a hard time countering aggressive units such as the Elite Barbarians or the Prince. Cast the Log to clear or weaken incoming ground units. If needed, you can cast the Poison to deal with a stronger squad during this phase. The PEKKA, however, is also a viable unit in defending in such circumstances. From there, you can turn her into a strong counter-push unit. Do not leave her unsupported to make a strong comeback. Pick the Bandit if you do not have Night Witch to counter a Hog Rider. She can also help you to distract units who will try to attack your tower.

Additional Tip:

Once you take down a tower, pressure the remaining lane to maintain composure against your enemy. You can deploy the PEKKA 3-4 tiles away from the bridge. Before the Pekka crosses it, cast the Battle Ram in the center of the opponent's lair. Do not forget to bring support behind these two units.


This deck might face challenges against Tornado, Graveyard, and some Slow-Push Decks. If ever you deal with one of these, you will need to play the PEKKA or your other units carefully. For your troops can counter these threats effectively. Do not deploy them all out in a single team if you know that this will leave you empty-handed in countering the enemy. While dealing with Tornado users can be tricky, you can outsmart them later on in the game. The first two minutes might be tough, but if you successfully planted Elixir Collectors, it will be a great support in the last minute.

Through this, you can force your enemy to cast the Tornado early by forming an early strong team. Once they are triggered, prepare the second wave of your troops afterwards. This is attainable if you initiate a push starting behind the King Tower.


Special thanks to Orange Juice Gaming and Coltonw83 for this video/deck!


You need an ample time to rehearse and get used to with this type of deck. If you are a PEKKA player, then you will have the advantage to make this deck viable as early as possible. This deck requires patience and wise & quick decisions to grab the victories you always wanted.

Good luck!

Last modified: 13, 07, 2017

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