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Night Giant Beatdown Deck for Arena 11 and Leagues
Chief Pat created a deck almost similar to Surgical Goblin's Giant-Miner deck. A beatdown with the Giant and Miner to save the push.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on August 1, 2017.
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Overview and Strength:

Chief Pat created his own version of Giant + Miner + Night Witch beatdown. Although it has four legendaries, we will give you their corresponding alternatives to still make it work. This deck is also usable in lower arenas as long as you have the cards available.

The strength of this deck is the Night Witch and her Bats. The Giant and the Miner will tank for her while the Electro Wizard will take care of the usual tank counters such as the Inferno Dragon or Inferno Tower. The three spells Fireball, Zap, and The Log will help clear cheap low HP units for a clean finish.

Night Giant Beatdown Deck:

Electro Wizard Fireball Giant Mega Minion
ElectroWizardCard.png fireball.png giant.png mega-minion.png
Miner Night Witch The Log Zap
miner.png night_witch.png TheLog.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • Electro Wizard - Decent defense and support unit. Place him at the back of your push to stop Inferno Towers and Inferno Dragons.
  • Fireball - Push crusher. You can use it to destroy a clump of units or use it against an incoming troop deployed at the back of the king tower. Make sure to include his/her crown tower to be more effective.
  • Giant - The tank of the team. You can deploy him at the back of your king tower or at the bridge. This depends if your opponent tries to make an early push and you have to use the Giant for them to retarget while your Electro Wizard and Night Witch do some work.
  • Mega Minion - Additional support and defense.
  • Miner - Your push saver. Deploy him just before your Giant dies to save your Night Witch + Bats push.
  • Night Witch - Main card for both offense and defense. Her Bats are really deadly. Put her behind the Giant.
  • The Log - Pushes units and can also get rid of cheap ground units.
  • Zap - If your Electro Wizard is busy. You can use this spell.

Legendary Alternatives:

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The Ideal Strategy of this deck is to have your Giant tank for your Night Witch. Just before he dies, you deploy the Miner to continue tanking. You can also have the Electro Wizard for additional support and then have your spells ready like the Fireball, Zap, or The Log.


You can start with the Giant at the back of your King Tower. If he's not available, you can start with the Night Witch and counter any incoming units with her and Mega Minion. Put the Giant in front of your Night Witch + Mega Minion and you can also add the Electro Wizard to counter any Inferno Dragon or Inferno Tower.


On defense, you can use the Night Witch or the Electro Wizard. You can even use the Giant by placing him at the bridge to lure and keep your support at 100% HP. By using the Giant, your Night Witch and Electro Wizard are free to deal free hits towards their push. Once done and your Giant's about to die, send the Miner to continue with your Night Witch + Electro Wizard.


As I played this deck in my own ladder matches, I lose whenever I make a wrong deployment of the Fireball (I guess this is for all the decks) but make sure to make them count every time and get a good elixir trade. I also lost against the P.E.K.K.A. She can give a terrible swing to your Giant and then the support behind. You can try countering her by using the Giant as bait while your support take her down. Spread them apart as you don't want your opponent to fire them with a Lightning or a Fireball.


Check out why Chief Pat makes this deck his favorite. Watch how he deploys his units and place his spells.


This a good deck! I am currently playing it in Arena 10 - Hog Mountain as I've already unlocked every cards in the game (minus the Cannon Cart). It helped me climb back to 3250 from 3000. There are a bunch of losses but it leans more into winning. You just have to make your Fireball count! Usually the losses I got are from bad Fireball placements.

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Last modified: 2, 08, 2017

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