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Night Bats Graveyard Synergy For Arena 8

Make this slow-push squad help you reach higher arenas by showcasing its swarm pressure against the enemy.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on June 26, 2017.
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The Bats are now live for players who unlocked it in the Bats Draft Challenge. Here is Giant Night Witch combo deck with the new common card, the Bats. Let's get it on!

This deck is also recommended for Challenges available in the game.


This deck is strong against Hog Rider, Swarm, some Slow-Push, and even Graveyard/Splasher Decks.

Night Bats Giant Graveyard Deck:

Giant Night Witch Bats Graveyard
giant.png night_witch.png bats.png graveyard-card.png
Mega Minion Arrows Fireball Zap
2016-12-09-03-31-33-mega-minion.png arrows.png fireball.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • Giant - Main tank. Support this bulky unit with the Night Witch with the Graveyard and/or Bats to make a massive push quickly.
  • Night Witch - Main support. Deploy this unit to defend or attack ground units effectively. Place it behind the Giant for a higher success rate while on offense.
  • Bats - Deck Cycler. Let the Bats help you in cycling your needed cards in a specific situation. You can also cast the Bats in distracting incoming troops wisely.
  • Graveyard - Surprise swarmer. Overwhelm your enemy by casting this card during offense. Confuse them what to counter first, your Giant or the tons of Skeletons.
  • Mega Minion - Great support. The Mega Minion can play a versatile role in this deck. It can be a support and/or defensive unit at the same time. Deploy this down while killing ground or distracted aerial units.
  • Arrows - Quick swarm annihilator. Wipe out low HP swarm units in a flick by casting this spell.
  • Fireball - Splash and Smash. Cast the Fireball mainly against beefy squads like the Three Musketeers and the Barbarians. You can also use this spell in taking down towers overtime.
  • Zap - Reset and/or counter the opponent's answer to your offensive team. Best against the Goblin Barrel, Skeleton Army, Inferno Tower and much more.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy for this set of cards is to make a strong team with the Giant and the Night Witch. Once formed, wait for a great timing to cast the Graveyard. Prepare your spells to answer your enemy's countermeasures as you tone down their tower efficiently.


For a great offensive strategy, stick with the Giant Night Witch duo. In some situations, you might need to pressure the enemy with only the Giant and the Graveyard. If this happens, do not forget to place the Bats above the Giant. You can prepare the Arrows or Zap to kill cheap counters such as the Skeleton Army or the Goblin Gang. If a horde of Barbarians is seen, make sure to cast the Fireball to kill them. If within range, hit their Crown Tower as well for a nicer elixir trade.

In some situations, you can also use the Night Witch Graveyard combo. But it is too risky especially if the enemy has splash counters early.


For defense, you can mainly use the Mega Minion. Deploy this card to kill slow moving units such as the Valkyrie or the Knight. You can also drop this unit against the Baby Dragon. Just make sure that your Crown Tower can also hit it for a faster kill.

The Bats, however, can also serve as a great counter against a lot of units. The Bats can counter a naked Graveyard. It can also kill splashers, but needs a really great timing in spreading it above a specific unit. Also, can counter ground units effectively.

In taking down bulky/aggressive units, you can use the Night Witch. Support it with the Bats and/or the Mega Minion for a quicker annihilation. Make use of your spells depending on the situation. Use Arrows against the Minion Horde, the Fireball against big threats such as the Three Musketeers and the Zap to counter ground swarmers, e.g the Skeleton Army, for a positive elixir trade. Create a strong counter-push out of your available cards carefully.

Additional Tip:

In some scenarios, you might need to deploy the Giant to absorb big damage from the enemy's troops. The best example is against the Elite Barbarians. Support it with the Night Witch and Bats afterwards.


One of the most obvious weaknesses of this deck is against Spell and Splashers Deck. However, you can defeat them but needs proper decisions in deploying your troops. If this happens, let them do their move first and counter them wisely. From there, you will have an idea what cards are currently available on their hand. Use this as an opportunity to outsmart their play.

Also, the Golem Night Witch combo is also a pain in the neck with this set of cards. It might be hard, but the trick you need is to pressure the other side of the lane by your Giant Night Witch mashup. Through this, even if the opponent wrecks your tower, it will be an even match if you can take down their tower as well. Once the 60-second mark starts, you can provide additional pressure by casting the Graveyard quick after the enemy drops their Golem. Support your move and/or defend your base sensibly.


Special thanks to nickatnyte for this awesome deck!


The Bats might be weak, but teaming it up with a proven and tested mashups will make it far effective than the others. Level up your units especially the Giant, to make a solid push with this set of cards, Chief!

Good luck!

Last modified: 28, 06, 2017

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