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News - Insights on March 13 2017 Balance Changes

Supercell releases a new but small balance changes to improve consistency in the game.
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This Balance Change update focuses on slight buffs for the underused cards, such as Arrows, Bomb Tower, and Clone. They also revert Executioner's axe hit radius back to its original glory, and nerfing The Log and Electro Wizard (which is more of a bug fix).

Executioner: Axe hit radius +10%

We're returning some of his former glory - his original lane control power - to compensate for the upcoming bug fixes.

Supercell decided that Executioner needs to get SOME of his former glory back, but he was still quite powerful even after the previous nerf. However, they had to revert his original axe hit radius, as there will be 'bug' fixes for Executioner, such as removing the mini stun when he hits opponents, damaging troops behind him when the axe returns to him, and more.

The Log: Damage -4%, Range to 11.1 (from 11.6)

A bit less chip damage to towers and slightly shorter range will help tone down this highly used card.

This is a slight nerf, and nothing would really change in terms of units interactions. However, The Log cannot be deployed 3 tiles away from the bridge as it will not reach the tower anymore. It is quite significant as you cannot gain more value when trying to damage the opposing push and his tower in one-go.

Arrows: Projectile speed +33%:

Your Giant is often dead by the time Arrows land on the Minion Horde attacking him... so we're making them fly a bit quicker, seeing as not everyone is a Jedi.

This is a very nice change for an underused card, as it can now kill Minion Horde or Skeleton Army faster. It is a huge change for Hog Rider and Giant users, as they can get more value from those units.

Clone: No longer resets charging troops (Princes, Sparky, etc.)

This is a nice quality of life improvement for the underused Clone spell. Troops affected by a Clone will no longer stop charging - be it a charging Prince or a charging-up Sparky. However, the Clones themselves will start charging from scratch, as if just deployed.

Another good change for another underused card. This is also a slight buff for Sparky (and any cards that have charge attacks), who is branded as one of the most legendary cards to date, if you are using Clone spell. This gives a new angle of strategy on how to use Clone spell, and I hope this spell card becomes more popular in the future.

Lumberjack: Rage Duration +1.5sec and +0.5sec per level

This change is for consistency with the Rage spell, but it also serves as a little boost to the Lumberjack.

This is a slight buff for the Lumberjack, as its Rage is now consistent with the Rage spell. A level 1 Lumberjack will drop a level 4 Rage, which is good for Tournament standards. It adds more value to the Lumberjack.

Bomb Tower: Projectile speed +66%

A slight boost to help the Bomb Tower hit faster moving targets.

Bomb Tower has become of the most underused defensive building in later arenas, as it costs too much and does not really hurt high-HP tanks. Although, this update does not increase its damage, it does increase its attack speed. It means, most, if not all, quick units cannot overrun the tower's attack anymore.

Electro Wizard: No longer permanently stuns

This is a fix and clarification of the stun/freeze mechanics: All stun/freeze effects will now pause the target's attack, causing them to retarget when they resume. Exceptions are Sparky, Inferno Tower and Inferno Dragon, which will still be reset by stun/freeze effects.

This is a game changer as the Electro Wizard sometimes can permanent stun some units, which is utterly frustrating. Now, its stun is like Zap and only takes 0.5 seconds. This is a good fix and it brings overall balance in terms of interaction with other units.

Tornado: Can be placed on top of buildings

Tornado still won't deal any damage to buildings (or pull them), but at least you'll be able to play it directly on top of them if you wish!.

This does not change anything that much for the Tornado, but it creates new ways of strategy if you can pull units towards the crown tower. It may create more value for Rocket or Fireball!

More Insight!:

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What do you think:

This balance update is quite small, but it definitely improves the quality of life for players and some of the cards. Hopefully, we get to see more Clone spell in the future. Executioner and Electro Wizard bugs are finally now fixed.

What do you think? Do you hate the changes or love it?

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Article written by: KarlSanada

Last modified: 13, 03, 2017


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