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New Airfecta Deck for Challenges and Tourneys

A new Airfecta is created for those who want to win both Challenges and Tourneys. Great Lava Hound together with the sizzling Inferno Dragon, and not so baby Baby Dragon.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on May 12, 2017.
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In the current meta, the Lava Hound is usually paired with the Balloon but we found a new Lava Hound partner, perfect for Challenges and Tourneys. This is a deck from Clash With Ash by ah craaaap. A heavy HP deck that can not be easily destroyed by those pesky Lightnings.


The Lava Hound itself is this deck's strength. Its massive HP pool and the ability to unleash its Lava Pups are two of the dreaded things in Clash Royale. Together with the Inferno Dragon, your walking Inferno Tower, and the Baby Dragon to get rid of splashers, these three are truly powerful that ah craaaap won 5 challenges in a row.

New Airfecta Deck:

Baby Dragon Bandit Inferno Dragon Lava Hound
baby_dragon.png bandit.png inferno-dragon.png lava_hound.png
Poison Spell Skeletons The Log Zap
poison.png skeletons.png TheLog.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • Baby Dragon - Its ability to do splash damage is great for this deck. It can help the Inferno Dragon focus on more pressing units.
  • Bandit - Aside from the Skeletons, the Bandit is your only ground unit. Her invincible dash can help you get rid of your ground foes (with the help from the Baby Dragon and Lava Hound).
  • Inferno Dragon - Your walking Inferno Tower. Although easily Zapped or countered by the Electro Wizard (counter it with your Bandit), it is still a viable legendary card to have.
  • Lava hound - The main tank. It shields the Inferno Dragon and Baby Dragon from harm. Once it explodes, it unleashes Lava Pups that can deal great damage.
  • Poison Spell - Use this spell card for both offense and defense. If the Bandit is having a hard time defending, put the Poison together with the 1-elixir Skeletons.
  • Skeletons - A great cycle card. It is also useful once a strong foe is already locked on to one of your Airfecta.
  • The Log - Time this card correctly and you will knock back troops and let them stay longer on the Poison spell.
  • Zap - Cheap and easy to use.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:


The Ideal Strategy of this deck is to wait until your opponent starts with a push. On the same lane as your foe, drop down the Lava Hound at the farthest corner of your base. Put the Baby Dragon and the Inferno Dragon behind it. If the opponent's troops are ranged, they will focus on the Lava Hound giving your Baby Dragon and Inferno Dragon time to dispatch them. If they can not, use the Bandit together with the Skeletons. Usually, the Lava Hound will reach the tower with a sliver of health, the Lava Pups will take care of the rest.

Rinse and repeat.



Same as the Ideal Strategy, deploy the Lava Hound on the same lane as your opponent. Followed that with the Baby Dragon and Inferno Dragon. If the opponent placed a building, use the Poison to melt it down and make sure to include his tower.



For defense, if your opponent used an Elixir Collector, use the Poison and include the tower. If you're facing the Electro Wizard, have him lock on to one of your Airfecta and have the Bandit deal with him. You can also use the Skeletons.

Additional Tip:


Spam the opponent with Lava Hounds as much as you can. If you still have both Baby Dragon and Inferno Dragon in the Arena, drop the Lava Hound on the bridge. Continue the pressure and overwhelm your enemy.


As this deck is equipped with the Inferno Dragon, the Electro Wizard is the top weakness. The Bandit will take care of it together with the one elixir Skeletons. ah craaaap also shared that facing X-Bows can wreck this deck. Destroy it with the Skeletons and with the Poison.


Check out how Clash With Ash showed ah craaaap's deck on this video. ah craaaap also played with the deck live. Watch the video to know how to play this deck live.

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The Lava Hound is definitely one of the most popular cards in the game in today's meta. On this deck, Clash With Ash and ah craaaap created a deck specifically made for challenges and tournaments. As decks and players during these kinds of battles are leveled, using cards such as the Inferno Dragon, Lava Hound, and Baby Dragon are a great alternative since they have a good amount of HP and can deal good damage.

The deck and video is by Clash With Ash check out his Youtube Channel for more Clash Royale HERE!

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Last modified: 15, 05, 2017

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