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Mortar Rocket Knockdown For Arena 10

Tired of playing those famous decks today? Here is an off-meta set of cards with the bombarding power of the Mortar.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on June 28, 2017.
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Gear up with one of the most underrated cards in the arena today, the Mortar. Use it as your main wrecker starting in the Legendary Arena.

This deck is also great in Tournaments and In-Game Challenges.


This deck is strong against Hog Rider, Aerial (Lavaloon) and Bait Cycle Decks.

Mortar Rocket Knockdown Deck:

Mortar Knight Electro Wizard Skeletons
mortar.png knight.png ElectroWizardCard.png skeletons.png
Rocket Arrows The Log Ice Spirit
rocket.png arrows.png TheLog.png IceSpirit.png

Card Roles:

  • Mortar - Main Tower Smasher. Plant the Mortar near the river and support it with your troops to keep chipping in.
  • Knight - Main Defensive Unit. Aside from guarding your Mortar, the Knight's ATK rate can also take down unsupported towers.
  • Electro Wizard - Air and Ground Stopper. Deploy the Electro Wizard to halt units/counters. The Ewiz's ability and damage is fair enough to drastically weaken distinct targets.
  • Skeletons - Distractors. Place the Skeletons behind your Mortar along with your other units. They can buy your main supporting units extra time in defeating the enemy's. A good cycling card whenever you need to plant the Mortar even faster.
  • Rocket - Blaster. Cast the Rocket to take down beaten towers. You can also use this spell in taking down or weakening some big horde of troops such as the Three Musketeers and Lava loon.
  • Arrows - Cheap yet Effective. Cast the Arrows to defend from swarms such as the Skeleton Army, Minion Horde, and the Goblin Gang. The Arrows can also take down the Princess and can chip in good damage against other targets overtime.
  • The Log - Ground Sweeper. Almost same with the Arrows role, the Log is best to push back or kill ground units.
  • Ice Spirit - Additional Spell Support. You can use this card on both offense and defense effectively. A useful card to cancel or freeze the enemy's rampage.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to have the Knight, Mortar and the Electro Wizard at once. Plant the mortar and let it bombard the enemy’s Crown Tower. Quickly place the Knight in front of the Mortar to tank any counters. Support it with the Electro Wizard behind and simultaneously deploy the Skeletons and Ice Spirit. React or cast your cards depending on the enemy's answer. Prepare spells and cast them for bigger support.


In this phase, you can always count on in the ideal strategy of this featured deck. Basically, it is the best way on how to play this set of cards. In some situations, you can play the Knight with the Electro Wizard for offense. This is only applicable if the Mortar is not available yet. Also, this duo (Knight Ewiz) is best used in countering the enemy's attack. Meaning, you will need them for defense first. Convert them into strong counter-push units by placing the Skeletons/Ice Spirit for added support. From there, you can now wait to use your spells. Cast the Arrows if being in mid-air. If on the ground, you can cast The Log. Save your Rocket as much as possible. You can cast this on a dying tower later on the game.


In defense, you will need to quickly cycle your Knight and Electro Wizard. They are your main units in this scenario. From there, you can freely pick from the cheap cards to make a successful defense. If dealing with air units, you can use the Electro Wizard and the Ice Spirit. If it is a Lavaloon, cast the Rocket on top of them. If being swarmed, cast the Arrows or The Log to wipe them out in a swift. Also, you can plant the Mortar to lure threats such as the Hog Rider, Elite Barbarians, Balloon and more. Place them a bit far from your Crown Tower but make sure it will lure the threats effectively. Cycle and make a strong comeback afterwards.

Additional Tip:

After every placement of the Mortar, it is important that you are quick in picking the Knight, the Log or the Arrows. Quick thinking to counter to your enemy's move will help the Mortar chip in extra hits. Fast reaction is the key. Once the 60-second mark starts, you can quickly cycle and support your Mortar.


The deck might be weak against Building, Spell-Based Decks. If this happens, defend first with your other cards. Let the enemy cast their strategy and wisely counter it. After every counter, plant a sneaky Mortar to attack their tower. In this case, they will be out of elixir and your rolling units can defend it from buildings.


Special thanks to Bufarete Gaming for this awesome deck!


Honestly, using a Mortar deck needs patience and experience to play it well. Also, the level of it as well as your other supporting cards need to be higher than usual. This is for you to defeat or counter your enemy's strategy effectively.

Good luck!

Last modified: 30, 06, 2017

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