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Mortar Rocket Deck for Arena 11

Mortar is back and it will annoy you each and every time it is deployed!
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Mortar is an underrated card, and only a few people play it. However, it found its way on Arena 11 as it is one of the best cards to use for pushing trophies, as long as you support it with other cards.

Ash demonstrated this Mortar Rocket Deck for Arena 11 as it demolished higher level players who are using Meta Decks.


This deck is a cycle deck. It revolves around Mortar and Rocket. Mortar can be considered as direct damage to the tower, especially when it is not dealt with immediately. Mortar gives out tremendous pressure as it forces your opponent to defend the lane. Rocket, on the other hand, is good for direct damage especially on 2x elixir time. Mortar is surrounded by well-picked supporting cards such as The Log and Fire Spirits, etc.

Mortar Rocket Deck for Arena 11:

Mortar Knight Ice Spirit Fire Spirits
mortar.png knight.png IceSpirit.png fire_spirits.png
Archers The Log Rocket Inferno Tower
archers.png TheLog.png rocket.png inferno_tower.png

Card Roles:

  • Mortar: This deck will be your main damage dealer to the tower. It is ideal to surprise your opponent so the Mortar will lock on to his tower. Defend it at all cost. The level should be at least level 11 or more to give powerful attacks.
  • Knight: Knight is your tank defensively. He is a great support for your Mortar.
  • Ice_Spirit: Ice Spirit is a great support for Mortar alongside the Archers. Also, it is very valuable when your opponent is doing a huge push on your lane.
  • Fire Spirits: Fire Spirits really have a good value if you manage to stop a Minion Horde or counter units against your Mortar
  • Archers: Archers are great defensive units as they can counter most cards effectively. They are best deployed with Fire Spirits and Ice Spirit.
  • The Log: Easily replaceable by Zap if you do not have this card. Anyway, The Log can push troops away which is helpful if you need to deploy your Inferno Tower or if you need to push them away from your Mortar.
  • Rocket: Rocket can easily demolish tower's health for each attack. It is ideal to use this on 2x elixir time because you can easily cycle with it. It is risky to use on the first 2 minutes of the game.

Clash Royale Strategy:

This deck has a straight-forward strategy. Wait until your elixir reaches max, if you do not have the Mortar on your hand, deploy the Archers at the back so they spread evenly. Once you have your Mortar, deploy it near the bridge so it targets the opponent's crown tower. Ready your supporting troops such as Knight and Fire Spirits to take down potential counters.

This is a cycle deck so it is quite easy to defend the Mortar, but do not use all your elixirs because you need to deploy an Inferno Tower once he starts creating a huge push. The Log can also delay the push so you can ready your Ice Spirit and Fire Spirits.

Once the 2x elixir mark starts, this is where the Rocket becomes valuable. Pressure the opponent with Mortar as usual. Defend it with Fire Spirits and Knight. Directly hit the tower with Rocket if you have at least 8 elixirs. It takes 500 or more damage depending on the level. You can easily win the game as long as you defend your lane from his pushes.


There is a reason why Mortar is an underrated card. It can easily be countered. However, it can be prevented by protecting it with a Knight and a well-placed Fire Spirits or Ice Spirit with Archers. Once the Mortar locks on to the tower, it will deal huge amount of damage to the opponent's tower.


Special thanks to Ash for this featured deck! Mortar Rocket Deck for Arena 11 starts at 16 minutes and 05 seconds of the video.


This Mortar Rocket Deck is an amazing and quite unorthodox deck that you can use. However, it is highly recommended that your Mortar to be at least level 11 to be quite competitive and your Rocket to be at least level 8. However if you decide to use it on lower arena, it is fine as you can get most of the cards in Arena 8 and below.

Last modified: 22, 03, 2017

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