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Type Epic
Tourney Stats HP (1,330), Damage (26), DPS (104), Lifetime (40 sec)
Technical Details Type (Building), Targets(Ground), Hit Speed(5 sec), Range(3- 11)
Other Details Fearsome from far away but defenseless with 1 - 2 tiles. The Mortar is an important core card in some of the best decks in the Arena


The Mortar is a powerful offensive and defensive building against many types of decks. It can be unlocked in (Arena 6) Builder's Workshop.

The Mortar's attack can reach a wide distance. If left alone, it might even win the player a crown. It only costs 4 Elixirs to drop down this heavy artillery. It is often paired with the Tesla for maximum damage. The Mortar's reloading or hit speed is very slow. It also cannot target enemy troops that are approaching it.

Mortar Stats:

Card Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
HP 600 660 726 798 876 960 1,056 1,158 1,272 1,398 1,536 1,686 1,854
Area Damage 108 119 131 145 158 173 190 208 228 251 276 303 333
Damage per Sec 21 23 26 26 29 31 34 38 41 45 50 55 60

Balance Updates:

  • On the August 2017 Balance Update, the Mortar's deploy time is reduced from 4 sec to 3.5 sec.
  • On the February 2016 Balance Update, the Mortar's elixir cost is reduced from 6 to just 4. Additionally, damage is decreased by 40%, lifetime to 20 sec and range decreased to 12 from the original 13.
    • Another update during that month moved the Mortar's lifetime to 30 sec.
  • The Mortar is one of the original cards in Clash Royale.

The Mortar is BEST PAIRED with the following cards:

Knight Giant Balloon P.E.K.K.A
knight.png giant.png balloon.png PEKKA.png

The Mortar is best AGAINST the following cards:

Mortar Hog Rider Furnace Cannon
mortar.png hog_rider.png furnace.png cannon.png

The Mortar is WEAK Against the following cards:

Bowler Balloon Lightning Cannon Cart
Bowler.png balloon.png lightning.png cannon_cart.png

Popular Mortar Decks:

Deck Strategies/Card Deck Strategies/Mortar Deck

How To Counter The Mortar:


The Mortar is a very good offensive building which can become a cornerstone of the player's deck. If executed correctly, it can be the key to your success.

Last modified: 25,08,2017

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