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This triple M deck is kind of crazy on the Blind Deck Challenge featured in the latest Clash Royale update! Have you tried and won with this epic deck, already?


Mirror, Miner, Muskies Deck is one of the blind decks created by Supercell in the newest game feature in Clash Royale. Together with the King’s Cup event held in the West, Supercell rolled out this fun yet limited event at the same time; the King’s Cup Challenge.

The Triple M deck can have the Fire Spirits or Ice Spirit randomly. With that said, let’s highlight and further explain the details on how to effectively use the deck. You, ready? Clash on!


Obviously, the power of this deck heavily relies on the Three Musketeers. Any unsupported units (tanks or pushers) will be dead meat early. The deck’s offensive part is undoubtedly strong. Making a split team with the Miner or Knight is easy once you invest on the Elixir you need. With the supporting units intact, annihilating horde of troops will be a piece of cake.

Mirror Miner Muskies - King’s Cup Tournament Deck Guide:

Three Musketeers Miner Mirror Baby Dragon or Mega Minion
three_musketeers.png miner.png mirror.png baby_dragon.png
Knight Fire Spirits or Ice Spirit Zap Elixir Collector
knight.png fire_spirits.png zap.png elixir_collector.png

Card Roles:

  • Three Musketeers: This highest elixir-cost card is risky if not used well. Utilize this unit after collecting the Elixir you need. Release this card after a defensive action. You can also use the Three Musketeers if need to bring down an incoming tank (Giant, Golem). Be always wary against spells like Fireball or Lightning.
  • Miner: One of the best legendary cards up until today. Use the Miner to knock down Elixir Collectors fast. You can also utilize this unit to make a stronger push with the Musketeer(s). If times are tough, use it as a defensive unit against splash units to weaken the enemy’s team.
  • Mirror: The Mirror will help you defend swift and/or invest elixir quicker. Use this card after realizing the enemy’s deck. This will help you to analyze what cards you need to use to penetrate the game well.
  • Baby Dragon or Mega Minion: Use this unit mainly for defense. Its splash damage is in need especially to a horde of troops. Can send out great damage if left ignored.
  • Knight: The Knight’s defensive ability is also important in this deck. Use this to eliminate medium-tier units such as the Hog Rider, Mini PEKKA and the like. This unit can deal fairly well against range or tank troops. Very effective in making strong and viable pushes with the Musketeer(s).
  • Fire Spirits or Ice Spirit: These two cheap spells can help you win a losing battle. Handy against low HP troops such as the Princess, Minion Horde, etc. Can critically damage or make an agreeable stun against troops like Mini PEKKA, Lumberjack and the like.
  • Elixir Collector: The key to making this deck useful to its extent. Use this building to gain an early advantage in your Elixir count. Save it from the Miner or from any spells wisely.

Battle Strategy:

The ideal start of this deck is to have the Elixir Collector in your first set of cards. Place it in the center of your Crown Towers once your elixir reaches 10. Prepare for defense. Use the Knight if a Miner is coming to knock down the Collector. Make a great timing on dropping this unit to save your Elixir Collector from any smashes. However, if your enemy tries to pressure you quick on a single lane, use the most appropriate card to stop them. If fighting against a horde of troops, drop the Baby Dragon or the Mega Minion. If playing against a Hog Rider Combo, utilize the Knight. Make sure to use the Fire Spirits or Ice Spirit accordingly. Let your deck cycle as you try to build at least 2-3 Collectors before starting your heavy push.

Once you have the Collectors, make a slow push by dropping the Knight behind the King’s Tower. Before it reaches the river, split the Three Musketeers by dropping it in the center of your base. Support the single Musketeer with the Miner to confuse your enemy what to defend. Drop an Ice Spirit behind the single Musketeer for support. While Zap counter units who will try to kill your Double Musketeers on the opposite lane. Any of your Baby Dragon or Mega Minion can be a support. This depends on the Elixir you have in a specific attack.

After a successful combo, build Collectors to regain elixir. Deploy the Miner to demolish a weakened tower. You can support it by Zapping troops around it. Once you wrecked a tower, you can now wait for a great timing to drop the Three Muskies on the center of your enemy’s lair. Make sure not to be hasty for it might be countered by your enemy. Pressure your opponent by dropping the Knight or Baby Dragon/Mega Minion near your crown tower. This will force them to use early counter units. This will make your Three Musketeers free from deep trouble.

Once you secure and waste the enemy’s elixir, this would be the time to deploy the Musketeers. Make a quick drop of the Ice Spirit/Fire Spirits for support. Zap counter units accordingly. This can be done up until the last 60-seconds of a battle.

Note: If you did not get the Elixir Collector early, cycle your cards by dropping some of your units on the battlefield. We recommend that you wait for your enemy’s move first to avoid wasting the use of your early units. Once you get the Collector, proceed to the steps given in this article.


The deck might be in trouble if played against an aggressive player. Especially, if your opponent holds a lot of cheap cards like the Frozen Hog deck. Forming a counter on your units might be easy if you are caught off guard. The X-bowler and Dark Lightning decks might also bring difficulty due to their spells. The best recommendation is to force them to use the perfect counters against your Three Musketeers. Provide pressure. You can still chip-in some good damage even without the Three Musketeers. If the enemy is wise enough to counter your strongest unit, try knocking down their first tower with your cheap cards. This is the only way for you to play this deck fairly. Once the game reaches the last minute, chances are you may now use the Three Musketeers.

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This deck is an amazing set of cards combined and created by Supercell. With a low number of Three Musketeer users, boggling the mind of the user on how to use this effective is really fun and exciting.

How about you, Chief? What’s your favorite blind deck in the King’s Cup Challenge? Share us your thoughts in the comment section below!

Article written by: Forrest

Last modified: 6, 01, 2017


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