This Mirror deck has almost no weak spots. It has cards that can counter almost any troop your opponent throws at you.


The Mirror card is unlockable from arena 5, spell valley. The Mirror card is the only card that has not set elixir cost, as its cost depends on what card you used before. The elixir cost of the Mirror card is the cost of the previously played card +1. So if you played a Spear Goblins card (elixir cost 2), the cost of the Mirror will be 3 elixirs. It is a powerful card when used correctly.


The Mirror card can copy any card. You can practically have two P.E.K.K.A.s simultaneously using the Mirror. This can surely give you a fair advantage.

The Mirror card also helps you in times of need. Let's say you use your Arrows on a Minion Horde, then your enemy drops Skeleton Army, usually those skeletons will do great damage, but thanks to the Mirror card you don't have to cycle through your entire deck to get the Arrows card back. It has great versatility.

Deck Overview:

Mirror Fireball Goblin Barrel Hog Rider
Mirror Fireball Goblin Barrel Hog Rider
Goblins Minion Horde Inferno Tower Zap
Goblins Minion Horde Inferno Tower Zap

Card Roles:

Mirror - The main card in this deck, This lets you copy the previously played card.

Goblin Barrel - One of your main attackers. It bypasses all enemy defense and does good damage to towers.

Minion Horde - Great against high HP troops and can serve for both defense and offense.

Hog Rider - The other main attacker of your deck. His speed and power can take down many towers single-handedly.

Goblins - Good support for the Hog Rider and also provides support for your defense.

Inferno Tower - For defense purposes, it gets stronger the more it burns an enemy.

Fireball - Great against most cards in the game, especially hordes and Barbarians. Great for finishing off low HP towers.

Zap - Cheap spell card that damages and stuns enemies.

Deck Strength:

The strength of this Clash Royale deck is its versatility. Thanks to the Mirror card, you can do double the damage with the same card. Let's say your opponent used Arrows to counter your Goblin Barrel, your opponent will have to cycle through his whole deck again to have that card again. He won't have a good counter for your Goblin Barrel anytime soon. Then you just Mirror Goblin Barrel again and see how much damage they do. The same can be done with the Hog Rider. You can use it on spell cards too. If your opponent's push is too strong for your weak troops, cast Fireball and see almost all enemy troops disappear, then Mirror Fireball again and take out the remaining weakened enemies.

Battle Strategy:

At the start of the battle wait until your elixirs are almost full, then launch your Goblin Barrel. This allows you to know if the have Arrows or Fireball. Let them use it then you can Mirror Goblin Barrel again. This play will deal significant damage to the tower. Now play defensively. Plant your Inferno Tower in the middle and counter accordingly with Zap, Minion Horde, Fireball, and Goblins. After planting the Inferno Tower, if you see a giant group of enemy troops coming, it is perfect timing to launch your Fireball in the middle. Your Goblins or Minion Horde along with the Inferno Tower should finish them off.

At 30 seconds in the game, your opponent might expect another Goblin Barrel+Mirror Combo. This time, mirror your Hog Rider. Send out your Goblins first then your Hog Rider and wait for the counter. Your Hog Rider probably did a good amount of damage to the tower. Mirror the Hog Rider once again and have Zap spell ready to use. This second Hog Rider most likely will destroy the tower. Continue this process with the other tower.

At 2x elixir time, it is time to start playing defensively. Make sure to always have the Inferno Tower deployed in the middle. Use Zap and Fireball to assist the tower in taking down troops. Minion Horde will work great as well. Make sure to use your Mirror as well, a great strategy at this point is to mirror your Fireball.


The weakness to this deck is a spell+heavy high defense deck. Decks like Rocket decks or Morter decks can deal more damage quickly to your tower.

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