Clash Royale's Mirror is an amazing card and can give you significant advantage in battle if used correctly and with the right cards. This card is definitely a little bit hard to use, as timing is everything. Here we will learn the ins and outs of the Mirror card so you can take advantage of its awesome power. The Mirror is unlockable in Electro Valley - Arena 11.


The strength of the Mirror card is that it allows you to play the previously played card. Instead of having to cycle through your deck again, you basically have another copy of your deck's main monster (if that was the previously used card). You don't have to wait until the card you want comes back to your hand. Also, you just 1 to the Elixir Cost of that previous card.


The weakness of the Mirror spell card is that if you try to mirror a high-cost card, which most Mirror players do, it might leave you without any elixirs. Thus, you might be vulnerable for a counterattack.

Also, since it is a very rare card, most players will have a low-level Mirror card. The Mirror can duplicate the previous card but the level of the duplicated card depends on the Mirror. So let's say you have a maxed out Legendary card and you duplicate it with a level 1 Mirror, that duplicated Legendary card will only be a level 1 card.

Popular Mirror Decks:

How To Counter The Mirror:

Since the Mirror is a spell card, there is no real way to counter the card itself. The best way to counter decks using the Mirror card is to time your counter attack. If you know they have the Mirror card, counter using as few elixirs as possible, and wait until they use the Mirror card. Once they use the Mirror card, you know they are out of elixirs, this is your chance for a counter attack. It will take them a long time to gain the required elixirs for their counter attack.


The Mirror spell card is a very powerful card, but timing is everything when playing this card as it will use a lot or all of your elixirs. Decks that have the Mirror card are usually aggressive decks that use all their elixirs in one strong wave of enemies. Use it with caution as it will leave you without elixirs.


Cost Rarity Type
+1 Epic Spell

Level Common Rare Epic Legendary Card Gold Experience
1 5 3 1 1 1 N/A N/A
2 6 4 2 1 2 400 25
3 7 5 3 1 4 1,000 50
4 8 6 4 1 10 2,000 100
5 9 7 5 2 20 4,000 200
6 10 8 6 3 50 8,000 400
7 11 9 7 4 100 20,000 800
8 12 10 8 5 200 50,000 1,600

Last modified: 26, 06, 2018

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