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Miner Skeleton Barrel Control Deck for Arena 9 and Above

A 3.0 average elixir Miner Poison deck that lets you cycle your way to victory!
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Miner Skeleton Barrel Control Deck for Arena 9 and Above
bandit.png guards.png icegolem-card.png inferno-dragon.png
miner.png poison.png skeleton_barrel.png zap.png


Category Evaluation
Offense Quick cycle at only 3.0 average elixir.
Use the Miner, Bandit, or Ice Golem to tank for your Skeleton Barrel.
Your Inferno Dragon can also connect to the opponent's tower to deal a lot of damage.
Defense Your main defense are the Guards.
Use the Inferno Dragon for tanks.
The Bandit can also be used for defense.
Watch Out For The Mega Knight can finish your push with a jump. Use the Inferno Dragon against him.
Tested Working in Arena 9 to 12 - Last Balance Update after Posting: December 11, 2017


Offensive Cards:

These are the cards you use for offensive pushes or offensive attacks:

bandit.png miner.png skeleton_barrel.png

Win Conditions:

These cards can let you win the game or beat a tower when ignored by the enemy:

bandit.png miner.png skeleton_barrel.png


You use the spell for attacking, defending, or countering:

poison.png zap.png
  • Note - Poison is for swarms and nearby buildings. Zap for swarms or to reset Infernos.


Defensive Cards:

These are the cards you use for defending or supporting your pushes:

guards.png bandit.png inferno-dragon.png

Anti- Air:

These are the cards against flying units:


Elixir Collector Counter:

These are the cards you can use against the Elixir Collector:

poison.png miner.png

Three Musketeers Response:

The Three Musketeers can beat towers when left alone. Here's what you should use:

skeleton_barrel.png guards.png

Note - Use the Skeleton Barrel as a lure and to release the Skeletons, you can then use the Guards.



These are the cards that are normally played together:

Miner Skeleton Barrel
miner.png skeleton_barrel.png poison.png
Bandit Skeleton Barrel
bandit.png skeleton_barrel.png poison.png
icegolem-card.png guards.png inferno-dragon.png

Card Counter Sheet:

Your Cards Best Against Can Be Countered By
bandit.png Single Target Units
Crown Towers
Ground Swarms
Aerial Swarms
guards.png Single Target Units
Tower Locking Units
The Log
icegolem-card.png P.E.K.K.A
Minion Horde
Crown Towers
Ground Swarms
Aerial Swarms
inferno-dragon.png Giant
Royal Giant
Hog Rider
Mega Knight
Tanky Units
Electro Wizard
Aerial Swarms
miner.png Crown Towers
Elixir Collector
Ground Swarms
Aerial Swarms
poison.png Ground Swarms
Aerial Swarms
skeleton_barrel.png Crown Towers
Single Target Units
Ranged Splashers
zap.png Sparky
Inferno Dragon
Inferno Tower
Ground Swarms
Aerial Swarms

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