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Miner Ram Bandit Synergy For Arena 11

The Miner Bandit mashup is getting out of hand in various arenas! Here is a deck from Coltonw83 of Youtube that can be used in Tourneys and even Ladders!
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on March 31, 2017.
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With the dashing power of the legendary unit, Bandit, gear up as you squad it up with the famous Miner + Poison combo! Can you handle this deck's extremity?

Here is a deck shared by a Youtube Streamer named Coltonw83, that let him win a 12-Grand Tourney Challenge!



This set of cards can have a fair fight against spawner, bait, and even Hog Rider decks. Having the Inferno Tower intact helps a lot in weakening slow-push decks as well. Pressuring a lane is quite easy due to low elixir troops that can be used almost anytime. Chipping in damage against a tower is attainable due to the Miner Poison with Bandit combo.

Miner Ram Bandit Synergy Deck:

Bandit Battle Ram Goblin Gang Miner
bandit.png Battle_Ram.png Goblin_Gang.png miner.png
Electro Wizard Poison The Log Inferno Tower
ElectroWizardCard.png poison.png TheLog.png inferno_tower.png

Card Roles:

  • Bandit - Use to support the Miner in chipping in damage towards the tower. Can also be used to kill splash/range supports.
  • Battle Ram - This card serves as a decoy for your other units to provide extra hits against a target. It can also send out ample amount of damage if they hit their target building successfully.
  • Goblin Gang - The squad can serve as the deck's support and/or defensive units. They are handy in taking out different threats and/or chip in damage to the opponent's tower.
  • Miner - Main chipper in this deck. Use his ability to provide tiny damage over time. Works best if paired with the Bandit and/or Poison. Can knock down Elixir Collectors effectively.
  • Electro Wizard - Use to support your troops all throughout the game. He can also deal with bulky units by halting them once in a while. Can also bring havoc if left ignored.
  • The Log - A cheap counter to ground swarmers. Can also chip in damage towards a tower. An effective and positive elixir trade counter for the Princess.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to complete the Miner Poison with Bandit combo. Once you learned the strategy of the enemy, formulating the cards you need for offense and defense will be easier. Do not rush things while studying how to defeat the enemy. This deck is designed mainly to do the chip-in strategy. You can initialize an all-out attack or create a stiff counter push wave of troops during the battle.


Having a lot of units will help you make at least three types of combos. Once your elixir is maxed out, you can play a naked Miner attack. This will force your enemy to counter it giving you a chance to learn their cards early. Once triggered, check the best way on how to counter using the cards available.

The other way is the triple squad strategy. If you have the Bandit, the Poison and the Miner, you can try Coltonw83’s technique. Place down the Bandit behind your King Tower. Before it reaches the river, deploy the Miner towards your target tower. Cast the Poison Spell on your preferred area. Most of the time, your opponent will counter both of your deployed cards. If they do it with a swarm of low HP units, then you will have a chance to chip in big damage in their tower. The Poison will quickly wipe them out at once. Prepare for defense afterwards.


There are a lot of ways to defend your towers. The only concern is your Elixir. Countering a slow push deck, air or ground, is reachable. If the bulky unit is incoming, use the Inferno Tower to kill it. If a horde of troops is behind, use The Log. If air troops, wisely place the Electro Wizard in a safe spot. If having trouble dealing with a horde of air units, try to lure it with the Goblin Gang or the Battle Ram. You can also eliminate splashers/range troops by the said troops in this section.

Tip: The best way to deal with a challenging set of troops is by knowing the cycle of your enemy’s cards. This also includes the amount of their elixir after every drop of their cards.


Aside from the triple squad strategy, you can also use the Battle Ram as a front runner in taking down the towers. Together with the Bandit or the Goblin Gang, chipping in damage is possible. Battle Ram’s versatility will help all your moving units to increase the chances of reaching their targets successfully. Use it’s power wisely.

Once you wrecked a tower, pressure the enemy by dropping various combos. Try to hold the cards you might need in defending your towers later on. Keep the difficulty high to distract the enemy up to the last seconds of the game.


The deck might find difficulty in dealing with a lot of air units. Though the cards included can somehow fight with aerial monsters, there will always have a limit. This will happen if you use the cards earlier than you must do.

If you feel the battle will be a tough one, try to step back from your aggressive strategy. Instead, you can try to do a bunch of counter-attack moves. Look for a hole before making an all-out attack later on.

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This deck is quite annoying due to the Miner and Poison combo. Not only that, the Bandit and the Battle Ram's existence will make it hard for players to counter it in some situations.

If you love playing the Miner, then trying this deck is recommended. Reaching Arena 11 and beyond requires patience and good strategy. Also, having 3 or more legendaries is a common thing up there.

Special thanks to Coltonw83 for this awesome deck.

Last modified: 31, 03, 2017

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