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Check out Ash's Lava Hound Miner Lightning Deck that puts him into 5100+ Trophies! Of course, this deck is also great to use in Arena 8 and Above!


Lava Hound is a powerful air tank that can destroy a tower on its own if it is left unattended. Lightning, on the other hand, is a great counter against high HP tanks and even Three Musketeers. Lastly, Miner is a really good unit to deal cheap shots towards the tower. Ash demonstrates how to use his deck and how dangerous it can be if it is played right.


The main strength of this Clash Royale deck is its heavy usage of air units. 4 of the cards in this deck are all air units (Lava Hound, Mega Minion, Minions, Minion Horde). This deck also utilizes Lightning to damage crown tower and heavy pushes. Let us not forget the Miner since it can do cheap damage and tank the damage from the tower a little bit before going down.

Miner Lava Lightning Deck Arena 8 Above:

Lava Hound Miner Lightning Mega Minion
lava_hound.png miner.png lightning.png 2016-09-19-00-47-23-mega_minion.PNG
Minions Minion Horde Tombstone Arrows
minions.png minion_horde.png tombstone.png arrows.png

Card Roles:

  • Lava Hound: This unit will be your main tank. Defend it at all costs until it reaches the tower so it can deal the maximum damage.
  • Miner: This legendary unit is good for stopping Princess and other ground troops that may counter the Lava Hound. He can also do some cheap damage to the tower.
  • Lightning: One of the powerful spell cards in the game. It is usually used to destroy buildings, stop counter units, and damage the crown towers. It is also powerful against the Three Musketeers.
  • Tombstone: It is a great spawn building that can be used offensively since it is a good support for Lava Hound and defensively since it can distract tanks like Giant and Royal Giant.
  • Arrows: This deck is full of air units so this spell card is actually essential on taking down potential air units from the opponent.

Battle Strategy:

As usual, make sure you have max elixirs before dropping anything. This deck does not have Elixir Collector so you have to be wise on deploying your units. It is wise to keep deploying the Lava Hound to create a pressure onto your opponent. Usually, he is going to be forced to deal with your Lava Hound. If you have Tombstone, it is a great support spawn building for the Lava Hound but Minions are also great support and they can bait Arrows from your opponent. Either of these two can help Lava Hound.

A known counter for Lava Hound is to do a push from the opposite lane. However, if you deploy Minions with the Lava Hound, it is a guaranteed that you can damage the opponent's tower greatly. On the other hand, you can use Mega Minion and Tombstone to defend your own lane. Lightning is a great spell card against Three Musketeers since it damages or kills the three highest HP within its radius.

Miner is going to be really helpful once Lava Hound is about to die. He can tank the damage for the Lava Pups so they can do more damage to the tower and its surroundings. Also, once the Minions bait the Arrows, feel free to deploy Minion Horde if you know that your opponent does not have any splash damage to counter this card.

Once the 60-second mark starts, it is a lot easier to deploy the Lava Hound and create more pressure especially if you manage to destroy one of his towers early in the game. Make sure to defend your lane with Tombstone since it is really a valuable piece on your defense. Keep baiting with Minions before deploying Minion Horde and use Lightning to units like AOE-type units.


This deck is almost a full-pledged air deck so it is weak against Poison Spell, Wizard, and Witch. Although, Lightning can take out Wizard and Witch, a well-placed Poison is going to really hard to defend. You can try to bait the Poison like the Arrows by deploying Minions first.


I would like to thank Ash - Clash Royale & Clash of Clans for this amazing Lava Hound deck!

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Ash's deck is really amazing. It may have a steep learning curve since it is quite expensive (4.1 average elixir cost). However, if you manage to perfect this deck, it is really a powerful and almost unstoppable deck.

How about you? What is your opinion with this deck? Share us your opinions in the comment section below!

Article written by: KarlSanada

Last modified: 6, 01, 2017

Originally Published: 06, 12, 2016


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  • Why minion Horde but no Skeletton Army? -- 17:04, 23 April 2017 (UTC)
    • Hey there! This is a deck by Ash. He was probably aiming for an almost All Air deck. He chose Minion Horde instead of the Skelly Army probably because they're not easily zapped or logged. You can always change the cards to your liking. :) --- crpedia team
  • sparky 5 -- 01:50, 21 December 2016 (UTC)